Saturday, January 3, 2009

Best of the year 2008 ~ Recap!

When I announced a recap of all the lovely blogs out there, I knew I was in for a treat. Yes each and every entry that came my way sure made me want to recreate those delicious dishes! And it also paved way for me to discover some lovely blogs! A big thanks to all the bloggers for taking time to send me their memories!

Did you ever bother about what you eat between Christmas and the New Year? Man whatever the goodies that Alka has chosen for her recap sure will make a person go hungry for ever!..Her never ending list of delicious food that she has dished out sure makes me eager to know what her plans for the new year is!

For Aparna, starting her blog in the 3rd quarter of the year, has still managed to log some lovely creations. She hopes to inspire some with her work, which I think is surely going to happen! Her list of recipes are surely tempting not to mention the Almond biscotti which looks classic. Her last post of the year surely leaves one with wanting to check out the new year creation!

I was introduced to Arundhuti's beautiful blog when she sent in an entry for the mela. Since then I have always gone back to check out some interesting dishes coming from her. This list that she gives sure makes a great party hit! Hop on her place to read her sentiments on bidding this year with happiness!

This blogger can click like a pro, though she hardly claims so. She has been on and off posting through the year, yet managed to post some classic ones. All her list look so tempting right off the screen! Bharathy, looking forward for some more classic hits from you in this new year!

This blogger never misses to send me an entry, be it my MEC or any other event. And all her creations are so very delicious. This wonderful recap she had, sure made me feel good in trying to gather the memories! Cham, thanks for sharing!

Divya Kudua is one person who never fails to appreciate my posts. I have seen her budding into a great cook. Though she claims she started serious cooking recently, her blog holds something else. Check out her beautiful collection of recipes from each month, they make you want to try them right away!

Next entry comes from Homecooked, who does a quick recap. But do take time to check on her lovely and stunning cake that she did. I was drooling over it for many days!

For Indrani, starting this blog just eight months back, sure has done a great job with the posts she does. She takes trip down her yummy stuff, to select her favorite on each month. I am sure you will love her choice of best picture. Her resolution is what I have planned too!

Off on her to vacation, LG sure didn't' want to miss her recap of her lovely blog. She blogs on authentic dishes from Mysore, which sure makes one nostalgic. This post shares the celebration she had with family. What a lovely way to recollect!

Littlem's resolution for 2008 was really fantastic. That only makes me look forward to what she plans for this year. Her past years outstanding dishes do make justice to one's senses! Check out her tempting pizza, which sure made me drool!

I got to know Madhu more when she joined me for the running! What a marathon we had and yea she ensured she dished up one interesting one after the other. Her best of the year sure takes the cake!

When I landed in Meeta's place, I was left breathless! Those lovely dishes in retrospect sure makes one want for more! Her photographs sure makes the food more beautiful. While she shares her favorite, I am sure many are looking forward to what she has to offer us in the new year!

I couldn't believe it was only 10 months that Neha started her blog, when she had sent in her entry for MEC, I was struck at her statement saying it was her first. Now I see she has really penned down so many delicious treats, one can't but want all of them!

Pallavi comes with a list of her visitors favorite that gets your attention not doubt. Of course her stats look even more impressive. And yes I was all ready to click on her best of every month. You sure will want to visit again to check them all!

PJ shares her wonderful journey she had blogging away her favorites. She even says shes got a Chinese cookbook which she got though she can't read. Well PJ, looking forward to many interesting dishes from that book, while I did enjoy your collection very much!

This lady sure makes me feel wanting to post more! While its only been a shocking 4 months that she started her blog, she has astounding number of recipes posted. Priya, we sure are looking forward to what else you can post and entertain us!

Priyanka as usual comes with such an array of tempting food that you won't be disappointed. She not only shares her treats from past, she presents a new set of delicious keeper recipes! Do read on her story behind starting her wonderful blog and her picks for the new year!

This recap from Raaga is perhaps the cutest of all, marking on her adventure in running marathons and trying to catch breath from it! Not to mention those many mentions the daily's seems to have on her blog! Well hop on to read the recap yourself.

Ramya celebrates her blogs anniversary with a recap of whats been a great period. Check out her collection of goodies that sure will make you want to try them out!

And this lovely treat from RC, is sure not be to be missed out. She clicks such lovely pictures, I am left drooling most of the time. She says she hasn't kept any resolution for the new year, that itself is something..:)

For Renuka, things at home kept her from blogging on her memories of 2008 much. She wanted to share this wonderful recipe that she tried from her fellow blogger. I have heard so much about this Zebra cake, I am so much tempted to make it myself!

We have another outstanding blog making its appearance from Germany. I simply loved what I saw in Sefa's blog. I really hope she will continue tempting us with her lovely pictures!

Sindhura still in her college, has done a great job in keeping track of her culinary adventures. The line of dishes that she has prepared sure makes one feel very much at home. We sure are looking forward to many more of these yummy treats!

My dear friend Siri comes with her memories of what 2008 saw in her blog. Its hard to believe that she started this to track her budding interest in cooking. Its now become a huge collection of exceptional ones! Check out her interesting recap of what the year has been!

Smitha does one final act for the years recap. Whats best than thinking back on what has been a great adventure for blogging. Her highlights sure has some interesting ones for me to try!

Never one to mince her words, she sure makes your come alive with her entertaining posts! I hardly ever glance at her recipes, always going up and down her post, loving every word she writes. On this occasion she brings you a live picture of things happening around her, while she so candidly recollects her wonderful year that it has been for her blogging. Looking forward to many such posts dear Sra!

Sunshinemom sure knows where it ticks! This blogger far from being not so good at clicking, says she feared when none came to her blog. I guess she is now happy with the crowd pleasing stuffs she posts!..

Blogging on authentic Andhra sure comes natural to Uma, no wonder most of her dishes feels its right from my kitchen. Its interesting to note that she has resolutions to bake more, as if the number of cakes she already tempted us with is not enough!

Vaishali runs hard to make it on time. She needn't have worried. After all who would want to miss her lovely array of dishes that's made on the recap list! She dishes always makes me wonder how creatively she makes sure everything is vegan!

Veda said she was busy shifting, well that's no issues, we still want to know whats been her best and favorite the year been! Right from starting with a blog that featured her crafts and food, she decided to have one for food alone, I am sure her readers enjoy her authentic blog more!

This entry comes all the way from Hungary. And its a real pleasure getting to know this blog. Zozo sure knows how to click and make you drool over his pictures! The list that are in the recap looks so tempting and inviting!

And finally from me, a sentiment during the end of the year! Hope I will be able to keep up to the expectations I have for myself for the new year!

Thank you everybody! I have included all entries that have reached me, even some that didn't. But please do let me know if I have missed!

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sefa firdaus said...

The coolest round-up I've ever seen! Really enjoy reading your words for each entry.
Thanks for including me in this event!

Wish you all the best in 2009!

Uma said...

Thanks for an interesting event and a wonderful round up dear Srivalli! This amazing event has given all of us a chance to remember all those great memories.

Madhu said...

Hi Sri,
One more fantastic round-up from you.Thanks.

sunshinemom said...

This is one great event - The maa of all events and the round up is the baap:) Good one as always dear Valli!!

Smitha said...

Great round up Srivalli! just love the way you have a point or two about each one of the blogs!!!

Cham said...

U ve done a great job again Valli. I always love ur events...

Vibaas said...

Lovely event. I missed because i was away, but it is so nice to the recap of all these wonderful blogs. I really appreciate your energy and enthu srivalli.

Neha said...

Such a nice recap sri, U are really gr8 , Wish u a Happy new year.

LG said...

Lovely round up Sri. Your event made us list down best of 2008.

littlem said...

Thank your for the kind words.

Passionate About Baking said...

That's a wonderful round-up Sri, & so well written. Sorry I couldn't make it this year; too many guests & too much happening at home. Hope 2009 is wonderful for you & your family. Much love, Deeba

Lavi said...

Happy New Year Srivalli!!

I could'nt make my entry for this Wonderfull Event..I really regret for not making it##

Arundhuti said...

Wow Sri! Great roundup!! I came across so many new yummy blogs from here. Great job!

sra said...

Valli, thanks for another great round-up and the personalised notes. Needless to say, I love what you wrote about me! Keep up the good work! (Blogging, I mean, not writing about me.)

niceguy251 said...


Thanks for your visit to my space. I navigated to your page and OMG am ravishingly hungary. Mmmmmmmmmm. When are you inviting me over to taste some to those lovely dishes?

Take care

Soma said...

Srivalli I soo missed this..:-( Next year please do it again.. & i am sure I will have it ready in time.

this round up is to be bookmarked.

Alka said...

Now this is something i really admire about u,valli,the way u add a personal touch by describing blogs in ur event is so very touching.....Amazing roundup,and i have so much to explore here now :-)

Cheffie-Mom said...

Wow, how neat of you to recognize these blogs. I'm on my way to check them out!

homecooked said...

Wonderful round-up Sri! Hope you have a great New year.

Priya said...

Lovely recap..always loved ur description about the posts..Its really a great pleasure to read them...

Vaishali said...

Srivalli, Kudos for a beautiful event, and one so creatively executed! It's great to see a snapshot of some of the gorgeous blogging we saw this past year.

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