Chime Chime Chime...

Chime, Chime, chime went the clock from the neighbouring church. There was a reflex reaction from me, counting the number of times the bell was ringing. I needn't have, I knew it was 9 'o Clock, but still I just counted, there are always these things that I do for the heck of it. You won't catch me doing it at 8 'o clock, Ok. At that time, I would be in a hayward spot having a need for two more hands! Anyway the clock that goes out every hour was an addition that the church across our house got a year back, I think. During the initial days, we were flushed at the clock going chime chime, specially if I was getting my boys asleep. They would immediately sit and look at me with a grin on their faces. I again have to push them down to lay down. Over the period, we got used to the sound and then it just disappeared into nothing. I guess many things in life are like that! In the beginning things look too huge to manage, then you get used to it and then it just mingles into your life. This kind of analogy is helps at times right.

After every hourly ring, a psalm is read out. Since we could hardly hear what its said, we arrive at our own things. The moment I hear it, say at 7 o' Clock, I say to myself 'Valli, its time to stop dillay dalling around, you got to get that cooker going hiss if you want to get Konda's lunch box out and yeah go wake her up.' At 9 o Clock, it goings something like "Hey lady if you want to make it on time to office, now is the time' At 9 pm, hubby dear would tell the boys, 'See they are asking you to be good boys and go to bed on time, lets pack to bedroom'. Then came a point when the temple across the road started playing Suprabatham early morning. After many such days, I happened to discuss this to hubby dear and he was referring to our earlier discussion on the church bell and how disturbed we were. And playing Suprabatham early every morning, will be equally disturbing to others, he said. But guess what we don't hear it anymore. Either they stopped it or we stopped hearing it!

Well coming to something else, I wanted to keep up tradition and make stuffed parathas as on this day, but came home and saw that hubby dear had other plans. He took us for dinner to our favorite restaurant, said he was wondering what to gift me. I said there is no other greater gift than this special dinner!

PS: Thank you all for your support on the previous post, will get back on that soon! Appreciate your support and thoughts, will plan to do something on that!

Right now my mind isn't working well enough to post a recipe, will be back tomorrow with something interesting I hope! Afterall it isn't everyday that I turn older!