Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Mega Curry Mela Round Up ~ Part 2!

Well certain things have kept me away from posting regular things, so I am kind of happy that I have the round up to post, to get back my regular form in action. Please do try to click on each and read and visit the bloggers who has sent in.

Let me not waste much time in talking, lets proceed. These are going to be treasured a lot, I am sure!


From Ramki we have his awesome cookbooks that are easy to use. He has collected quite a few like Muglai Curries, Benares Curries, 1001 Korma, 1001 Kulambu and 1001 Aviyal. Well so many on hand, I don't think anybody would want any more to refer!

Then comes the beautiful Brinjals on Parade!

I know there are quite a few who don't like Brinjal. But my Dad loves and I am sure I am going to try these for him or get Amma know these varieties to make for him.

Lets see what they are:

How many names can you call a vegetable? Well this is what baffles Bhagyashri, when she came to know that our good old brinjal being called by different names. But whatever its called the stuffed version for sure has lot of takers!

Gutti Vankaya Kura is famous in Andhra and yes you have many versions to it. And Cinnamom makes it by stuffing it with a different masala and there by creating yet another delicious one for us to try!

Illatharasi dishes out the yummy marriage breakfast - Vengal Pondal and Brinjal Gojju. go to any South Indian Marriage, and you are sure to be served this! What a lovely combo it makes!

From the Food lovers, comes this lovely Brinjal curry all spicy and delicious! I am sure my folks would've liked what Pavani made for them!

From Plantain Leaf comes a yummy gravy made with brinjal. Rekha says this is from her mom's kitchen, so I am sure it would taste great!

This is the first time I came to know that Puries are great combo with Biagan bhartha. But then of course, anything taste great with pooris. Suma Rajesh, back from trip makes this exciting combo that she likes very much. Though she makes it a different way from the usual method, you got to check it out!

Ok I have heard so many things about gotsu, not knowing whether its the gojju we make. Looks like Vibaas also has the same doubt and sticks to calling it as she is used to it. Whatever its called, the dish is a delightful one for eggplant lovers!

Now if you like the flower, you won't miss these out. Well I am referring to the Cauliflowers!

Aparna brings in a fry made with Cauliflower and peas. Well you might wonder why this is not gravy, I make it the same way and add water. So I know how delicious it will be with Rotis.

Now have you ever thought of cauliflower in mango. Well that's just what Rekha has for us by making a gravy with Cauliflower in mango gravy and she serves it with Puri. Wow that does look great!

Now who won't like Gobi Manchurian, and Sangeeth comes out with yet another version of this yummy dish!

When a dish has a name of a place tagged on to it, it makes it all the more exciting. I can almost feel the love and passion of the people passed on the dish. And Amritsari Gobi Mutter from Sireesha has that lovely look!

Coming back from a long vacation, Mala gets busy making this great looking subji made with phool and mutter. She says adding a coconut touch takes this to a next level..


Well you may ask whats different with curd, but it does add lot of taste and body to the gravy you know!

Statistics depend on what you have. And when its a gravy you want for a meal, the Ann says go for Easy breezy Curd curry! Well her curd curry sounds very simple not to say yummy!

Manisha takes us for a trip to Rajasthan with her Gatte ke Sabji. I know how yummy it is when I tried my hands and on top her picture looks so delicious. She promises more traditional ones, so its sure going to be a treat!

Prajusha comes with this traditional kerala dish make with winter melon. Imagine the wonderful taste that will give to the curry and that too eaten with brown rice!

Do you remember your first dish that got you into cooking. Well this is Purva's first one to get interested in cooking. And by the looks of this Gatta Curry, there are marks of great chef.

Vibaas posts her all time favorite dish, Avial. And she says she likes it more because its quick to make and tastes great.

Ok, how about the many different curries you can with so many vegetables? Well now comes a line of curries with different walks of veggies!

Maybelle's Mom is always in a hurry to make something different! This time she comes with a gooseberry curry. Seriously I never knew one can make. and on top the way she raves about sure makes it tempting!

Medhaa writes about an traditional bhajji made by her granny. So going by that we can say how authentic and yummy this must be. For those who don't like cabbage, this surely gives a life!

For Nidhi, its always been simple comfort food at home while growing up. So she craved for famed ones. Only to realize the famed ones don't hold much in front of simple everyday food. What can be more wanted than this one, which was cooked very often at her parents place!

Philosophies in life are such that when you read you feel nice. And yes reading Priya talk about the feeling of being a middle child, and her analogy of a tackling an 18 inch snow by walking in the middle, makes her realize the merit of being the middle child. Well in the same breath she talks about the favorite curries that her mom makes for her. It sure looks yummy!

Poornima's blog blushes beautifully with strawberry flavors. I landed there to find all healthy dishes! This time she makes curry with Drumstick leaves. This is a specialty coming from the Malabar hill!

Rajee talks about royals and their dishes and one can't miss out Ghatte ki subji, if you talk to talk about Rajputs. I enjoyed the Ghatte ki subji that I had prepared and Rajee says she finds it easy to prepare on a busy weekdays!

Ramya has a Red Cabbage Curry to share, which she adapted from a popular cookbook. And I am sure she enjoyed the lovely curry!

Delhi Belle comes balle balle with a Yellow Curry all the way from Thailand via Singapore to the curry mela. So how can I say no to such a lovely and loved dish!

Renuka shares her woes of her dear hubby, not complimenting on her wonderful dishes. But then he must be so used to her wonderful cooking, he thought there was no need. Still she was finally able to get him agree when this corn masala was served. Looking at it, its no wonder of course!


Well not enough with the previous set of curries, not to worry we have more to

Sireesha dishes out the famous Kolhapuri specialty, the vegetable kolhapuri. The masala is famous in giving that typical colour and taste to the dish, so try out this yummy looking one to be served for roti!

Ok I always wanted to taste Pulisser. Maybe I have during my many trips to kerala, but associated them. Once when I actually knew what it is and how it looked, I knew Skrible's mango pulisseri would be awesome!

Sowmya makes an yummy chettinad curry for the first time and gets hooked to it. Well I have always been a fan of this cuisine and its no wonder it getting liked by all!

Srividhya sends in her kid's favorite dish which is also very good for health. Basically I know drum stick curry tastes great, so with sambar powder, it must have been awesome!

Well I don't' have to talk about the awesome pictures that Suganya captures for even a simple dish. And nothing can get more simpler than a Cabbage bhaaji, yet it looks out of the world.She talks about the famous Samaithu Paar cookbook, so I am really glad that she did something specially from that for this event!

What will you do when you have so many events going on and you are on the verge of going off on a lovely vacation? You can disappoint anybody nor feel bad that you missed any right? Well Suja does just that and makes one stop dish to knock out all the events. But say what, that dish looks so lovely, that I will take a second helping too!

Suma Rajesh makes this great looking dish for dosas. What I couldn't believe is that its made with Sweet Potato. It really looks fabulous!

Sweatha brings out a childhood treat which is very simple to make! The ulli means small onions in malayalam and its roasted to bring out the flavour.

One summer evening when Tee was not in a mood to cook anything that was spicy or oily, she just took what came to hand and created this beautiful looking stew! Though she got the idea from a friend, she skipped most part to just indulge in her favorite coconut milk and prepared a stew out of it...how nice!

Now not being enough to blog on beautiful dishes, Vibaas gets her sil to make another. That Peas Masala looks ready to be gobbled down!

I said no to dal based curries but there is nothing against Dal being in the gravy right., right?

You want to know the easiest konkani dish? Then Divya says its Saar Upkari. Its so easy that even the bachelors mostly cook this in a jiffy. But imagine Divya's woe, though her dear hubby was the head cook during his bachelor days in his own kitchen, he never ventures to make this, albeit teaching her how too!...Lets wish her that her dream comes true!..:))

Trust Divya to come up with dishes that has names that I can't pronounce even if I have to stand up side down. Well its a another konkani special and its good while you are in diet. Are you on a diet, well I am not but still thats lovely enough to tempt me!

EC makes this lovely triangle puri and makes a moong subzi. Its really interesting to know that different shapes can actually make it more delicious!

Imagine I have been after dear Mandira for ages to send me only authentic Bengali curry and the day she does, I fail to check it out. I even go and ask her to send again. Mandira's space is one to sure hook you, with her beautiful pictures and mouth watering dishes! And it can't get any better than Dhokar Dalna, one lovely looking dish!

Medhaa being fond of beans sprouts as used in Chinese cuisine, makes them take a change in form into a desi curry, none other than beans sprouts curry. This goes well with rice. The crunchy taste that these sprouts lead makes the curry quite a nice dish to have!

Alsanda or the black eyed peas are wonderful. They give such body to the curry and looking at Meera's Alsandiye Kolumbo, it makes it more obvious that this is one lentil thats liked by all.

If you love moong and coconut, then this curry is for you. This is a specialty of Maharashtra, where they make this to break their fast that they have shravan somwar! This brings back fond memories of her aunt, so I can understand how much love must've gone into it.

Well this madam finally came about to send an entry! Nams always said she wanted to send me an entry for the melas, but when all she blogs about, are some awesome cakes and other fancy stuffs, how can she send, unless I do a cake mela?? But I was glad she finally did Dal Makhani, which suits me perfectly!

Padma makes a beautiful Kura with Alasandalu or the black eyed peas. All her pictures always comes out great and this is no different. She always goes to great leagths to present things in the most beautiful way, I wish I had half her talents!

If you are looking for a recipe to work with Long Beans, then Priti has one for you. This I am sure will work out great!

Renuka comes up with an side dish made with double beans. Its been really long since I cooked it, so it was lovely seeing an entry with it.!

Sangeeth makes a moong dal thats makes a very healthy side dish and very quick to make. Not just that, being very conscious of the health factor, she also give a nutrient breakup...way to go Sangeeth!

She needs no intro, for she has a treasure trove that covers everything you can think of under authentic karnataka dishes. And this time Shilpa makes a Maseda, which is gravy made with mashed dals that is famous among the Kannadiga people.

Where is the guard, here comes the Gourd varieties to parade!

We always make a dal with ridgegourd, so seeing a toori curry with tomato base is something awesome! Of course when Alka does an aerobic to get the right angle, it doesn't go wrong!

After landing in their beautiful blog named Delectably yours, I can only say that I was most happy getting this from them. Its a lovely blog that talks about cooking adventures undertaken by N and A, have I got it wrong..well thats ok...N cooks this to please A as this is his mom's famous one!

Another classic from Maharashtrian cuisine is this Bhoplyacha Rassa - Pumpkin Curry from Meera. The picture so beautifully captures the wonder of the pumpkin in a curry. It looks so refreshingly cool!

Radhika remembers fondly of the time they used to get loads of bottle gourd from her granny's place. Well a bout of illness kept her away and think what her hubby got. A bottle gourd ready to drown into something other than sambar!!

Shreya is always eager to participate in food events but amply forgets every time. So I must say I am very happy that she remembered and prepared something for the curry mela. I know there are lots of bitter gourd lovers out there, so this masala will be surely sought out!

Shriya makes yet another dish from her Mil. Well what better way to get the hubby dear your way than making a dish that he grew up with..

As if its not enough for me to be so stuck up on my memories, she goes on with hers and I am drafted into another world every time I read her post. Yes Sia is great story teller and she can go on till she hooks you and this time she talks about Bharwan Lauki, which sounds and looks exotic!


Finally comes the 4 K's, Kadhi, Kofta, Kootu, Kuzumbu. Each so different, yet so beautifully blended into culture, cuisine and our taste!

For everybody there are always comfort foods and for Roma and her family, its Phulauri Ki Kadhi. It was really interesting to not that this kadhi, made with besan dumpling is served with steaming rice and mirchi ke pakode. What a wonderful combination. I can relate how tasty this must be as we have something very similar!

Rupali comes out with a beautiful looking kadhi. Kadhi is made with chickpea, curds and has a distinct flavor. And it also contains pakodas. I remember eating these in my guju friends place and have since wanted to make, but never came around!

Sireesha makes a Kadhi Pakoda which is a famous North Indian dishes. She is sad that this is not so frequently featured in a restaurant. I have never actually tasted and so wish it was!

Archana, a new blogger around the corner sends this lovely Kofta curry. You should check out her other dishes, as she has packed some interesting ones in such short period!

Trust Jayasree to come up with such innovative koftas. Yeah, this is the first time I have heard a kofta being made with yam. And that picture surely doesn't reveal its secrecy. Am sure dipping those lovely pooris into this would've tasted great!

Purva makes a twist to the simple lauki and comes up with this kofte curry! And she says though I find the list a little long, its very simple to make and an easy one for one who wants to start. Well if she says so, I am sure it must be surely simple and great to feast!

With brussel sprouts sitting in her freezer for days, Vibaas finally thought she ought to make her granny's kootu. Well you should know the timing when she gets this urge, its past midnight time in the other parts of the world, and she has only net as her nirvana!..Well the resultant kootu was tasty yet she says she will get her paatis recipe...hope she does!

And not to mention the Chow Chow Kootu from her!

If I like Kozhambu, its always been araichu vitta kozhambu. Araichu vitta means, ground and added. Ahh..the taste is impeccably arousing your senses! If you haven't tried one yet, then you got to try Miri's delicious combo with dosa, btw that dosa is calling me!

Viji's Weekend Brunches are a die spreads. Every week I make sure I check them on for inspiration! She never fails to make me say wow. Each and week each its a different combo and all colourful. So this is yet another lovely spread of dishes, the star being the Milagai Pazha or a Kuzumbu fresh cayenne pepper!

Vysh's is one of those wonderful blogs I got to discover through this mela. She makes her favorite curry with milagai which is tangy too. Its simple yet tastes great with Rice.


Come back for the next edition!

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Monday, September 29, 2008

The Mega Curry Mela Round Up ~ Part 1!

Finally I have the pleasure to present you with 300 different curries. 121 participants sent in different curries showcasing so many delicious curries.

I have divided this into four parts based on the ingredient and style. I thought it was meaningless to categorize as part of meals as most came were for all!



Curries with Channa!

Follow Aparna Inguva's thought process that led to this beautiful chole! Well read on more to know whats famous in Hyderabad on a busy night and you will have a chole on hand. Aparna your picture does more than your words to tempt me to indulge in this funfare!

Now when you have a look at Dee's chole or the pooris, you can but fall in love with it. But hold on, its not she who prepared, but was prepared for her. How lovely! I wish she shared some with me..such lovely lovely Red!

Hima shares her channa masala which was a great hit when she made for a party. She always had one or the other fixed while out on a dinner, and then it was replaced with Channa masala.

Karuna has a lovely concept of postin the menu for the week. She posts the menu and everytime I see them, I get excited by the list. And she doesn't disappoint. For this time it is Kasoori meethi chana masala! Its not without the dhaba flavour? Well check out, for a taste of dhaba with kasoori infused into channa masala. I am sure this tastes heavenly with Naans!

Priti enjoys Chole with Jeera rice. She planned for making something else and ended up making this. So what she seem to have enjoyed this combo best, hence no worries!

Saneeth shares her neighbour's famous chhole which was a die for. Getting to know such authentic dishes from a pro, makes it all the different.

Another exciting version of Channa Masala comes from Sireesha, which is delicious to see. I am sure it must've tasted great with those puris.

The yummy chole gets served with bread at Sweatha's place. Though she says it may not be the authentic dish, it does bring out the flavour.


Kurmas for both Breakfast and Chapatis!

Bharathy's pictures are always great to feast on. When she had sent the picture, I was very eager to check if she had done those parottas. But I got to read her recollection of attempting to make these in dozens and resolving never to make. Bhoo...but then its ok, if the kurma is anything like what it looks, I guess its fine!

Divz shares her friends recipe. Though its been years since she tasted her friends, she can still remember the taste and tries to recreate the wonder again in her kitchen.

Indy gets very nostalgic about Pune and talks about the restaurant that served some yummy Veg korma. And that gets her going with her version of a beautiful dish presented so well!

Jaysree makes my all time favorite idiyappam and what can be more yummy than a kurma on the side. While you are it, you got to check out her cute stand! Jayasree dishes authentic kerala food and with my love for kerala food, I am always salvating when I see her pictures!

I always loved this white coloured korma that gets served in hotels. And I was happy finally seeing something like from kamala. She is a cook par excellence and she does only restaurant dishes!..

Maya makes a delicous kurma with mixed vegetables. One look at the picture, I was sure this was going to tease your taste buds. Maya dishes out all authentic konkan ones, so you now where to go now!

Sangeeth comes out with a different combo for Idly. She was wondering whether to make this or that, finally Peas Kurma won the battle.

Kurmas are always my favorite. And if its with all the vegetables, what more can we ask. Check out Sireesha's yummy looking Vegetable Kurma.

Necessity is always the mother of all new posts. And this is not more true than the case of TBC. She saw some Vegetable Kurma, which tempted her enough to make. Only finally making something that was not remotely same as the original. Well this looks so perfect anyway!

Curries with Mixed Vegetables

You want to know how to grow a potato? Well this is it for you, not only that, the Jugalbandits ensure you get your taste senses are elevated to a different level, by infusing peas and potato with Basil. Aww..their pictures are always wonderful to droll too!

I actually know very few gravies for Idlis, so I was really glad that Cham sent this delicious side dish for Idils. She adapts this from another blogger, to add more flovours from her own kitchen and makes it one great combo of Idlis with Kosamalli.

With another entry of Cham, I was doubly overjoyed. She had made this creamy Veg Badam curry in Microwave. Trust Cham to shoot two events in one shot, that too both mine...Be sure to check out her explanation of a curry!

Dershana makes a gravy with Potatoes and peas. I am sure its a favorite with all. This is a lovely looking dish made with fresh masala and goes well with any indian bread. She is one of the new kids on the block, so be sure to encourage her to dish out more!

This entry speaks beautifully of how well you can succeed, in getting out a great looking dish and of course great tasting. Divya Kannan had an unusually large amount of mushroom sitting around, now don't ask me why. But the result is, she has got this beautiful dish out, which she created on her own.

DK comes with a chilli. Now don't think its not a vegetarian ok, for Dhivi makes sure of that and this one is a famous Mexican dish which she of course adapts. She adds all beans she can to give her more power, I wonder why!

Foodiepenn gives a medley of spices and vegetables in making a eggplant and peas dance in a sauce made of curds and poppy seeds.Now I know how much I like poppy based gravy. So this is a sure one to try out!

Simplest recipe is one where you have the tomatoes simmered to a gravy and you add peas to it, it just takes it to a different level. And thats what Kamala has done, her curry looks ready to devoured

You are wondering what Champakali is? Well I was until I learnt its a popular and most sought out dish at Madhavi's house. Her mom prepares this usually on Diwali, so we can expect them getting all geared up as Diwali is right down the month!

Curries with Mixed Vegetables

Priti gets down making this mixed veg curry in karwar style for the on going regional event. I am sure many of you would want to bookmark this!

Red chillies reminiscences about always choosing Pooris in any joint! Well Poori is got to be any body's first choice, well maybe certain few! But the way RC went about the different choices she had, had me craving for it. And imagine eating with Saagu. I haven't really looked beyond the picture to know how it is prepared. But now with yet another mouthwatering picture, will surely try it out soon!

Renuka makes yet another tasty dish with cauliflower. This time all pepped up with Pepper!. I can imagine how delicious it must've taste.

Sireesha makes a great combo of Ridge Gourd with potato to come up with a nice curry for rotis. The great thing I like about this is it has ground nut powder added! Now for a die hard groundnut fan, what else can be better!

This beautiful dish is made with jackfruit! I would never have guessed it unless I was told. I never waited to make a curry with the fruit, rather it disappeared as such. So it was wonderful getting a curry made with it from Tee. More than that I was happy seeing her back, she was one of those first bloggers who became a good friend!

Well I have learnt a new curry now. From Ujwal, I learnt about Valval, which is a very famous Konkani (Amchi curry). Well it looks so lovely that it must be really very tasty. I was so happy to read that she made this again just for the mela!

Uma loves beans and makes quite a lot. But to get her hubby in action was really nice. This is one great looking dish made with white beans and pink! My, it does want you want to grab it!

Vaishali comes out with everybody's need of the hour, a quick yet great tasty curry. Well I know peas and potato tastes great, and if you add basil on top, can you expect anything less?

Trust me to be on the scenes after all the fun was over! Zu makes this yummy looking dish from her cookbook that said this is a special from Madras. Well I guess the author was more generalizing this as a spicy curry from the South of India and gave it a fancy name as Madrasi Masala. Whatever, it does look great Zu, and glad that you could enjoy a spicy one!

Delicious Paneer Dishes

After looking at Alka's Butter Paneer, I knew again why I love Paneer. Gosh she has captured them so well, of course you all already know how beautiful Alka's pictures are. But the curries that she sent takes the cake. I know the snooty health freaks might object to some extra butter going in. But they can take a walk, looking at Alka's tempting paneer!

Lets take few minutes to wonder how Srimathi comes out with such yummy looking curries. And she says she prepared it in a hurry. I really wonder if we can restrain ourselves if she prepares at leisure! This tempting white paneer curry is surely something I am going to cook next!

Homecooked makes her favorite paneer dishes. This time pairing it with peas. Well I am ready for Matar paneer anytime. And you want to know the colour, wow it looks bright red and rich!

Jaya takes us to a trip to dhabas with her post and also makes such a yum looking paneer dish. Its like view one take two dishes offers!. Both Handi Paneer and Paneer Manpasand sound really exciting and I can't wait to try these out.

Shahi Paneer has always been something that I have to try someday, atleast going on what my hubby says as he got to taste in Delhi. Now Medhaa's version gives me an opportunity to check out

Our dear friend sent me a note, that said she was busy getting married during the first two melas, so finally only now she was able to send some entries. Well I was glad Nags got a moment to breath and in that moment got around to a kitchen cooking something for my event. But imagine her new inlaw, wondering why they new daughter-in-law was clicking away pictures before they were served!

We have another fan for Paneer and its great that Radhika's son too loves it. I know how wonderful it is when your kid loves and you get to make a new one every time. Looking at the dish, I am sure he liked it!

Who doesn't like paneer, especially when it looks so yummy as Renuka's? So its no wonder her kids love it. Renuka gets to make this until her kids for something else, but I doubt that!

Paneer is welcome in any form and the best is the tikka masala thats famous in the restaurants. And the one that sangeeth tries is out, looks very much like one from straight there!

I love paneer and if its authentic punjab, no doubts about it. So what do I do when friends makes things just to make me crave for it??..well I just keep drooling and thats what I did when Simran sent her punjabi home style paneer, so words to describe the beauty!

Sukanya makes this easy matar paneer because its easy to make. She says all we got to do is remove the paneer from the seal and remove the peas from the packet , well for the rest how she does you can check out her lovely blog. I can't be telling the recipe myself right!

I was impressed with this yummy looking curry that Ujwal made with paneer and baby corn. I love both, so naturally this dish must've been great.

In between moving houses, Vandana finds time to cook this delicious Paneer Makhani. Now who can say no to anything paneer, atleast I can't and this surely has that look that wants you to grab it off the screen!

Curries with Potatos for Breakfast and all times!

Bhawana said that she was happy to participate in this event, but I am more excited to see her lovely stuffed aloo in a gravy. I have never prepared a stuffed one and this sounds very interesting!

Until Divya wrote about Kukka Humman, I didnt' know our humble potato curry is called thus! I actually read couple of times to confirm I wasn't seeing a curry from china. Well our divya is quite apt with kukka and comes with many variations of the same! You got three different ones to check out!

Ok, we have another Kukka Humman from Divya Kudua. Didn't I tell you, she is the local expert in dishing out Kukka Humman. I guess with her proclamation of this dish name without revealing what it is, her readers thought it was something else. Well she ventures into a saga of preparing all her different variations of this Potato wonder, be sure to check them out!

Potato Masala always brings back fond memories and for Illatharasi, the pooris too. Cos she follows her mom's way of saving time by making triangle shaped ones! How very interesting!...I am sure these will be a great hit with kids.

Jayashree thinks she is relic, well for all for a want of a cook. Ok, I guess she thinks thats because she cooks all their meals. But imagine what a wonderful job she is doing! And of course in the same breath shares an easy one for Aloo Baingan!

Fusions always comes out well and Lavi's Baby aloo curry looks no less. She uses a typical tamlian gravy spice for making this curry and the baby aloos add more to the taste!

Madhavi makes Aloo gobi in Handi and it gets its famous slow cooking into the aromatic flavours of the curry. When gobi normally loses its crunchiness, Madhavi says cooking it this way makes it perfect!

Mansi brings on a lip smacking dish which sure holds up to its name. Who wouldn't like Dum Aloo. I have about 10 different recipes, each one different. The few I have tried have come out exceptionally great. And this dish from Mansi surely gets added on!

Maya comes with a flavour of her lands special by making a delicious potato curry using a phova pitto. Well its so great that it can be just had as a snack if you so sprinkle sev over it!


Curries with Potatoes

Mythreyee makes my favorite combo, poori kalangu, yep thats how its called down south! and Mythreyee plate is enough to satisfy all poori lovers!

Nags comes with another most desired dish the famous Potato Masala! Well her pictures always makes me droll, and this is nothing less.

Kamala from her cornor makes this great looking Potato stew. Not just that, this can be made in a jiffy in a microwave.

I have seen gravy being served with rice or roti, but never seen it being served with vada!. Yep this beautiful dish is served by Pragyan, which is Dahi Bara served with aloo Dum. It looks fit to be wiped out right away!

Purva adapts this famous curry to her taste and comes out with another yummy looking dishes. Tilwave Aloo curry looks as all it promises!

Priti knew what she was about to cook when she saw some cauliflower lying around in the fridge. This the one she always thinks of at moments like this. And just like what her mom prepared. What else can one ask for than recreating mom's recipes!

Aloo Kurma has always been my favorite ones in Kurma and Saroja brings in another version of that!. I guess we can never get tried of Potato curry!

If you want to read a lovely tale about Amritsar, then you got to visit Simran. she brings us a Taste of Amritsar with her delicious looking Aloo Wadi. I have heard a lot about their famous wadis, though yet to cook. So I have a perfect one to try!

Sireesha makes a delicious combo with Spinach and Potata. I have always only had paneer in palak, so this sounds great one to try!

Uma's Potato Stew wakes from slumbering because of this Mela. I am only glad it did. And not just that, for a change she even used black eyed pea. Now I love this pea in any form. so its no wonder I find that bowl so appealing!

I guess none of us get tired of seeing another potato curry, well this time from Veda, who calls it Saagu. First time I heard this term was from my nephew and it said it tastes good. Not sure if he knows the difference, but Veda's pretty picture says it does!


Get ready for the other exciting rounds!

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Announcing JFI – Nov’08 – Festival Treats!

Festivals are always a season to enjoy and remember the joyful time we had and we recreate the same for our children. I don't know if every parent goes through the same feeling or not, but for me atleast, come each festival and I am overjoyed to remember all those lovely days I spent welcoming a festival during my childhood. I can still remember Amma slogging to prepare elaborate festival treats and how I would've spent days enjoying those sweets and savories. And I try to recreate the same magic each festival had for us as kids, for mine. The month of October usually sees the fun and fare, for welcoming Dasara and Deepavali.

Dasara or Navaratri

The Festival of Dasara is celebrated on the occasion of Navaratri, and the holy day also commemorates the triumph of good over evil. Forms of celebrations can take on a wide variety of manifestations, ranging from worshipping the goddess Chamundeshwari (Durga) to exhibiting colorful toys on the day in most parts of South India.

There is a legend related to the exhibition of toys that is known as Golu (spelled Kolu in some regions). Since the goddess Durga needed tremendous power, all other gods and goddesses transferred their power to Goddess Durga and they all stood still as toys. To respect the self-sacrifice of these deities during the festival days, Hindus revere toys that are in shape of particular gods and goddesses.

The same festival is celebrated for different cause in different parts of India. In Southern India, Eastern India and Western India, the festival of Navaratri which culminates with Vijayadashami commemorates the legend in which the Goddess Durga, also known as Chamundeshwari or Mahishasura Mardini, vanquishes the demon Mahishasura, an event that is said to have taken place in the vicinity of the present day city of Mysore in Karnataka.

In Northern India, the same 10-day festival commemorates the victory of Rama, prince of Ayodhya in present-day Uttar Pradesh, over Ravana, the ruler of Lanka, who according to the Ramayana had abducted Sita Devi, the wife of the former, and held her captive in his realm.

Whatever the reason or the cause, its a great time to celebrate. And what's celebrations without food. In our parts of the woods, the kolu is always a time to make yummy treats for guests who drop in to see the Kolus. And in general, many sweets and savories are prepared.

Diwali, or Deepavali

is a major Indian festival, which is celebrated across the globe as the "Festival of Light," where the lights or lamps signify victory of good over the evil within every human being. The festival marks the victory of good over evil, and uplifting of spiritual darkness. Symbolically it marks the homecoming of goodwill and faith after an absence, as suggested by the story of Ramayana. On the day of Diwali, many wear new clothes and share sweets and snacks. Some North Indian business communities start their financial year on Diwali and new account books are opened on this day.

In South India its believed to celebrated for Killing of Narakasura. It is celebrated as Naraka Chaturdasi, two days before Diwali day, it commemorates the killing of Narakasura, an evil demon who created havoc, by Lord Krishna's wife Satyabhama. This happened in the Dwapar Yuga during this time of Lord Krishna's avatar. In another version, the demon was killed by Lord Krishna (Lord Krishna provokes his wife Satyabhama to kill Narakasura by pretending to be injured by the demon. Narakasura can only be killed by his mother, Satyabhama) himself. Before Narakasura's death, he requested a boon from his mother, Satyabhama (believed to be an Avatar of Bhudevi - Narakasura' mother), that everyone should celebrate his death with colorful light.

Deepavali is time to rejoice with friends and relatives Prepare grand feasts, along with sweets and savories. You can check out our last year Deepavali celebrations we had home..

Having said all about Dasara and Deepavali, its a pleasure to say that it's a Jihva tradition to celebrate Dasara/Diwali festival treats for Jihva November for the past two years. And its a honour to continue this tradition at my blog this year! Indira, who authors the accolade blog Mahanandi, is the creator of this event. Each month this event is guest hosted by bloggers, who choose a natural ingredient and other bloggers enthusiastically respond to it.. This month its celebrating food and festivals.

Photo Credits : Dasara pictures and Diwali.

I take this opportunity, to invite you all to join me in rediscovering the festival seasons and share with us, your way of celebrating these wonderful time

Here are the guidelines for your participation:

1. Prepare your festival treats for Dasara or Deepavali/ Diwali, it can be any cuisine, any course, Sweets or Savories, everything is accepted. If you would like to share information about the way you celebrate the festivals, you can, I would gladly include the article in the roundup.

2. Post the recipe/article in your blog between now and 31st Oct ’08. Provide a link back to this announcement.

3. Send a mail with JFI – Festivals (mention the festival name) in the subject line to cooking4allseasons@gmail.com with the following details.
* Your name
* Your blog name
* Name of the entry
* URL of your post
* An optional photo

4. If you don’t have a blog but would like to participate, send an email with your name, recipe and an optional photo. I will include in the roundup.

5. Older posts are accepted if they are re-posted with a link to this announcement.

6. Feel free to use the logo in your post.

I have been looking forward to host this event for a long time now. Infact one day, I forgot that it was decided to be the festival treats and spent a sleepless night planning on which ingredient to choose. Only to realize my theme and I was so very glad that I will get to see so many wonderful entries.

Indira, thank you for giving me this opportunity. You still have time till 30th Sep, to send in your entries for the Whole Grains, to Suganya who is hosting JFI this month. I just hurried up with my announcement, as I am off for a weekend trip.

Catch you all with yummy festival treats!

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Bansi Rava Upma | Easy Breakfast Ideas

Well trying to figure to call this as Khichdi or Upma, led me to know quite a few things about the difference between Upma and Khichdi. Upma is always prepared with Wheat products, while Khichdi is prepared with Rice and Lentils. Inclusion of vegetables is done in both versions. Only people have resorted not to include them in regular upma. While upma is generally not liked by many, khichdi is a revered dish in many states. Infact sources say Khichdi is much liked by Bengalis. I will talk more about Khichdi in another post.

I am not really very keen on upma, though I like it when its prepared by Amma or I make it myself. Still its not something that features frequently on our table. But what amazes me is the fact that Dad loves Upma, so Amma makes it quite often. Given this, I am very inclined to making this, so there is no questions of including vegetables. But when two events that features whole grains, I ought to make some efforts to prepare something right. Samba goduma is something that I am so fond of. I have had gallons of this during for my daughter. Amma used to make a porridge with this. I can still remember the lingering taste this rava gives to the porridge. It has that texture which gives you a feeling of chewing on a spongy thing, yet its little hard. On chewing it, you can feel the sweetness of the porridge seeping in. And since I don't like cashews, Amma used to make it with Almonds. Yum!

Well lets get back to upma, shall we? So I was telling Athamma that I got to make something with a whole grain and since she remembered my banter on Samba goduma, she got this. She said they call this bansi rava. Well I said Amma has always called this Samba, and its called Broken wheat in English. No problem, the end result is something that's so tasty, we shall be preparing it more frequently. I can't strictly call this upma, or puloa, because bay leaf and spices went into making this. But its definitely something that makes the usual Saturday dinner or the weekend breakfasts more exciting. Not to mention that the twins were very eager to eat this. When I got the plate ready for click, both of them were impatient and were reaching out. That's Peddu's hand reaching out!

Before that check out the simple and quick Aloo Sandwich that's both a Bachelor's feast and a Kid's delight!

Ingredients Needed:

Bansi Rava / Samba Godumai/ Broken Wheat - 1 & 1/2 cups
Chopped Vegetables - Peas, Carrot, Potato - 1 cup
Onions - 2 medium
Tomatoes - 1 medium
Green Leaves - 4 medium
Ghee - 3 tsp
Oil - 1- 2 tsp
Turmeric powder a pinch
Salt to taste
Water - 3 & 1/2 cups


Mustard seeds - 1/4 tsp
Urad Dal - 1/4 tsp
Curry leaves - 5 - 6 leaves
Bay leaves - 2
Cloves - 2
Cinnamon - 2"
Bengal Gram - 1 tsp
Cashew Nuts - 5 -6 whole
Peanuts - 1 tsp (opt)

Method to prepare:

Depending on the type of rava, whether its roasted or raw, roast the amount in ghee and keep aside.

Once you have all the vegetables chopped, get ready to have the kadai on.

Heat a pan with oil. Then splutter with mustard seeds, then do the seasonings in the order mentioned.

Once the nuts are roasted well, add chopped green chilies, onions and sauté till the onions are pink. For upma, the onions shouldn't be browned. Add the tomatoes, salt and turmeric powder. Fry till the tomatoes are soft.

Then add the chopped vegetables. Simmer and sauté for 5 mins. Once the vegetables get half cooked, add the water and bring to boil. When you cover it, it gets cooked fast.

Once the water starts boiling, simmer and gradually add the roasted rava. Ensure you stir well so that lumps are not formed. Cook on high for 2 mins, keep stirring. When everything combines well, add 2 tsp of ghee, simmer and cook it covered.

Since the rava is bigger grains, this needs about 10 - 15 mins of cooking. In between you need to remove, ensure you don't allow the steam to get back to the vessel. Add the remaining ghee, mix everything again. And cook.

Its almost done in 15 - 20 mins of time.

This turned out really lip smacking as it has the flavours of curry leaves and bay leaves in it, along with the spices. And it was perfectly grained and not soggy.

You got to take care of the chillies, because it differs a lot in how you add it. Long silted leaves less spicy than chopped in middle, so go easy on that.

Bansi Rava Upma is on its way to 3 events, Jihva: Whole Grains, hosted by Suganya this month. WBB: Grains in my Breakfast, hosted by Aparna, and to Divya who is hosting an event on Diet Food. Bansi rava upma is a perfect one for dieting as it has all the vegetables and if you reduce the ghee, which is actually good fat, nothing like it.

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pepper Chicken Curry ~ Too hot to handle!

Its been a while since I have cooked anything new. Atleast as a main course or something savory. Athamma has been busy making a version called Ashoka Halwa, which is a modified version of Moong Dal halwa. Then she made Yellow Moong dal Payasam for neivedyam. Both of which I didn't get time to click. As both were much appreciated and was over within minutes of preparing, I will have to make it again, so planning to click away some pictures to share with you all.

Meanwhile, Konda's quarterly exams are over and her 10 days of vacation starts today. Athamma already said, if she is going to become very naughty, she will send her off to Amma's place, which I know is going to happen anyways. She was up with us very late last night. I was telling her that she ought to hit the bed, if she has to get up early. She gave me that look and said, 'I have studied everything'. I said even then, you ought sleep now. Then asked her what's her plan for the next 10 days, I said I know for sure you are going to drive everybody crazy! She said it will be great if she was sent to her cousin's place! Well no answers for that anyways..

I have few things in mind to occupy her, but just wondering when I am going to get time to sit with her to make that. I remembered stitching dresses for my dolls when I was her age. Nobody taught me nor did Amma ever stop me from trying my hand with needle and thread. I wonder why I am so scared to let Konda touch the needle. But I thought when Amma never objected me on any of these things, I should also treat Konda same. So I have got some cloths that I am planning to sit with her and make dresses for dolls. Hope they come out as cute as I remember mine used to be!

This Pepper Chicken Curry was something that was made ages back. This is another favorite chicken variety at home. Though when I make it for Dad, I reduce the spice of the chilies and peppers. I prepare this with both Red Chilis and Green chilies. And use freshly ground masala powder. I don't use garam masala as I grind everything together for the powder. In this version, I used Red chilies, you can use green chilies too. Hubby dear liked it a lot, maybe because it was spicy. So go easy on the spiciness if you end up trying it. This can be prepared both as a dry version and curry version. Well with the curry name, you know I meant this to be part of the Curry Mela, which I am still getting the act together!

Pepper Chicken Curry

Chicken - 500 gms
Onions - 3 medium
Tomatoes - 2 medium
Ginger Garlic paste - 1 tsp
Chili powder - 1/2 tsp
Curry leaves - 5-8
Coriander leaves for garnish.
Oil - 2 tsp
Salt to taste

Roasted Masala:

Peppercorns - 10 - 15 nos
Red Chili long - 2
Cloves - 4
Cinnamon - 2"
Bay Leaf - 1
Anise - 1
Fennel Seeds - 3/4 tsp

Method to prepare:

Wash and cut Chicken to desired size.

Dry roast all the ingredients listed under masala. Allow it cool and grind to a fine powder.

Heat a pressure cooker with oil. Sauté curry leaves and onions till pink, then add ginger garlic paste.

Then add the chicken and allow it to brown. Once done, add the tomatoes and chili powder, salt. Cook on high for 2 mins, allowing the water from the chicken to evaporate. Simmer for 2 mins covered.

Then add 1 cup of water and pressure cook till the chicken gets tender. Once the pressure is off, remove cover and again cook it in open.

Add the ground masala and combine everything well. Simmer for 5- 10 mins. Add the coriander leaves.

If you want this to be dry, reduce the onions to 1&1/2 to 2 medium. After pressure cook, let the water get evaporated completely. Then add the ground masala and sauté till you get a nice coating to the chicken but the liquid has all gone.

Note: The combination of all chili powder, dry chili and the pepper corns make this very spicy. So go easy on that if you can't handle spicy stuff.

This makes a great side dish for Rice, Roti or even as a starter if you can handle the hot!

Sending this to Ruth, who is hosting the Monthly Mingle this month, themed on Sensational Sides.

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