Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Memories the Essence of Life ~ Best of 2008!

Chalte Chalte Mere Ye Geet Yaad Rakhna
Kabhi Alwida Na Kehna
Kabhi Alwida Na Kehna...

yes, biding good byes are such tearful thing! I am not a person who stands much on ceremonial good byes. Infact during such times in my life, I take a moment to pause to think back on what's come into my life and wonder how its going to be going forward.

The same time last year I did something very much the same! And this being the last post for this year, I thought I will again do something on the same lines!

December 31st always holds many wonderful moments for me. I remember all the years that went by and how we celebrated each one with such fun and merry. With parents, some years it was spent with colony friends and families, then some at home with parents hosting the parties. Then some with just us, cutting cakes at the strike of 12' O clock! Then after marriage, with hubby dear not so very keen on such traditions, I used to drop in parents home to wish them. All of those moments so nostalgic. I remember the Jan first always being hectic, with Amma cooking elaborate breakfasts for people dropping in to wish us. The phones never stop, the calling bell never rests! Amma usually gears up to cook for some 50 plus people visiting us till afternoon. It used to be so much fun. With parents relocating to a different place, we somehow missed this tradition.

This year too, its going to be a quite affair at home. Its going to be an in house celebrations with just our kids. I can't but think back on what's been this year with respect to blogging. Writing my blog has become an important part of my life. My family has come to accept it as part of me and they make room for it, which I highly appreciate, as this gives me an opportunity to express my thoughts and interact with so many people. I have got to know so many wonderful people through my blog. And when I get a mail from a reader, saying they learnt many things from my blog, I feel so very happy.

I was happy hosting so many wonderful events, because of which I have come to know many yummy blogs out there! When I announced Dosa Mela to celebrate my first year of blogging, I never realized I will venture into a series of Melas. Each one has been a new experience and I am still learning. That also prompted me to focus on specific topics apart from our everyday cooking. Thus Spice your Life came into existence. Right now I haven't been able to focus much on it as I wanted, but yes I will have to start focusing on it more.

Taking a stock of the recipes I posted this year, I found it hard to choose which one I liked more. I blogged about 270 recipes this year, most of them are our regular everyday dishes. But some which I experimented and made it a regular.

Since I wasn't able to pin point on one particular dish that was best, I just choose the best meals we had.

First on the list is from our Weekend Cooking featuring Jeera Pulao with Aloo Peas Makhani and Mutton in Gravy

Daal paratha with Kakdi Nu Raitu ~ Our Gujarati Meal and Vangi Bath

Of course, my 101 Dosa Varieties are surely my favorite one. I was elated when my Dosa recipe got featured in a Magazine.

I was able to participate in both the Recipe Marathon organized by DK . I have got such good friends though it that I am happy that they fill the gap of not having any such friends in person!

Though I am not a person who is keen on resolutions, I think having some goals makes us better. Last year I decided I should cook more from other blogs, but sadly my schedules never permitted me from trying out the many bookmarked recipes.

And of course, there is baking. My blog so sadly lacks them. So I should gear to bake some and experiment new dishes. I am planning to come up with a new list of Lunch Box recipes. Plus some new features like Menu planner and of course my mela series!

I would like to thank my family, my blogger friends and my readers for the support and motivation I get everyday, to continue in this work. If not for you guys out there, I would be sadly talking to myself!

As my darling Peddu says, the moment he sees me cutting a cake, "Ahappy Beeday tu you" let me take a toast and wish all my lovely readers a Great Year ahead!

Have a great day!

Seasonal Greetings from the Su family!

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Manpasand Chicken!

Seasonal Greetings to all my dear readers!

Hope all of you have had a great vacation! Konda is at home and another week to go. She has done all possible things that I had planned for her. I got a big book of plain book and a box of crayons, she has exhausted all that she could think of. Finally she reminded me that I promised her to make dress for her dolls. So I took of the day to sit with her. More of that activity in my Spice Blog.

Then I was also going through some sentimental thoughts and updated my other blog with those thoughts. Check that out when you have time.

Coming to this chicken dish, well its one of those interesting things that you just experiment and of course mix and match the spices to come up with something that's really tasty. I used more than normal amount of poppy seeds and combined it with fennel seeds. The result was very tasty. Try this when you feel you got to make something with poppy seeds, which is what we add to most of our non veg dishes.

Ingredients Needed:

Chicken - 500 gms
Onions - 2 medium
Tomato- 2 medium
Ginger Garlic paste - 1 tsp
Chili Powder - 1 and 1/2 tsp
Coriander powder - 1 tsp
Garam Masala - 1/2 tsp
Fennel Seed powder - 1/2 tsp
Poppy Seeds - 2 tsp
Fresh Coconut paste - 2 tsp
Cashew Paste - 1 tsp
Coriander leaves some for garnish

Fresh Lime for garnish optional

Method to prepare:

Wash the chicken and let it drain.

Heat a pressure cooker with oil. Saute the onions till they are brown. Then add the ginger garlic paste. Fry till its well cooked.

Then add the drained chicken pieces and chopped tomatoes. Cook on high flame, add turmeric powder and salt. Then add the chili powder and coriander powder. Simmer for 5 mins.

Add the garam masala, fennel powder, poppy seed powder, cashew powder. Saute well and add 1 cup of water. Cover with lid and pressure cook till chicken is done.

Remove the lid, cook on high while you keep stirring, then add the coconut paste. Combine everything well.

Finally add the finely chopped coriander leaves. If you prefer squeeze in the lime juice.

Enjoy and Have a great weekend!

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Khichdi ~ Comfort Food!

The computer was out of form for a week and worse part was, the pictures were not on my laptop. Not that I cooked anything new during this time. But then I generally felt so disconnected that I literally wanted to shout out loud. I made frequent visits to my brother's home to check the updates and then rush back home. Surprisingly since the time Konda started having her holidays, the kids seem to be sleeping late. I really wonder if the little ones also know its their sister's vacation. Normally in a typical day, the boys are up by 6.30, making it tough for me to do anything else. But the last two days, they are getting up only at 7.30, which actually gives me time to catch my breath!

I know its been a while since I updated on my boys progress. Peddu can actually sing the alphabet song. While Chinnu dodges on that. Chinnu seems to be little slow on getting the words out. But no hurry, he can catch later, I feel. He has that adorable way of saying "Amma", I simply love hearing him say that. Yeah he is making up for all the time I felt for Konda never calling me that! Previously when it was their bedtime, we had to do so many things to actually get them to room, these days when I say I am going to tell Stories, they happily come running in. Then from then on it becomes even tough as I have to keep railing stories after stories. Guess its time I update myself with some stuff!

While I haven't been cooking much fancy offlate, I did prepare this Khichdi. Kichdi always holds very fond memories of childhood. This is actually the first time that I am making it at home. The first time I ate this wonderful dish, was when we had gone on a picnic with Dad's colleague and his new bride. Yeah I had already wrote about them. I can still remember that awesome taste that Aunty had rendered to that dish. Amma never made kichidi at home, somehow we never got around making it. The other times I remember eating this has been from our office cook, who makes it extremely well too.The Khichdi that I made with Bansi Rava was my first attempt. I wanted to make with the regular rava along with all the veggies. Since it was to be a dinner for hubby dear and Athamma, I thought I would just make for them. I couldn't but taste and yes it came out well. Its a comfort food at the best. And a dish that can be done in a jiffy!

Ingredients Needed:

Rava/ Semolina - 1 cup
Chopped Vegetables - 1 cup (Beans, Carrot, Potatoes, Peas)
Onion - 1 big
Tomato - 1 small
Green chillies - 3 long
Turmeric 1/4 tsp
Cloves - 2
Cinnamon - 2"
Curry leaves few
Coriander leaves few
Salt to taste
Ghee - 3 tsp
Oil - 2 tsp
Water - 3 cups


Mustard Seeds, Urad Dal, Channa Dal - 1 tsp
Cashew nuts - as per wish

Method to prepare:

Heat a pan with 1 tsp of ghee, roast the rava till it starts getting well roasted. Remove and keep aside.

Chop all vegetables and keep aside.

Heat the same pan with the oil. Temper with Mustard Seeds, Urad Dal, Channa Dal and Cashew Nuts along with curry leaves. Then add the cloves and cinnamon.

After a minute, add the onions and sauté till they are pink. The onions should not be browned for upma or Khichdi. Then add all the chopped vegetables along with tomatoes, chopped coriander. You need not get the tomatoes mushy.

Fry well, simmer for 5 mins with a lid covered. This way the vegetables will get soft. Then add the water, salt. Bring to boil in high. Then simmer again with a lid covered for 5 mins. If you want your kichidi to be gooey, you can add 3 cups, else you can do away with 2 and half cups of water.

Once the water comes to boiling, slowly add the roasted rava, making sure it doesn't get lumps.Mix well, sprinkle the remaining ghee over it and cook it covered for 5 mins.

Total time taken for making this is just under 20 mins. Makes a great dish for times when you are in a need to cook something good with loads of veggies in it!

Don't forget to check out the Gooseberry Rice at my Spice your Life Blog!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Sweet to Celebrate!

Well it happened finally! I was eagerly waiting for the article to release since the time I was contacted. This happened sometime after the Dosa Mela. Joanne contacted me to ask if I would like to feature my recipe in The Indian American Magazine, I was elated!

She wrote back last week saying her article on "Deconstructing Dosa" is published in the Nov-Dec issue of The Indian American magazine. It features my Basic dosa recipe. Since the magazine is available only in print form, I was sad that I couldn't get a copy of that. But she sent in pictures of the article, a very well written on the love and beauty of Dosa. Thank you Joanne!

For crispy Dosa, you can use this proportion.

Konda saw me reading this article and asked why I was grinning at the monitor. I said Mummy's recipe is featured in a book Konda. She said Oh, show me. Then she read the complete sentence and then my name along with the blog name. Of course the credit goes to Amma, since its her recipe.

I thought I will share a new sweet dish that Athamma prepared for Karthigai Deepam. Though traditionally we make Pori Urundai, this year I couldn't as I never learnt it from Amma. And I wasn't up to calling up Amma for getting the recipe.

This payasam is a very different one, more like the Ada Pradhaman. This uses rolled out chapati strips that are cooked in the payasam. Tasted simply too good.

I was forced to take couple of days off as my system gave up on me. Hopefully will be back to regular blogging from coming week.

Ingredients Needed:

Chapati dough for 1 ball
Jaggary - 1/2 cup (or as per taste)
Wheat flour - 1 tbsp
Cardamom powder a pinch
Water - 1 cup
Roasted Nuts 1 tbsp

Method to prepare:

Melt the jaggary in a pan, remove scum if any. Then cooking for 5 mins.

Meanwhile, roll out the chapati ball into a disc of 1 inch size or as you do your regular chapati.

Cut long strips of 1 inch size, these will be of small diamond cookies. Heat a pan with water, once it starts boiling, add these chapati cookies. Simmer and let it get cooked for 5 mins.

Mix the wheat flour in a bowl with water to get a lump less batter. Slowly add this to the boiling chapati rolls.

Then after 10 mins, add the jaggary water. Cover and cook again for 10 mins or till the chapati is well cooked. Add the cardamon powder and mix well.

Finally garnish with roasted nuts.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

The Mega Rice Mela Round up ~ Part 5!

Its my pleasure to present to you the final round of this wonderful Rice Mela. I would like to thank all my dear bloggers who have really done a great job of excelling themselves in trying to send me many entries. The previous round ups focused on individual entries and bloggers who have sent in entries within five entries. I thought I would get all those lovely ladies who have made me very happy by sending me so many for the mela!

I am very glad that all of you liked the round ups! Its been a great pleasure going through the recipes and getting to know the person through their posts. I am very sorry that I couldn't leave much beyond the thank you note at your blogs. But believe me, I read each and every entry.

I am giving the entries in no particular order!

Rice Delights from Yasmeen!

First we have some delightful Rice dishes from Yasmeen! She has a beautiful blog named Health Nut, her pictures are great to look at and am sure her folks are very lucky to get to taste those yummy dishes she presents!

Yasmeen shares a treat to both soul and sole with her beautiful pictures of goodies along with gorgeous pictures of snow! I guess we can just have all her bowls of dishes she has sent in, watching all that lovely snow falling down on naked trees to create a serene sense in us.

The mango rice she has, sets the mood for a perfect luncheon!

Check out beautiful Fruit and Nut Saffron Brown Rice Pilaf. If you are in mood for preparing biryanis, then Yasmeen has a big list to offer. Be it with Fish or shrimp or lamb, you name them and she has it for you!

Next set of yummy rice dishes comes from Pallavi

She calls her blog as All Thingz Yummy! Yeah all her posts look very yummy!

She brings in a variety of Rice dishes, that can come handy when you are in a hurry to fix a quick meal. Coming back late from office, Pallavi plucks few red and green tomatoes from her backyard to dish up an Easy Green Peas and Tomato Rice!

With lots of coriander leaves on hand, she thought she has more than enough to just use them for garnish, hence born a dish with its puree! The Coriander Rice. I am sure it was very aromatic.

Coming to her other dishes, Khichdi of course is a quick one you can make with lots of vegetables. This being a comfort food for many, finds its apt place in Pallavi's menu too! I am sure you will fall in love with muti coloured dishes and this one takes the lead in colouring the rice in all hues of Bell peppers.

While you at her place, I am you wouldn't want to miss her out tangy Gongura Tomato Rice or the Raw Mango Pulihora. And if you are a chicken fan, then don't miss out the Chicken Biryani! Finally last but not the least the famous Seasoned Yogurt Rice comes to soothe your taste buds!

Shama Nags comes with her bunch of dishes.

Lets start with the breakfast shall we!

South Indians are fond of their Ven pongals. Why not, when you get a pepper flavored rice all hot for a breakfast, especially looking like Shama's, you wouldn't want to say no right!

When pongal is done, I am sure you would love to check out this delicious spicy dal keerai dosa!

Murukku any time of the day is my favorite, and looking at Shama's plate, sure makes me want to grab out!

Then we have an array of rice dishes making its way to the mela!

Capsicum sure spices the rice and what better way to eat capsicum than mixed and flovoured in a rice. This delicious rice variety is easy to make and quick to get done!

Dishes with coconut milk always turns out delicious. And especially when you add more vegetables to highlight the taste as Shama does with her Coconut milk Vegetable Rice, its bound to be very tasty!

Next one on the list is one that I can always relate to fond childhood memories and it is thenga sadam. It makes one helleva lunch box dish and seeing Shama's lovely picture, I can still imagine the taste!

I sure love garlic and if one can prepare an all together garlic rice, I am sure it tastes great! So Shama Garlic Rice, does sound interesting!

Then we have this healthy rice with pudina that Shama makes, I am sure the flavour of mint, added more spice to the tastebuds. Adding channa dal in rice sure sounds interesting and easy to make. And whats more its a good protein that you can give for your kids. So check Shama Nags version!

I only wish she completed the list by sending in a sweet!..:) While you are at her place, do check out her beautiful crafts! This is one talented lady!

Next on the showcase comes from another buddy PJ from RM2!

PJ is all set to Seduce you...well I meant Your Tastebuds!

She blogs all the way from china and shares some very interesting facts, which make a good read!

She sends in couple of tiffins along with yummy rice dishes!

At times, when making a breakfast becomes a big task, this simple yet healthy dish comes to rescue. On top PJ says they simply love this when compared to the same old dish. Spiced Poha is the way to go!

Then comes this tangy Lemon sevai to seduce your tastebuds. Well thats what PJ says when she makes a sevai and all the varieties that can be possible with the base!

Then we have all the lovely rice dishes making their way!

A cookery show inspires PJ to cook up a new dish with Ridge gourd in rice. The picture looks very colourful, no doubt the taste will be fittingly so! While you are at her blog, please do have a look at the spicy Pepper flavored Rice. Not to miss out the colourful Capsicum Rice or the Carrot Rice.

Finally fusion creates a new dish and gets to be called Fusion Rice

Then we have two lovely curd based dishes because PJ loves curd so much. So much so that she makes a curd rice with poha too! That I must say is the first time I hearing but she says it turns out quick and yummy!

There are some, who wants a change always and some who never gets bored with the same dish everyday. And PJ belongs to the wonderful group of people who never gets bored of eating the same dish everyday. And her favorite being Curd Rice! Wow, the way she has decorated the plain curd rice, sure makes anyone to reach out!

Next comes Vibaas who has some Delectable Vegetarian Recipes ...

Vibaas as she calls herself is a mother of 2 cute lil princes and she says they keep her on her toes. Well it doesn't look like that differed her from preparing such lovely treats!

Lets start with the Thattai shall we! For thats my very favorite snack. Vibaas sure rocks patting away such crispy ones, that her lil ones would've surely loved to munch on!

Then we have some very interesting dishes with poha, this tangy Lemon Sevai will surely make your day! Not to mention this Thakkali Aval .

This Puli Aval / Tamarind Poha is something thats been intriguing for a long time, will surely make it sometime soon.

Simple Veg. pulao is another interesting version from Vibaas, which her kids must've enjoyed!

And great looking plate of thakkali sadam or Tomato Rice is my fav too! Well if you always wanted to make Mor Kali like me, then this is the chance! Not sure what to do with leftover idlis? Then Idli Upma is the answer for you!

Finally we have an healthy version of Oatmeal Poha coming your way!

Thank you Vibaas for all your yummy treats!


Divya Vikram is the next line bringing all Rice dishes for us! Mind you all Dil Se...

Divya Vikram, my friend from RM1, has always been a person who never disappoints me with her lovely entries. I got to know her better when she was part of the Recipe Marathon 1 and I know her to be very enthusiastic and lively. She looks barely out of college! But the dishes she dishes out at her blog are amazing!

I am listing alphabetically. I know she would have sent more but for the fact that she is on vacation!

The Carrot Rice she has sent, sets the thing on motion. She says its on experimental basis she tried it out. But it was a great hit at home. I know looking at the delicious picture, it was!

The Coriander rice next from her makes a perfect candidate for lunch box!

Corn Peas Cheese Pulao is her next invention! I am sure the corn and peas added great zing to the cheese!

Then we have this easy breezy pulao that gets done in minutes. The picture speaks more than what we can think!

The one pot meal makes a great dish for lunch box and so the Mushroom Peas Corn Pulao or Tomato Rice and the tofu added rice makes very interesting ones to know!

Finally we have the sweet rice made with Kalkandu! I love eating Kalkandu and getting to know that they make a rice with this was something I learnt after blogging. And Divya's looks so yummy!

Hop on her blog for many more interesting dishes!

We have Vidhas's very Appetizing Recipes to the Mela!

Next comes Vidhas carrying a complete line of menu for everybody's needs. Starting from those delicious Murukkus, hopping on to an innovative dish with made with rice flour and Tapiaco. Had she not told me, I would never had guessed whats gone into making it!

Then we have all the interesting breakfast dishes lining up! Starting with the Appams. When its cooked so well, who can say no to it! Well if Appams are famous from one state, these Kuzhi Paniyaram are from Tamil Nadu. Kuzhi Paniyaram I love by ton, and if its prepared and presented so nicely, how can I not say yes!

Sevais, I am sure many are fond of. Needless to say her tempting Sevais with Vegetable or with Tomato, are must have anytime!

Don't be in a hurry to leave, for now comes all her variety rices in parade! From a tempting Vangi Bath to Shahi Vegetable Pulao, you have a wide choice to make. There is always something extra special when the dish goes with a name Shahi.

I am sure you will also be glad to check out her version of Arisiyum Paruppum, followed by a Green Rice, accompanied by the Mushroom Rice, Kovakai Rice and Vegetable rice!

Well with all these spicy dishes, she will not want to miss treating you all with an over dose of sweets. Kozhukattais make an interesting dish to be eaten, especially when its soaked in milk.

And this lovely red Aval Kesari is what she made, when her lil one started pestering her for some sweets. I am sure you won't believe if this takes only abt 10 mins to get done! And if you are in a mood for carrot, then check out Rice Carrot Kheer or Manoharam.

Next set of wonderful collection cooks from Divya with her Easy Recipes!.

She says her blog is for Easy recipes, but she does have some very classic complicated ones too! Maybe easy for her you know! I got to know more about her when she joined the RM2. She is one lively person posting non stop daily with her toddler sitting on her lap! That I must say is simply rocking! She has sent in almost all types of dishes one can make using Rice. I have categorized them together for easy reference!

First comes all the breakfast dishes!

As I said I can eat Appam anytime of the day, so I spent drolling at her picture for a while, remembering the last time I had. Its been a while, if I must confess. So these appams are a real virtual treat!

Next we see Divya taking up a challenge and comes with an innovative puttu using rice and bajra. Well any type of puttu, I simply love and she says though it tasted differently, I could see it was yum!...

Ghee Roast is perfect for any time of the day. And divya shares this with her secret of getting the perfect finish. I really ought to try it next time. For that perfect gold colour with a lovely dip into sambar, I am sure you won't want anything else, will you?

While you are still at the breakfast, do check out Instant idiyappam and Divya's version of Ven Pongal.

If there was an innovative curry, then this is it. She makes use of leftover rice and comes out with a different kofta in a malai base. I am sure it taste awesome. And this could be the answer for many with leftover bowls!

Divya knows just the right dish to make any Sunday special. Not just that, she says she makes this rice for most festivals and get together. No wonder she calls this Festive Biriyani!

Coconut Milk always a thing to impart when cooked with rice. With spices and rice flavour, it sure ensures to elevate your taste buds. Divya makes the same with veggies and spices for a feast!

Divya prepares this famous Hyderabadi biryani, which is a staple of the city. Its famed for its non veg variety, so Divya attempts to make a veg version with veggies and yet still made it look as appeasing!

Divya has had a field day with so many rice varieties. First came the brinji, then biriyani and finally this masala bath! I am sure her folks are happy that she ends up preparing so many delicious varieties! Do check on her Tomato Rice & the Coconut Milk rice.

Kara Bonda are a delicious snacks to have anytime, especially during tea time, they lighten the mood. So Divya gets into the mood of making some as everybody at home loves them. But she is worried on the shape, though I am sure it doesn't matter when the taste takes over!

Paal Paniyaram is a dish I always wanted to know how its made. So getting this entry from Divya was a sweet treat.

Then Divya presents her version of paal payasam which she learnt from a cook. She used condensed milk, no wonder it looks so creamy and delicious! With toppings of roasted nuts, I am sure with a small serving of this is enough to lure you to sleep!

Next innovative sweet dish called the Thengai paal Rings, is what she says is easy to prepare and this can grace any festival too! She uses rice flour along with coconut milk. Never heard of this combo but the picture sure tempts you to try!

Check out all her 22 interesting entries in one place!

For a person who started blogging just 3 months back, 280+ is a heading spinning count! I really cannot imagine the patience and love this lovely lady seems to be having for blogging!

I am talking about none other than Priya Suresh of Easy N Tasty Recipes. All her posts are quick and simple, yet they leave you amazed at the variety she is able to come up! Think of an event, and she seems to be having a dozen tucked under her sleeves!

I came to know more about her when we become buddies for the RM2. Talk about an ingredient, as I told you she had one dish ready. I was really very excited getting so many, how many you want to ask? Well its 41 in total!

I thought I will work on them as she sends, but I wasn't able to keep up with her pace. So I thought I would put everything together and get you guys check them out yourself!!!

Starting the interesting Idlis she seems to be steaming away with a variety of stuffings and blended in! Be it an idli with Oats or the sprouted Moongdal or get more creative and preparing these lovely chicken stuffed in!

Those spongy dosas are a sure tempting ones! Finish it off with a sweet idli!

Well seeing all those delicious murukkus in one place didn't' do much on my diet! Each one more crispy than the other, I am sure her folks enjoyed munching on these munchers!

Talk about evening snacks and you won't be disappointed and you won't stop raving about these Rava Carrot Bondas or those savory discs that come to hunt you the Thattais!

I am sure with all these, Priya won't let you go without taking a look at her collection of sweet treats! The Thengapaal Kozhukattai is a sure hit any time and not to leave the innovative Carrot Poha Kheer

But this one takes the crown, a pudding with Paneer crowned by the pearly jewels.

Then comes a huge collection of rice dishes prepare with a variety of vegetables and masals. I am sure its never a dull day at her place with so many rice delights!

Cabbage Lemon Rice is an interesting blend of cabbage with lemon. If you never liked cabbage as such in rice, maybe the lemon adding will give you a zing!

Have you ever used carrots in so many innovative ways? Well check out Priya's healthy additions in so many ways!

Her blog is one place for all fried dishes with many twists and turns of vegetables. Be is Red Cabbage or the Snakegourd or with Zucchini.

Not to be left out with just veggies, she dishes out few non veg too, be it chicken or two prawn biryanis!

Phew, I am breathless counting Priya's interesting entries. I requested her to put all of them in one place for easy reference, you can check all the 41 entries here!


Finally from me, most of the dosa varieties that I have blogged under 101 Dosa Variety are made with Rice.

The Idli Varieties are my favorite ones! Well these Rice Recipes come to our rescue too!

The one pot meals are always something that you can count on to dish on a hurry and most of time they are done in a jiffy!


With this the Rice mela comes to an end. Please take time and go through each and every dish, Lot of efforts have gone in, in bringing all these lovely entries in one place, so I will be happy if those efforts are fruitful and this is really used to full extent! I really hope I haven't missed out any of entry, but do let me know!

Thanks to all bloggers who have sent in their entries, its been a great pleasure going through each and every entry for the Mela!

Have a great week ahead!

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Mega Rice Mela Round up ~ Part 4!

I had planned to post all the editions one after the other. But hubby dear said that one may not be able to view the entire post in a single day. Maybe it was a good thing. I am yet to cook anything new. Athamma was seriously complaining that we hadn't posted anything new. I was finding it very sweet. When I was uploading these pictures, both Peddu and Chinnu wanted to be seated on my lap. I actually wanted to shut down, seeing them coming. But they actually behaved well and were excited seeing all those pictures. Peddu kept saying "bhuva bhuva" meaning food in telugu. They kept seeing the picture and never tampered with the keyword. I was happy that I was able to complete the finally upload of today's pictures even with both of them sitting on my lap!

Coming to today's edition, its going to feature all the Veg Biryanis and Non Veg Biryanis, ending with a sweet note! I am sure you are going to be exciting with all the puddings and sweets that one can do with Rice!


This Quick n Easy Veg Biryani, comes from CurryLeaf, who says she loves experimenting with different types of biryani. This is much simpler because it doesn't require grinding or cooking separately! One pot meal is the mantra!

For Deepthi, it is the Vegetable Biryani that gives ultimate comfort. She fancies one pot meals and this one tops the list. Well she already has two other exciting one pot dishes, so be on alert to check them out!

As a showcase of her cooking skills, Divya Kudua prepares this Vegetable Biryani to woe her hubby dear. Previous to marriage, she carefully avoided the topic on her cooking skills. I would think she needed, after all her blog is a display of her culinary pro, that she has become!

If there is anybody, who can give a royal treatment for a Non- Veg dish, by making it vegetarian, then its DK. She has chosen the delicious and much famed Hyderabadi Biryani and made it completely vegetarian but nevertheless tempting. I am sure Mr. DK enjoyed it to the last morsel!

This tempting Vegetable Briyani is from Kamala, whose son is very fond of it. Well I am too if it looks as delicious as the picture!

Appreciating good food, motivates the cook to cook more. Well Kamalika finds herself in this spot very often and yes maybe we should thank her colleagues for getting her dish out such delicious ones! This Vegetable Briyani, is no less!

Kavya says thinking about a biryani, the first thing that comes to mind is the Hyderabad Dum biryani. Why not, the process involved though being lengthy brings in a great flavour to the cooked rice and what's more she makes a vegetarian biryani, which I am sure many are interested in!

Shazani biryani belongs to that class of elite rice dishes and Sindhura, being a vegetarian was apprehensive in tasting this delicious dish. To her surprise, it tasted out of the world and she elated when she finally laid her hands on this recipe, needless to say, it came out very tasty! She is a budding student and this adventure sounds too good!

Hari Bhari Biryani is another one of those interesting dishes that's sprung entirely from the innovation steak! Sunanda makes this green chutney and she adds a twist to the biryani she makes by adding that chutney. And voila you have this green green meal in a jiffy!

Supriya being the queen of her kitchen, decides to use more of masur dal in rice to bring out a great looking biryani. Not just that, she adds more vegetables to make this very healthy!

Then we have the famed Chicken Biryani making its way.

This delicious looking Chicken biryani is from Aparna, who says this is her version. Well from the different variety we have had, everything looks unique!

Served with love, anything will taste heavenly but Aquadaze's innovative berry pulao, takes the cake when it comes to introducing innovation to an one pot meal. Aquadaze takes us down a memory track with her, where she is seen drooling over a bowl of berry pulao in a famed restaurant. Since a trip there is not imminent, she recreates the magic!

Arundhuti makes this rich and tempting chicken pulao. She says when you are not in a mood to prepare the elaborate biryani, this comes to rescue! Its my pleasure getting to know Arundhuti's blog through this mela.

Jaya shares with us the events of one usually serene afternoon, which suddenly showed signs of becoming a very memorable one. She was in for a peek into the action drama or the theatre life and with it she shares her lovely chicken biryani. I was left wondering if I have continue reading the drama unfolding or go on drooling over the picture!

Jyothsna does a revisiting of sorts. Long absence from her precious space, kept her happy enjoying the food than struggling to click them away. But I guess one can't stay away for long. She does a come back with a classic dose of Chicken Biryani!

JZ sure knows how to captivate her reader's attention. Not just with her lovely pictures, but with most sought out dishes like Chicken Biriyanis. She says she is very fond of biryanis as they are a good shot to prepare while entertaining. Am sure her guests will be drooling most of the time, if she is dishing out dishes like these!

For most people cooking in microwave is an adventure. But Kayal does make it even better by cooking a chicken biryani in it! Her mom makes an yummy one when its for a crowd pleasing, so no wonder it came out great for a small group too!

When Meeta sent me a note saying her post for the mela is on its way, I jumped in excited. I knew I was in for a treat! But never expected something this fabulous. The South African Biryani that she finally made was downright gorgeous. Meeta is known to come up with great recipes and gorgeous pictures, so how can I ever say no for another feast to eyes!

Neema made this chicken biryani for the first time when she was newly married and was very happy that it was an instant hit with her hubby loved it. What else do we need than this kind of appreciation!

Rina comes with one innovative dish that makes use of the left over tandoori masala. She quickly adds veggies and other masalas, to prepare one tempting Fried rice!

Shifa makes this delicious Malabar Chicken Biriyani for her BIL. She says biryani is the most famous dish in Malabar. Be it any occasion, it can't be complete without this delicious treat!

Suma Rajesh sets out to put me on test. I am only glad that she liked my recipe! Thanks Suma for trying out my biryani and in the process sending me your version of the same!

If you are a fan of Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani, then Usha Rao's recipe, is for you. The beautiful picture speaks volumes of the taste hidden in picture and am sure this will get tried many times!

From Varsha, we have two lovely looking biryanis. Biryanis are for special days for Varsha. That's how her mom made and that's how she follows. This dish that she made for her hubby dear's birthday, made her happy that it came out well!

Varsha makes this delicious Chinese Chicken Fried Rice and opts to stay back home, rather than fight the snow for shopping. Well I guess having such a plate in front, makes up for any amount of shopping goodies!

Finally from me, another of Chicken Biryani!

After Chicken, comes rice dishes in other interesting forms!

Roopa made this delicious looking Egg biryani for thanksgiving day. I never knew of egg getting cooked along with rice, it simply looks great!

Usha Rao was in for lot of work. Procrastination had its toil on her and she was forced to draft this dish for the mela. How sweet! But she feels the time it took her to just post this delicious biryani, that I am bookmarking, she could've prepared it from scratch!

For Ann, there can't be anything more passionating than Fish. So imagine her plight when she heard that they won't be available. This happened during her teenage and she can still remember her disappointment on hearing the news. But she was assured it wasn't going to happen and it still remains her most favorite food. Its no wonder she came up with a Fish Biriyani that looks so appealing.

Sanhita gets down to making Fish Rice, which was often prepared by her mom when they were kids. I know its always interesting to go down the memory lane, thinking back of those dishes we loved as kids. So she makes this for her lil one, am sure he liked to taste his moms favorite dish!

Finally we have one delicious looking Mutton biryani! Anytime for an authentic biryani, we normally refer to Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani. And Usha Rao brings it right out to your screen for a virtual treat to this lovely dish!

Finally in this edition comes the sweet Treats! Check out each and every wonderful entry that sure will elate your senses!

Riz Condé, is Happycook's answer to having a dish with rice. This is a famous Belgium dessert that she started liking since the first time she ate. And to make things more funny, her in laws teases her that she can't be without rice for a meal. So imagine their reaction when rice comes in this form as dessert!

Sakkarai Pongal is something that gets prepared on most festivals. But believe me, anytime you make, it always gets lot of demand. And seeing Kamala's delicious bowl, well I can imagine how they must've enjoyed it!

This interesting Brown Rice Pudding comes from the talented Madhuram, who has very a interesting event themed on Egg replacement, which surely fits to be bookmarked! And this pudding is nonetheless interesting, where she uses soy milk and brown rice to create an yummy Pudding!

PG comes out with a beautiful experiment, that she takes up to do for her nephew. But most interesting thing about this bread is, it calls for rice flour! That is something I have never heard off, added to the fact of this delicious bread having pumpkin to it. All in all it looks like a lovely cake!

Rekha shares this recipe of the dish she eat at her aunt place. Paal Kozhukattai is something that's very delicious and famous dish from south and seeing Rekha's I can imagine the taste!

Zarda: Sweet Saffron Rice, this sweet dessert comes from Soma, who eat this at a party. When she wanted to recreate, she knew orange juice went into the preparation. After a long search, she ended up following her own and landed in a perfect yummy dish! do check on to read her cute lil's creative imagination too!

The Cooker hoots in her whistle baring two gorgeous bowls of forbidden rice pudding. How forbidden it is, I don't know. But hey how can one resist if these are doused with doses of almond and coconut milk!

Uma as usual makes all dishes look perfect. So its no wonder when she send me her version of a Sweet Pongal, you get down drooling over it!

This Milk Porridge or Paal Kanchi, as its called is an unique entry from Viki. This dish, I came to know, makes an excellent diet food for people and gets done fast. I was happy getting to know Viki's blog through this event, as she has some very interesting recipes posted!

We come to the end of today's edition. Looking forward to the grand finale of this Rice Mela, come back on Monday!

Have a great weekend!

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