How to make Fresh Coconut Milk from Fresh Coconut ~ Indian Basics!

Well I am sure many of you make use of this important paste in most of your cooking frequently. Of course, if its Kerala cuisine, no doubt its extensively used. I use coconut paste in most of my kurmas and few rich gravies call for this coconut milk. Appam another of my favorite dish gets accompanied with this sugared coconut milk. Konda loves appam with coconut milk. So the Sundays that I make Appam, this is a must. I remember the way Amma used to make this specially for me. I was the only person eating it and she so painstaking used to make it. The first or the thick one gets added with sugar and the second milk, which is much thinner gets into the Tomato Kurma

Updated on 12th Mar:

Actually I scrape the outer layer before chopping to prevent the black layer getting in. If its a tender coconut, you can actually remove a thin layer and you will get a pure white. coconut for milk. But with mature ones, on scraping the brown outer part will peel off. If you check out the pieces you find it brown and while in most places! And also when its mature one and after pulsing it, the brown part stays back after running it through a sieve.

Thanks to my blogger friends for sharing their tips, I am sure its going to be very useful. Though grating it sounds a tough job as I can't grate a coconut for nuts!!.

If you are using coconut this is not so mature or thick, within few minutes in the mixie yields good amount. But if its really thick, you got to run it few times more to get the milk.

Wash and chop the coconut into smaller pieces.

First run them in the mixie for couple of rounds, then add required water and pulse it again.

Strain it over the sieve. Thick milk will fall down. Press firmly so that you get most of it out.

Pulse it again with more water to get thinner milk, which can go into any gravy that you planned.

Fresh Coconut Milk for Appam

Fresh thick Coconut Milk - 1 cup
Sugar - 2 tsp (depends on your taste)

The thick coconut is mixed with sugar and served for Appams

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