Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Spleen Roast ~ Weekend Cooking!

Time seems to be flying like it has no business! I desperately want to log each and everything my little boys do. As I know after a while we forget they did any of those things. Like hubby dear keeps saying he doesn't remember Konda doing any of those antics that kids get too. Peddu can say many words now and each one sounds such an heavenly note from his mouth, I feel like hugging him for each one he utters. Chinnu is still yet to start saying things. But he has own words for different things. Like he says "Kalali" for sugar. God knows how and why he says that. One fine day, he came asking me for "Pathathi", while I was making Chapathi. I said I will make it for him and he should wait. When his plate was ready with Chapathi, he went on to say he wants "Kalali". He normally says he wants Chutanay, so I thought he was referring to it. He didn't want that. I asked Athamma to see what he was asking for. Nobody could understand what he was saying. He literally rolled on the floor, crying for Kalali. Something struck me and I thrust sugar to him. He, with pearls, ready to flow down his cheeks, nodded his head.

When I make Dosa, they want Chapati. When Chapati is ready they want Annam. God help me, please, is what I think most times. Its become much better with Konda these days. She eats most things without much fuss, though pecks at it all the time. But when we had gone to my sil place, we decided we are not going to worry about what the boys are going to eat. Konda, of course has company and will eat atleast for her cousins sake. And the twins surprising didn't give us much trouble with their food. They eat what we made for the rest. Sunday was expected to be special, so I was gearing my camera to click the pictures. Chinnu, was bent on the camera and infact woke midnight asking for foto, foto. I had to give him just the case. So except of rare times when he wasn't looking, I didn't click much pictures. Of course, I couldn't get away without clicking the special lunch his sisters prepared for hubby dear.

They made Colour Rice, Mutton Pulusu, Spleen Fry, Gongura Pachadi and Aloo Mochi Curry for me. This Gongura Pachadi they made is yet another version of Athamma's, I am not going to ask her. With so many different pachadi she makes, I know I will loose track!

The Spleen Fry was actually prepared by sil's hubby. He is an expert in cooking non veg dishes. And its really an interesting sight, seeing him walking around the house, in and out and by then he would've completed the preparation too. Hubby dear told me to lookout for such action and it did happen. He also warned that the Roast is so delicious, it won't wait for my pictures. So I had to hurriedly click few pictures.

Spleen Roast

Spleen - 200 gms
Onion - 2 medium
Curry leaves - 5- 6
Chili powder - 1 tsp
Coriander powder - 1 tsp
Ginger, garlic, green chili paste - 1 tsp
Cloves - 2
Cinnamon - 2"
Turmeric powder a pinch
Salt to taste
Oil - 2 tsp

Method to prepare:

Grind Ginger, garlic, Green chilies, cloves and cinnamon together to a fine paste. Heat a pan with oil. add the curry leaves, then sauté in ground paste. Once its well fried, add the chopped onions.

Fry till the onions starts browning, then add the spleen and simmer with lid covered for 5- 7 mins. Then remove the lid, add the turmeric, chili and coriander powders, season with salt. Combine everything well.

Again cook under covered for 10 mins, till oil starts coming out. Add little oil if required. Cook till its well roasted.

I was sure this tastes great as I could see happy faces around me.

Before I sign off, just wanted to update on the MLLA, thank you everybody who have sent in your entries. I am overwhelmed at the response. But its been a bit slow on my side. Will try to post the round up by next week. I am sure you will all enjoy it!

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Mishmash ! said...

"Pathathi" ..LOL !! :D

he is so sweettt!!!

Asha said...

Never heard of about Spleen dish. Lovely thali though. Enjoy! :))

Varsha Vipins said...

Loved reading through..:)..Roast looks yummy..:)

indosungod said...

that looks totally delicious Valli. the list of ingredients is not so long either. But what is spleen? the tamil name perhaps?

Smitha said...

What is spleen called in say telugu/hindi? is it something called Gurda/ kalija? It is sort of confusing..If I get it here i might make it for my husband!

meeso said...

"When I make Dosa, they want Chapati. When Chapati is ready they want Anam" :)) I love it! Great post!

Poornima Nair said...

Spleen roast looks delicious...I have never cooked it...but am tempted now..

Cham said...

Oh wow what a feast in plate Valli. I love evrything from veg to Non-Veg!

Andhra Flavors said...

nijamgaane kids ki food anedi a big chalange. nenu roju cook chesetappudu, e roju vidu tintado ledo ani bayapadatu.. vuntanu.

mi meal plate chalaa tempting gaa vundi.

Vidhya said...

As your husband says, we dont remember most of the words or activities they do... it will be really a pleasure for the moms to listen to those words...

sra said...

Spleen!?! I've never heard of this, any Telugu name for it?

Happy cook said...

It is wonderful that you note everything the boys do here, i have fogotten what shyama did when she was small.
I have not idea what this Spleen is, should check out.
The whike array of food looks so yumm.

Subhashini said...

what is a spleen ? never heard of it ! any tamil names please?

is it of chicken or lamb ?

notyet100 said...

yummy thali,..:-)btw whtsbthe othe name for spleen,..

Srivalli said...

Thank you everybody for your lovely thoughts...looks like I got everybody thinking..:)..well its what is called as "Eeral" in Tamil and "Neradu" in Telugu...hope this clears the confusion

Sujatha said...

drooling at your picture.. love the spleen roast.. :)

suparna said...

Hi The write up was too cute :) lovely pic.
Keep rocking!
do visit me at http://therecipehunter.blogspot.com
for your valuable comments and suggestions :)I am a new blogger on board hope to make a lot of lovely blogger friends here.

Subhashini said...

So is liver and spleen the same ? !

Kamini said...

Hi Valli,
I've been away from the blog world for a few months - I'm back now, and see I have a lot of yummy catching up to do!
As always, it's so cute to read about your kids.

Rajee said...

what's spleen. I can smell here and felt so hungry. Delicious thali.

Anonymous said...


This last week end, I made the Spleen Roast following your recipe. It turned out just great ! The wonderful aroma of it while cooking, was mouth watering. Spleen is called 'Tilli' in Hindi, and in Hyderabad region. I have tried quite a few of your recipes - your instructions are great, and as always your recipes are tried and true. I wanted to be sure and post this comment so other readers of your blog - can be encouraged to try this wonderful recipe as well.

Only one thing though - the spleen did not get cooked in 10 minutes like the recipe said - it took a really long time. After 45 minutes of patiently cooking on the stove, I transferred it to a pressure cooker and cooked for 2 whistles then it was cooked just perfect. Check with your brother in law, and see if you want to modify the instructions.

Thanks for a great recipe !

Dallas, USA

Srivalli said...

Hello Jyothi,

Thank you for the feedback. I am glad you liked it in the end. I just called my brother in law and confirmed that Neradu doesn't take that much time to get cooked. If at all, can add little water and cover it with lid and cook till it is dry. Water of course is added after the spleen is well coated and cooked for 5 mins in the masala.

I am sorry it took such a long time, maybe it got to do with the meat as such?

I am really glad you liked the dishes you tried.



sskb said...

Spleen is not same as liver. Spleen is called "Manneeral" in Tamil and for practical purposes it is also called "Suvarotti". I think it is "Tilli" in Hindi.

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