Monthly Mingle 31 ~ Kids Lunches!

Mingling has always my forte and when it comes to the Monthly Mingle, a blog event started by the lovely Meeta, who doesn't require an introduction by the way, I always get excited by the theme. And this month I have the pleasure to host this wonderful event. It was almost 10 months ago that I sent a mail expressing my wish to host and bang, she said next open month is March 2009. Little wonder we are here already!

And what makes it even more special to me, is the theme that I wanted to have. Its going to be Kids Lunches! Yes, now is the time for you wonderful bloggers out there, to present to the world what exciting dishes that you would make for your kids! As you all know this is one topic that is very close to my heart. And was planning on something on the same theme to start in my Spice your life blog. I want to kick start that program with this event.

So wear on your thinking caps and send in any dish that you would make for your kids meal, it can be suitable from any course, from any cuisine, any number! This event is going to be for all kids age group. The next themes will be more age group specific.

Here’s how it works:

1. From now till April 13th 2009, cook any dish that you would give your kid and post on your blog with a link back to this announcement and Meeta's Monthly Mingle page.

2. The entry can be any course of the meal, from any cuisine both Veg and Non - Veg. You can send in multiple entries but all posted on your blog between now till April 13th. But as said its got to be the wholesome lunch theme.

3. You can send in your entries from Archive, provided they are re posted specially for this event and not clubbed together.

4. Entries sent to MM can be entered to other events but not more than 2 other events. Which means your entry cannot be sent to 4 events all together.

5. I would also appreciate if you can include the beautiful logo that Meeta designed.

6. Once done, you can send in your entries to with the following details
Sub: MM: Kids Lunch
Blogger name
Post URL
Recipe name

7. Non bloggers can send their entry with the recipe details and pic, if any to my email acct.

So lets get the party going and hopeful you will help me get a great lunch organized for our kids!

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