SAKSHI ~ Another Copy Cat on the prowl!

I am sure most of you must know the feeling you get when you find your work being copied and reproduced in another place without even a word referring to you. The gut feeling you get is hard to explain! I have seen many of my post reproduced online, though I always felt bad and left complaints, most never bothered removing it. But being a victim of Plagiarism by press that gives hard copies, is another feeling all together!

This Sunday, my FIL bought this SAAKSHI "FUNDAY" Daily Newspaper Magazine and he was telling me that the recipes featured in this edition were looking good. I just peeped in and was shocked looking at my blog pictures starting back at me. The paper had just lifted not just the pictures but the entire recipe and has featured in their page, with no credit or any mention of my blog. I was left feeling awful, helpless at the same time.

Imagine, they have such readership and this is the way they are treated. Least they could have done, is to credit the source, not a word of such thing! Shame of them. The so called journalism, its purely thieving, if you ask me. If they so wanted, they could have atleast asked before lifting it just like that!

The picture in the center is the Panasa Thonalu and the other vibrant red is Ashoka Halwa

Atleast the other picture I saw in print, was lifted because it looked good and used in a menu card in our club, which was much better. The manager atleast said he didn't know about such things, he just asked his person to get good pictures from net. And he happened to select from that. They had revamped the menu card and the manager wanted to add more pictures to make it more lively. When I was browsing through the courses, I saw one picture I knew I got for the Roti mela, it was parathas all stacked up! I was thinking how mean they just lifted like that and to my shock my eyes fell on my picture of Andhra Chicken Pulusu. When we confronted him, he couldn't believe it was mine, but said he would've added my name had he knew it was mine.

That was much better than Sakshi people lifting content from my blog and claiming they did it to their readers!

How do we protect such things! Just because we are publishing content for free doesn't mean anyone can lift and pass on as their own.