Chicken Cashew Fry with Andhra Chicken Pulusu ~ Weekend Cooking!

The problem with not doing a daily post is, you end up wanting to talk about lots of things. And you really don't want to bore your readers to death right! And it also matters in which post you talk about it. Like one reader sent me a mail asking me about Konda. I replied back saying "Look I spoke about her dance in this post, bang comes back the reply that since the post was featuring non veg she didn't read it much" Well I can't help posting non veg dishes right, after all I cook non veg twice a week and I experiment a lot with variations and always on the look out of new varieties. I can't but talk about other things in the post right!

Anyway the boys are learning new words every day, each it sound so adorable. Like Peddu keeps saying Chinnu Badd Gurl, I tell him, chinnu is a boy. He looks at me vaguely and then tells Chinnu Budd or Gugud Gurl. After many tries, I make him understand that Chinnu is a boy. This mostly happens when they have a tiff over a doll or want the same things. And wanting the same plaything happens most of the times. Chinnu is very fast, when he sees Peddu playing with something, he will wait for a min and grab and run as if his life depended on that. That leaves Peddu crying so hard. Oh most of our time is spent consoling either of them.

Coming to today's post, this was something I prepared last Sunday. This shows that I am going a week late on my posts. The gravy that I prepared is a typical Andhra fare and is quite spicy yet delicious. The list might sound the recipe to be little elaborate but believe me it doesn't take that much time to get all three dishes done on record time.

I made Masala rice with Basmati rice, the beauty of course lies in the rice variety used. The long grains give a exotic appeal. And the dry dish was an instant hit. Each dish complemented the other. The cooking got done very quick, which gave me enough time to click good pictures. I really liked these pictures as they seem to highlight the dish in the right way.

I was very eager in sharing the recipe but decided in the last moment that I would want to send the Andhra Chicken pulusu to the BloggerAid, so that means I can't reveal the recipe details right now. I am really excited to be able to help in whatever small way I could. The Chicken Cashew fry is going to be featured in the book I was talking about, so you got to wait for that too.

When Ivy sent me details about BloggerAid, I was eager to contribute in someway.
It is about the group publishing a book and the recipes are collected from the food bloggers around the world. The book is scheduled to be out by end of this year, the profit of the sale will go towards fighting hunger.

You have till 31 st to send in you recipes? Check for the details here on how you can submit a recipe etc.... and if you have not yet joined BloggerAid do go and join up. It is for a wonderful cause. If you want to join up here are the details.

All in all, I was very happy seeing my folks enjoying these two new dishes. Andhra Chicken pulusu is something I developed on how Amma makes her gravy. Hubby dear was asking how come I have never made it all these years. Guess we really do end up finding things we love but never made them for no reason.

Will be back with some interesting veggie dishes!

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