Ugadi Wishes with Ugadi Festival Lunch!

Ugadi Wishes to all my readers and friends!

Since we have a fixed menu for our Ugadi lunch, we decided we should do something different this year. Amma always makes Poli on Ugadi and Athamma makes Poli on all festivals. So I guess I can't beat that. Anyway since its a favorite with my kids, decided to make that along with a different stuffing too. Masoor dal is what was finally decided. Konda had a holiday but the boys had their school. So till they went, I didn't make much. Will give them these once they get back in the evening.

Ugadi always meant an elaborate lunch and of course the new cloths and Ugadi Pachadi along with Poli. I remember only eating polis the whole day through when I was young. And another very favorite sweet of mine was always these Poornam Boorelu or Suguntallu as we call them. Not sure of the spelling but that's what I remember it as. Whenever I visit my ammamma, my aunt used to make these specially for me and I used to eat them by tons! I had been meaning to make these for so long. Finally I thought today was the day.

The kids had a fun time trying to wear their sister's cloths. Somehow they like her colourful cloths and would like to wear them. Infact after Chinnu wore his sister's dress, he asked his father to click a photo of him. When it was time for their school, they happily waved us and left.

Since we weren't so keen on making vada, thought onion pokadas will be a good change.

Our Ugadi special today - Ugadi Pachadi, Brinjal Potato Curry, Onion Pakodas, Poli, Masoor Da Poli, Poornam Boorelu.

Ugadi Pachadi

Ugadi Pachadi is a special preparation prepared in every Andhra home on Telugu New Year’s day. Its made with tamarind, jaggery, fresh mangoes and neem flowers.

Each home will have different combinations. Apart from this, Chili powder, salt are also added. All these form the shadhruchulu or six tastes. This pachadi reflects life as it has a mix of sweet and sour things including some bitter and spicy moments. Elders say that we should eat this mixing all the taste to know life is a mixture of everything and we should have the alom to face all things equally!

Thinking of Ugadi pachadi, reminds of my days in parents home. Whenever Amma offers the Ugadi pachadi to Daddy, he will say, let me start this year with a sweet beginning but of course with a bit of this and that.

I have always known Amma making this with tiny Mango pieces, new jaggary, and tender neem leaves.

How was your Ugadi celebrations?

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