Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Announcing an event to Celebrate Indian Flatbread ~ Roti Mela!

When I announced Dosa Mela, I never knew it will get everybody so excited. I had it in mind more because I was interested in knowing all the varieties that one can make with Dosa. But the response it got, was really overwhelming. Even after the roundups, I got many bloggers sending their entries, all of them eager to includes theirs in the round up. So I will be doing an update post with the pending entries.

Apart from this, many of you wanted to know what's next! Infact many wrote saying they would love to have another such event celebrating something that's common. So what better than Indian Flatbread. I love all types of rotis, stuffed parathas, naans, khulchas. The variety is endless! I use all types of flours and its so interesting to know how one cooks with them!

I have tried to cover most varieties that were easy to make at home, but I am yet to try out khulchas, so that's one challenge for me!

So the rotis can be plain, stuffed, savory or sweet!. Some of the typical varieties that I can think of are:

Chapati, Roti, Akki Roti, Puri, Phulka, Paratha, Stuffed Paratha, Puran Poli, Naan, Rumali Roti,
Kulcha, Bhatura, Luchi, Tamil Nadu Parotta, Kerala porotta, Roti prata, the Singaporean variant.
Roti canai, the Malaysian variant.

Just google away and you will have so many to choose from!

It can also be one of those from regional cuisines, like from Kerala, Pathiri, etc. By Roti, I am referring to everything that's made as dough and rolled out, or patted out or flipped out and cooked on a tawa, pan, tandoori!

So this is going to be everything that comes under Indian Flatbread category. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have all these in one place!.

To participate in this event, please have these in mind!

1. Cook anything related to Roti and all its varieties and post it on your blog from now till June 20th 2008. Can send in as many entries are you can! I will never say no to a Roti too!

Flour used can be anything, right from APF, wheat to Jower or even Chesternut flour! anything and everything under Sun. But sharing your family secret recipe, or something unique will be great and exciting!

Please also include details on how easy or difficult making that dish is, other notes that you feel is important. Everything in related to preparing your dish easy, will be appreciated!

2. Add a link back to this event announcement, would be nice if you can include the logo!

3. Please send me an e-mail to cooking4allseasons@gmail.com with the following info.

* Subject Line: Roti Mela
* Your name
* Your blog name and link to the post.
* Dish Name
* A picture of the dish (250 width).

4. Non bloggers can e-mail me the recipe and the picture and I will include it in the round up.

5. If you feel you want to participate but can't find time enough, I will accept already posted entry, if you create a NEW POST linked to this announcement. But it will be really fun to create a new dish!

I will work on the code to put this on side bar, meanwhile you can just include the logo if you are interested!

Looking forward to all your enthusiastic participation!

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Punjabi Chhole ~ the authentic way!

Memories jog down fast when you least expect them to, openings gates to long forgot days, happily spent with no care or want. I haste to capture them all in one move, lest I forget! But I guess its bound to happen. The mind is so full of memories, that at times I wonder how one is able to keep pace with it. Better part of my life, I tried recording them in dairies, but life takes a different path each year, that I have never been able to keep up with my writing. I guess this blog has been my best option in trying to record certain daily things or those fond memories. But its so funny yet strange, that almost all of them are related to food!

One such beautiful memory weaves around a Punjabi Chhole, that I ate years back! It was a cold winter Christmas time, it was colder, because we were on a vacation in Bombay. It was my first trip to Bombay and I loved every minute of it. We went there to attend a wedding ceremony of Dad colleague's son. The trip and those 4 days will remain forever fresh in my memory. I need no dairy to itch them down. From the moment I stepped down the train that early morning in Pune, to the time I got on the train back to Madras, its all still so fresh in memory. The drama that unfolded in a typical Punjabi wedding, was too good to be missed for anything. Their culture, their customs, and to top everything, their food, god I simply loved every single part of it. There I was, about to get down the train, I can still feel the cold breeze that hit me sharp. It was 4 in the morning and it felt strange, because for me to feel cold, it must have been a really a cold morning. You don't get to have such cold days in Madras. We spent four wonderful days, enjoying every single moment. The account of that beautiful wedding among other things, will make many posts. I will limit myself to that memory of Punjabi Chhole that stands out the most!

We started for Shiridi Sai Baba temple early in the morning and after a good darshan, started back. The journey back led us through rural rustic villages, paving way into deep dry landscapes. For all it was cold, the midday was so very hot. We were panting with breathlessness, though all we was doing, was just jostling along the car. The journey seemed endless, and we were exhausted just traveling. We had to stop for a break and what better place than a Punjabi dhaba! Ah, that scene unfolds now in my mind and I am transported back to that day in one hot afternoon, all set to devour a roti dipping longingly into that katori full of Punjabi Chhole! It was a black gravy with shy channa peeping out all over it. No where else have I tasted a dish so earthly! It tasted of its land and the soil. Later I found that most authentic punjabi Chholes are mostly black in colour and its mostly due to the roasting of the wholes spices.

I got back with loads of memories of that one meal, happy to keep me going for many years. I have since tried recreating that Punjabi chhole, had asked many punju friends. Then I came across an old torn cookbook, which had some authentic recipes written down it. I have since bookmarked many to try. Though this Punjabi Chhole, topped the list. When I finally got down to making it, it was worth all the wait. Yes, one bite on the chhole, and I was magically taken back to that afternoon.

I have always been making chholes, I must have tried many versions. The change in this was, that I roasted it to almost to blackness and the addition of Black Cardamom. This is the first time I am using Black Cardamom. Green cardamom is very common in my kitchen. So using this black cardamom, changed lot of things. As usual, when I searched a bit on black Cardamom, I was happy knowing so many details about this spice.

Black Cardamom (Amomum subulatum): In Hindi, it is called " Bari illaichi " (Big Cardamom) or " Kali illaichi " (Black Cardamom). The plants are grown in Eastern Himalayan region (Nepal and Sikkim). It is used in making Curries. Black Cardamom are large, hard, black-brown, wrinkled pods and it smells more like burnt rubber. It is a very pungent odour, with a strong camphor smell. Its mostly used in the robust stews and meat dishes. In these recipes, pods are crushed and allowed to simmer with the rest of the ingredients. It takes only a few to give any dish a rustic, smoky flavour.

When I saw this chhole calls for 4 black cardamom, I knew its going to be different!

Ingredients Needed:

Kabuli Channa / Chickpeas / Garbanzo beans - 1 cup

For Gravy

Onion - 3 medium
Tomatoes - 2 medium
Grated Ginger - 1"
Chili powder - 1 tsp
Oil - 2 tsp
Garam masala - 1/2 tsp
Green Chillies - 2
Salt to taste

Masala powder

Coriander seeds - 2 tsp
Anardana - 1/2 tsp
Cinnamon - 1 "
Cloves - 3
Black peppercorns - 1 tsp
Black Cardamom - 4
Cumin seeds - 1 tsp
Bay leaf - 1
Red chillies - 2

Method to prepare:

Soak the channa overnight in enough water. Remember that it almost doubles, so add enough water and use a big vessel. Else you can soak Chhole in hot water for couple of hours and then add soda along with it when cooking. I normally don't add soda for cooking it. Next morning, you will see a white layer formed, discard it and wash well couple of times.

Pressure cook it for 4 -5 whistles. You can add a quarter tsp of salt along with channa while you pressure cook it. This way, you get the salt into the channa. Some say it doesn't cook well when you add salt, but I have never seen it. 4-5 whistles should work out, else check and make sure, when you press down a chhole, it gets mashed softly! I don't like to chew on a hard chhole.

Take a heavy bottom kadai. Roast all the ingredients listed under masala, together. Keep tossing it constantly, else it will get burnt. Doing this on high flame, gets this done fast, so have an eye on that. The recipe asked it to be almost black, I didn't want to take chances, so tossed it well. Let it cool and grind to a smooth powder.

Heat oil in the same pan, add the grated ginger. Then add the finely chopped onions. Cook on medium till its brown. Now add the tomatoes. I normally add salt at this stage as this will get the tomatoes get mushy fast. Fry till the oil separates. This takes about 10 mins or so.

Once the mix is well cooked, add the fresh ground spice masala, garam masala and red chilli powder. Mix well and cook for 2 mins. Then add the slit green chillies and stir for a few mins. You can remove the green chillies, if you want, I left it as such. Add the cooked chhole. Adjust the salt. Add about 1 glass of water. This of course depends on how thick you want your chhole, hubby dear doesn't like running gravies, so I always make it thick. Cook on high for 2 mins and then simmer for 15- 20 minutes, stirring every now and then. Else you can pressure cook again for 1-2 whistles.

Garnish with onion and serve hot with Pooris or Bhatura.

This goes to Anh of Food Lover's Journey, who is hosting this week's edition of Weekend Herb Blogging, an event started by Kalyn.

Update: There seem to be some confusion on whose recipe this is. I don't claim authority on this. I got it from a cookbook, which as I have said in this comment that it is no longer with me.  I don't have to credit a person when it was not inspired by the said person.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Ariselu or Athirasallu ~ with Love!

When I named my blog as Cooking for all Seasons, I never really had more than a minute to decide on it. But I guess, it came from within. Because that's what life is all about right, we cook for all seasons. Seasons change, our needs changes. But the essence that goes into making great cooking never does! Amma's food is always loved and sought by anybody who gets to taste it. I feel that's because she takes so much care in preparing them. Let it be for whatever occasion or for whomever, it always comes out perfect! Yet I have never heard her saying that she knows everything, she is always ready to learn a new thing that she can cook for her family! I am privileged that I had the opportunity to learn cooking from her, apart from many things in life. The unconditional love that comes, in being a mother, yes that's the extra spice that she always adds in her cooking, and in everything else she does.

Apart from my parents, there have been few others, who have left lasting impressions on my mind. One such person was Ammamma. In the spring of my life, I met Ammama, who was in her autumn. Actually I don't remember her name! I call her Ammama because her grandchildren called her so. And she never treated me any different from them. I must've been about 11, when they moved into our flats. Aunty was Dad's colleague and Uncle was a lecturer. They had two children, very adorable ones. The girl must be about 3 or 4 years younger than me and the boy was much younger. I used to call them Appe and Shok. Since Aunty was always busy, Ammama took care of everything and she did it wonderfully. Just thinking back on those many summers, spent happily at their home, lapping on Tintin, Asterisk besides other things, makes me ache for those lovely days.

Garralu, Boorallu, Poorillu and what not, were some of the yummy things, we used to get treated during that time.. Even now when I eat vada with Avaakkai, I remember them. Ammama had lot of tricks and tips on making soft Chappatis and she used to tell me about them. I guess even then, she knew I am going to be one cranky foodie! With so much interaction every moment, it felt we were all one big family. As Shok was not old enough to climb up to our house, I used to carry him often and we used to play at our home. Those were the fun part. Amma used to make so many goodies for us. Then we used to go down and again feast on the things Ammama would've made for us. Of all the wonderful things, Ammama used to make, most loved were her instant Athirasallu or Ariselu. They were simply out of the world. She always had a ready stock of the dough and used to make them on demand. Traditionally Athirasallu are supposed to be difficult and tedious progress but she used to make them appear so simple and easy. Amma, also makes the regular ones, but these were different I guess, in that you don't have to bother about the pakam or the consistency of jaggary syrup.

Ah, those fives years were the best of my childhood. Aunty, for all the busy schedule she had, still used to find time make lovely frocks for Appe, with all beautiful embroidery. How I wish I had got one made for myself, I was too shy to ask, but I still have the scalpel she gave me. Few tokens of wonderful childhood!

When I read about Jhiva and the theme for this month, being dedicated to Pedatha, I knew I had to write about Ammama. I felt this post was long pending, but this is the most apt time to pay tribute. I feel sad that I have lost contact with them, as they have since relocated. But recently I came to know that my cousin is now in the college where Aunty teaches, I thought of calling her, but time just flew! But luck is on my side, I was able to get Ammama picture and also managed to make these late last night. Though until this morning, I wasn't sure if I will be able to make this post. But I am very happy that I did manage finally.

Finally here it is, Athirasallu as Ammama used to make. These have coloured my childhood with golden syrup of love.

For those who don't know what these are, Athirasallu or Ariselu are traditional south Indian sweet, prepared during Festivals like Sankarnthi, Deepavalli. They are made with Rice flour and Jaggary syrup.

I made very small quantity, as this is the first time I am making it. I could've asked Amma to make these, but I was very particular that I make them myself. And I was so very happy once I was done.

Normally for Athirasallu, rice is soaked, shade dried and ground. I remember my parental and maternal grannies making these, in large quantities in a big stone grinder. I have seen Amma making these and grinding them in mixie. But I wasn't able to follow any of it. I made these with the rice flour we have ground and store.

I am writing both the recipes as given by Amma and what I finally made for record.

Amma's recipe for regular Athirasam

Amma's recipe is with 1 Kg of rice. So you can adjust as per your requirement. With 1 kg, you get about 30 to 40 Athrasams of normal puri size. You got to use paku or pagu bellam or jaggary.

Ingredients Needed

Rice - 1 kg
paku jaggary - 750 gms
Sesame Seeds - 2 tsp
Gasa gasa or Poppy Seeds - 1 tsp
Cardamom powder - 1 tsp

Method to prepare.

Soak rice for 6 hrs and then shade dry it. Meaning it should not become dry but should still have some wetness in the rice. You can either grind this to fine powder using your mixie or give to mill. The rice flour should have that texture of soft and wet feeling when you take a handful and also it should kind of retain your fist shape. Hope you understand what I am saying. This is very important because if the flour is very dry it wouldn't turn out well.

Have all the things ready when you put the jaggary for cooking.

Take water that is enough to dilute jaggary. Cook it so that the jaggary is also dissolve. Remove any impurities that may be present. Then again cook till the pakam is ready. The consistency here is also very important. Hope you know that pakam is calculated as threads. So after 3 thread, when the jaggary is really cooked well, it become thick. When you take a bit and put it in water, you should be able to make a ball of it. This is when you know the pakkam is ready.

Remove from fire, and add poppy seeds, sesame seeds and cardamom. Mix well. Then slowly add the rice flour and keep mixing well. The consistency is very important, so you need to add the flour little by little so that you have enough jaggary. Some flour might remain, so problem Important factor is you should get the consistency of Chappatis dough.

Divide into lemon size balls and a greased top roll out the balls with hands smeared with oil.

Heat oil for frying and slowly drop these circles into the hot oil. You can simmer for a while until you know the inside is cooked. Turn to the other side and cook till its golden in colour. If you are cooking alone, you can roll out one by one and cook. Else it might get burnt. Once done, remove and drain on a Kitchen towel.

My method: As Ammama used to make

I got about 8 as shown in the picture!

Ingredients Needed

Rice Flour - 1 glass (standard measurement)
Jaggary - 1/2 glass
Coconut grated - 2 tsp
Cardamom powder - 1/4 tsp
Water - 1/2 glass
Sesame seeds - 1 tbsp

Oil for deep frying.

Method to prepare:

I had the Achu vellam, so grated and added water just enough to cover them. Cooked on high and removed the scum. Then added the cardamom powder. Once it starts boiling, add the grated coconut. You will see lot of bubbles coming out.

At this stage, add the Rice flour slowly and stir it together well. You will know when the consistency is correct, so till then you got to keep adding the flour, but I used up the entire glass of flour.

The beauty of this dough is, you can store and use whenever you want. If it becomes too hard, just add about 2 tsp of water along with 2 tsp of sugar. Get it to boil, while you keep stirring it. The mix should become soft again. When you handle it, it should come together as a soft dough. Divide it to equal balls.

Heat a kadai with oil to deep fry these. In a greased plastic sheet, pat them down to equal sized circles. Press down the sesame seeds over the top. Once the oil is hot, gently drop these into them. Fry on both sides. Since the sesame seeds are just pressed over the top, they will get into the oil. If you want to avoid this, try adding to the dough.

Once they are golden brown, remove and drain them on a kitchen towel.They will be soft when you remove them, will become crunchy once they are cooled.

The regular ones are normally soft and oily, but these were crunchy and no oil at all!

Konda was absolutely trilled that I made these, as she loves them a lot! So will be making these again!

I would like to thank Indira for this event, and Jigyasa and Pratibha, for choosing this lovely theme, what is life without food and food without love!

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Eggless Banana Chocolate Brownie!

Well I thought this to be a cake, but thinking again I decided its a brownie! Yea it wasn't so soft and fluffy, as you would expect a cake to be and it was so easy to make, that's the best part! I was inspired by this Chocolate Brownie and I was just too trilled not to try again. Normally when I get the urge for a cake, I either have to bake my own egg less Black Forest Cake or get from shop. Both sounds so alarming always. Though my Black forest cake comes out yummy, its a kind of work I avoid these days. The last time, Konda wanted a cake at home, I planned for the chocolate fudge the previous day and did the cake the next day! This worked out fine, still its not something I would want to do on a regular basis.

Infact, since my oven gave way years back, I never attempted this area of cooking at all. I got a Microwave, thinking things will be simplified, but there simply never was enough time. Those days, I used to spend late nights for these experiments. Late nights suited best as I needn't disturb others. After marriage and then kids, there was no question of late nights being spent for cooking, its was spent sitting up with the babies! So many years later, I find it strange that I am back with my passion stirring to take this up again. Its mostly because of the time spent in this exercise now. Even the Black forest cake comes out pretty fast!

On seeing how soon the chocolate brownie took to get completed and how delicious it looked, I was sorely tempted to make an eggless version. I was left with half a tin of condensed milk. So that drove me into finding what else was at home. I knew apple sauce or banana would work well. I couldn't find any apple sauce, but a lone banana was resting peacefully in the basket. But on the looks of it, nobody was going to take pity on it. So I was all to its rescue! Armed with half a tin and the lone banana, went in search for the flour to hold these together! Well, of course the cocoa too, I only love chocolate! How can I forget it. Fished out the cocoa tin too, along with the blushing butter! God, I guess the butter was feeling very bitter that nobody got any better out of it!

Now I was all set to get the action going. Can you believe it, it took just under 10 mins, to get everything in order. Melted the butter for a min, blended everything together for about 2 to 3 mins and bang it went into the mw and out it came, all in 5 mins, so gorgeous it was looking! I guess it would've worked well for 3-4 mins too. Digging on it, I felt a pang for the many years of lost pleasure!

Ingredients Needed:

All purpose Flour / Maida - 1 cup
Unsweetened Cocoa powder - 2 tsp
Condensed Milk - 200 gms (Half tin)
Butter - 1/2 cup
Baking powder - 1/4 tsp
Salt a pinch
Sugar - 2 tsp
Ripe Banana - 1 small one

Method to prepare:

Melt the butter in mw for 1 min. Mix in the condense milk, blend it to a smooth paste using a blender.

Mash the banana well and mix to the above butter & condensed mixture. Blend again to get a smooth paste.

In another bowl, shift the flour, cocoa, salt and baking powder. Then add to the butter mix and blend well.

the beauty in this is, you don't have to bother if the cake is going to be hard or soft or handle the batter with care after you have introduced the air in it. With this batter, you can be yourself! Whatever you do, it can't do wrong.

Grease a mw bowl and transfer the mix to it. Spread it well. I dusted it with flour, as I couldn't find a wax paper. I don't remember where those went off! Guess I have refill my pantry with those long forgotten things. Since I dusted, the top had that white coating over it, you can very well scrape it out.

Mw this mix for 5 mins. Let it rest in the mw for a minute, then remove to the wire rack for another 2 mins. Its all done!

Next time I will do it for 4 mins and try. It was very moist and yummy. It had that banana taste. And this taste great when its warm.

My daughter and her friend K, were playing at home when I had this ready. They simply loved it. But most amazing fact was, K found that I added banana in it. I asked hubby dear and Amma if they tasted banana, and they said no! I tell you, kids these days are way too smart!

My entry for my Microwave Easy Cooking event, themed on Cakes this month.I guess its going to be only chocolate cakes as I have only got chocolate cakes till now! But then I love chocolate, so keep them coming!

This is also my entry for the Food for Plastic Challenge III, hosted by Ben at What's Cooking?. Tupperware has named April "Children's Month" and will be donating part of their proceeds to Boys' and Girls' Clubs. Ben has great a great site going with awesome pictures, I simply can't miss out this great cause! Check out his site for more details.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mutton Soup ~ blended in Herbs and Spices!

Growing up I always felt soups to be fancy stuff! Infact, I still do now, but that's another topic. But there have been many times, when we have indulged in some soupy affairs. Amma, makes excellent Vegetarian soups. My favorite, pick me up one would always be her Carrot Soup. Thinking about soup, I was really amazed that Soups have never really featured much on my blog. The only soup that I have featured is my Sweet Corn Soup, my most favorite. 

Actually I don't take anything else, other than Sweet Corn Soup. I have always felt drinking soup kills my appetite, yeah you heard me right. Why would I want to drink soup when I would be eagerly waiting for my paneer starters and then my paneer kulcha or paneer butter masalas to come! But there have been occasions when we have indulged in lengthy dinners that these featured too. Now if we ever venture out for dinners, it's always one person to his own food! Which is not how I like, so we don't go out at all.

Recently when we thought it's high time, we take the kids out, we decided on a Chick King joint that's close to our place. We choose that because it had a kids corner. We landed there by 8.30 pm and it was so crowded with kids. Konda, of course knew this place and was all excited. So it was such a pleasant feeling seeing the twins enjoying it. They had the sliders, swings and many other things to keep the kids occupied. But the other kids were kind of older and very naughty. 

One girl was rude enough to push both these little ones aside, and Chinnu almost fell down, while Peddu was pushed. Next moment, we saw Peddu charging to that girl and he didn't rest till he was satisfied pulling her pigtail and hitting her. I had great difficult pulling him away from her. I know it's wrong, but I was trilled that Peddu knows to defend himself and can take care of his brother too. Konda, on the other hand, would always come running back crying and complaining to me. I was happy that I don't have to be the over protective motherhen afterall!

Coming back to this soupy thing, it was an interesting blend of spices and herbs. We make soups out of meat, generally for kids. During pregnancy, or recuperating, these meat soups are much sought out. I was taking lot of Carrot soups, Tomato or Mint soups during my pregnancy. And this was on request from hubby that I make for my kids. Though it was on spicy side they liked sipping on this.

Ingredients Needed:

Mutton Bones - 100 gms
Tomato - 1 medium
Onions - 1/2 of a small one
Chilli powder - 1/2 tsp
Coriander powder -1/2 tsp
Mint leaves - handful
Coriander leaves - handful
Cloves - 4
Cinnamon - 1"
Whole Peppercorns - 1/2 tsp
Salt to taste
Water - 2 glasses

Curry leaves few
Onions - 1/2 of a small one
Ghee/ Clarified butter - 1 tsp
Pepper powder - 1/2 tsp

Method to prepare:

Chop the onions, Tomatoes, mint and coriander to fine pieces. Keep half of the onions for seasoning.

Place all the ingredients, except the seasoning items, in a pressure cooker. Put it for 4-5 whistles.

Once the pressure is off, heat the ghee. Sauté the onions, curry leaves. Once the onions are pink, add the boiled Mutton bones along with the other ingredients. Sprinkle more pepper powder based on your spiciness.

Bring to boil and remove and serve. If you want to you can strain all the ingredients and serve just the clear soup. Since all these were pressure cooked with the meat, its juice and spices would have steeped to the liquid.

This soup is quite spicy, so adjust the chili powder, Clove and Peppercorns as per taste.

Else as such it makes very solid soup. Very filling for a early dinner or for a light one.

I am sending this to Meeta's Monthly Mingle, this months being Bollywood Cooking. I thought this would make a perfect Bollywood star! Infact I have a book that features many of the famous Stars and their own recipes and I wanted to cook something from that! But there is nothing like our own dish alluring to them right!

And since this lets out lovely taste of the clove, this also goes to, yes you guess it right, I am sending this to Gretchen, who is hosting this month's Think Spice themed on Cloves, an event started by our dear Sunita!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Chicken Fry with Pepper!

Things have become pretty slow all of a sudden! I guess I have become used to being so busy offlate on the blogging front, that suddenly things seem just too relaxing! Really I have enjoyed doing it, checking for entries, reading through each of them, labeling it. Well it was fun when it lasted. I have learnt more in this one year of blogging than my entire life time spent otherwise! My blog has brought forth so many wonderful people out there, and reading and seeing what they are doing, makes me feel that I haven't really done anything much. I enjoy the interactions I have had with many of my readers and fellow bloggers. Few bloggers have become close friends, with whom I chat over mails. But in general, I have enjoyed all the comments and suggestions that's poured my way!

While my general blogging has been great, Dosa Mela event has been overwhelming. In this short span of time, I have been able to feast myself with so many new blogs. All of them so interesting and valuable in their own way. Its been my privilege to go through each one. Now that its over, I feel I am left with nothing to do all of a sudden! How do you feel if I come up with something else shortly. Will it be welcomed? Let me know!

Coming to this post, this has been hibernating for a while now! Remember that Spicy Chicken gravy we did. Well I like frying the chicken with spices. And that day, we prepared it by adding ground Pepper powder over it and roasting it well. Hubby loves his chicken with pepper. It gives out a great taste and flavour. I have already done a Pepper Chicken, but this is different from that. I remember those Pepper vines so vividly from our visits to Kerala. Every house will have their Pepper vein in their backyard and it used to look so lovely. It feels so wonderful thinking back on those days.

Peppers are a wonderful spice to have in your food. I especially love that smell that comes out of freshly ground powder!

Black pepper (Piper nigrum) is a flowering vine in the family Piperaceae, cultivated for its fruit, which is usually dried and used as a spice and seasoning. There are so many varieties of this available. The most common atleast in our parts are the black and the white ones.

Black pepper is produced from the still-green unripe berries of the pepper plant. The berries are cooked briefly in hot water, both to clean them and to prepare them for drying. The heat ruptures cell walls in the fruit, speeding the work of browning enzymes during drying. The berries are dried in the sun or by machine for several days, during which the fruit around the seed shrinks and darkens into a thin, wrinkled black layer, the result of a fungal reaction. Once dried, the fruits are called black peppercorns.

White pepper consists of the seed only, with the fruit removed. This is usually accomplished by allowing fully ripe berries to soak in water for about a week, during which the flesh of the fruit softens and decomposes. Rubbing then removes what remains of the fruit, and the naked seed is dried. Alternative processes are used for removing the outer fruit from the seed, including removal of the outer layer from black pepper produced from unripe berries. - Source Wikipedia

I have mostly used the fresh ground Black pepper. This actually elevates the taste to a different level!

Ingredients Needed

Cooked chicken pieces - 150 gms (about 5 to 6 pieces)
Black Pepper powder - 2 tsp
Salt to taste

Method to prepare:

Follow this recipe till the pressure cooking stage. The chicken is fully cooked in all the spices, onion and tomatoes. Just remove the cooked pieces alone.

In a pan, heat oil. Then added the cooked pieces, add the salt and the pepper powder. Sauté well till its nicely browned. The fragrance that comes out after adding pepper is heavenly! Since the chicken is already cooked with the spices, it goes excellent with the pepper powder added over it.

Other recipes on my blog using lots of Pepper:

Andra Mutton Pepper Fry
Pepper Chicken
Cumin Pepper Rasam

This goes to Margot from Coffee and Vanilla, who is hosting this week's Weekend Herb Blogging, an event started by Kalyn.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Chocolate Brownies ~ Taste & Create!

Its been kind of two months since I knew about Taste & Create event, but every time I always messed up with the dates and never remembered on time. So I made it a point to remember this time and I was so excited thinking about doing this. Taste & Create is a wonderful event hosted by Myamii at For the Love of Food, where you get paired with other participant and you got to cook from their blog. I found this concept so very interesting. When I got a mail from Myamii on my partner, I was absolutely trilled. I was paired with Laurie of Heaven is Chocolate, Cheese and Carbs. I immediately scouted out to her blog and was flabbergasted. I was dismayed thinking what have I got myself into!

Laurie says she is inexperienced and has been only experimenting. God, nothing there seems like that. All those drool worthy dishes are something out of the world. And something those I can't, at my present state, even think of recreating. I almost thought to chicken out. But with a faint hope that she may have blogged on something that might be a bit easy, I went through her index many times, reading through all of them. Finally, much to my relief I found Anti-Valentines Day Brownies to be simplest one that I can do. And yes it came out yummy! I found Laurie's blog so interesting and I knew she is one after my heart! She says "I believe cheese, pasta and chocolate are the most important foods life has to offer" I think so too. But knowing this, I left wondering what she will find in mine to dish out! I haven't done much on these either!

I have been off baking for over 10 years now. There was a time during college, when I was baking a cake every other day! Hope sometime soon, I will find myself doing it again. But now I find it too hard to even think of assembling all to get the final one out! Imagine I thought of Cakes for my Microwave event! Anyway I was happy that I did this and was also able to bake another cake shortly.I guess I might even come out of this baking strike, now that the time is so less when baking in a microwave. This worked out so simple. I just did and out within 5 mins, my cake was ready. I am not joking ok. Seriously, it was ready in 5 mins. I loved breathing in that forgotten aroma sneaking from the oven. I was even more happy knowing Konda found it out too. I was thinking I will give her a surprise, but she knew I was baking. I love the fact that she pops in every other second and ask for the status. So I was disappointed that this time, she found it herself!

This was a simple one, still I halved the proportions and happy that it worked out fine.

Deep Dish Brownies

Butter, melted - 1/2 cup
Sugar - 1 cup
Egg - 1
All-purpose flour - 1/2 cup
Unsweetened cocoa - 2 tsp
Baking powder - a pinch
Salt a pinch

In large bowl, whisk together melted butter, sugar and 2 teaspoons vanilla. I couldn't find my vanilla essence, so didn't add it. Whisk in egg and blend well

In another bowl, stir together flour, cocoa, baking powder and salt. Gradually stir flour mixture into egg mixture until well-combined. Transfer to the baking bowl. Luckily I had a small mw bowl, which worked out perfectly well.

Microwave for 5 mins. Of course, after 3 mins, check with a knife or toothpick inserted in center to see if it. It was all done in 5 mins. The knife inserted should come out clean though some crumbs be attached to it. Some times, brownies may sink in center too. Let it rest for a min, then invert over the wire rack and cool completely!

Thank you Laurie for this delicious brownie, this has kicked started me on something.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Celebrations of Dosas ~ Dosa Mela Part three!

Finally here I am with the most awaited round of this Mela. Dosas from the quick and hassle-less batters. After working non-stop on the entries, I know all of them by heart. Well, at least most!

The entries have since gone up and its now 177 entries with 172 dosas varieties. Lets proceed to check them out!


Adorable Adais

Coming first to us is the multi facet Adais! Adais are simple, yet so very tasty. All you need to get these ready - are just a couple of dals and voila you have a complete meal on your table! You need not worry if it’s fermented properly, 'cos this need not be and what’s more exciting that that!

Lets see what each one looks like!

Here comes a lady with who is dreading this mela roundup! Do you want to know why?'cos she might want to try them all!. Arr yaar, that’s point right??..Ok, a joke apart, Arundati has come a long way! Now her dear hubby thinks she can make dosa out of water!. gosh, hope she goes through the entire list and makes a dosa and not just water for him!

I don’t need to introduce Asha right, she can be rightly crowned the Dosa Queen, she has blogged on about 20 dosas and still plans to do more. I was so happy that she had few left to post for this mela. And you believe, she had a Mela right there at her place! Phew, I actually thought of bringing all those, but I better leave you all to check out yourself! Her beautiful Adai makes for an easy and very nutritious breakfast!

Foodie, is a real foodie! She gave me with a pinch of love four entries in one shot! Wow, actually make it more than a pinch. It was so much entertaining going through her blog and have already bookmarked quite a few. This Adai, she makes is with instant adai powder. Not that, you can also get a recipe for making the instant Adai mix yourself!.

Jennifer Kumar comes in with her version of protein packed dish that can be good for any meal. I was in awe when I went through her site. She not just cooks well with focus on Vegetarianism, but has an active site on India, Hinduism, and spirituality! wow. I shouldn't be partial, but her living in Chennai had me all proud! Thanks Jennifer for letting me discover your wonderful site!

Check out Mrs. Kannan's Spicy Adai. She has done a great job of putting up in steps and must've surely tasted great!

Toor dal is very dear to us. We use it in many forms in our daily cooking. So imagine Mythreyee sending me an Adai with it! It ought to be great!

Priya does a come back show with her tempting Adai. she is one creative gal and her new getup is rocking! Well she says she is scared of making the regular batter. What a reason to enjoy these lovely Adais at her place!

What can I say about mine very own. Except the fact that I simply love it! This is why it’s so very sad that both Dad and hubby dear don’t like it. Shhhh..you know what we do??..When Dad or Hubby is not around, this is what we feast ourselves with!

Beseeching Besan

Medhaa showcases the sindhi cuisine. I had a Sindhi friend, whose lunch boxes I had enjoyed so much. Now I know where to go if I want to make some sindhi food. She brings in Chilro, which is made with Besan and vegetables. What a way to enjoy Dosa!

Pooja comes with a classic Gujarati dish called Ghaaroda. It’s simple yet to an amazing way to use up left out cooked rice. What an innovative dosa!...Thanks Pooja for sharing this with us!

Sunshinemom is one rocking mom. Not only she dishes out exciting stuff for her kid and hubby, she has a trick or two up her sleeve! Imagine grinding channa dal at home and making bajjis with it! But that’s true I tell you, cos that’s what she does and say we might never want to get a store one again!


Gratifying Greens

Divya says it’s safe to assume that when one loves dosas and one has creativity, one can come with at 100 or maybe 50. You are wrong Divya, we have more dosa lovers than we thought. Well, she comes with dosa filled in with the goodness of Drumstick leaves. Growing up, I have always been told eat Muringa ila, it’s good for health!

Mansi makes sure she comes out with something exciting always! This time round she comes out with gluten-free Dosa using Gram flour! Not just that I tell you, with added goodness of Spinach too!

Who will ever say no to Paneer! And if it comes packed with Palak, its double damakka! And just look at plate! Trupti is one creative lady!

Well when you see so many coming along with Spinach, how I can ignore it. I added these to the batter, and with Spicy podi, it was just too good


Flooring with Mixed Flour

Anjali wants a quick dosa and only option left is to mix up all flours and make a quick one. Mind you, this delicious dosa is ready in just 10 mins!

Jayashree turns to a vegetable one, which will balance the needs and the quick requirements. This lady is quick in all her dishes. Doesn't believe in toiling long in kitchen, when you can get the same done quickly. I have few things to learn from when I meet her!

Miri said she came panting and puffing to join us for the mela. Well I looked on her and she looked pretty gorgeous. So maybe she said emphatically, though her creation was worth the while! She comes with a kid pleaser, the Sandwiches!

Now, Nanditha's post was awesome! I went back reading her post not once but thrice! The story she regales on the magic spice, is something one can't miss! And the story of the overcooked vermicelli taking the form of pancake is just too innovative!

Rinku confesses a universal truth! Dosas are great salvation food! So true and she finds it so convenient to get the vegetables into her kids food. But this dish comes out of need and it was not having enough flour on hand. No worries, we still ended up having a lovely one.

The doc has to come with some magic dish to cure the needs right. And truly Nandita comes in with multigrain pancake that’s made with yeast! This is a great way to avoid eggs!

Smita serves you right! yea I tell you, not only does her dish look tempting but she keeps us hooked with her tales! I rush through two or three times expecting to read what comes next! Read through her account of undeniable dosa craving!

Uma comes with a quick solution for the quick dosa and that’s with all flours. Isn't nice that we can get these quick ones without the hassles of preparations! She showcases authentic Andhra dishes, which sure can't be missed!

Honey & Butter comes with her version of mixed flour dosa. Well these tell me that I got to store lot of flours, if I ever want a quick fix!

Lathamma's Tricolour Pancakes are so colourful!. She came across this during one of her experiments and wow am I glad that she did!

And mine is very simple one! Though I loved the carrot in it!


Pacifying Pesarattus

This mela has brought in lot of things, most prominent is the awareness of wonderful people around you!. Arundathi sent in her Pesarat and I had a recovery of her wonderful blog! Her picture was just tooo good.

Divya was let into this wonderful dosa while she was talking to her friend. She was so happy 'cos this doesn't need all that preparations one otherwise need to make the traditional dosas.

Check out EC's Green gram dal dosa. I can always trust EC to make me happy with loads of entries. Thank you very much EC.

Mythreyee comes with a nutritious dosa, that’s definitely not filling like other Adai varieties, she says. And that looks so yummy too

Priya sends in another sprouted moong dal dosa...and wow with that garlic I simply love it. I know I have said this many times, but I do love my garlic! Thanks for sending along Priya!

Here comes another story teller. She knows how to captivate you with her stories and beautiful pictures. And all done, she coaly asks if her narration was a tad bit long. Well I don’t find anybody complaining Sia. And these chillias brings back those lovely memories of her hostel days! Reading that made me so J***, I never had a hostel experience you know!

Now that her first experiment was successful, our dear Siri needn't prove anymore! She turns to Moong and says she doesn’t like Pesarattu, isn't that strange, coming from a true andhrite? Well that happens, that doesn't make her any less fond of Moong, for she makes Appachi with the pesulu!

From Telugu ruchi comes another pesarattu. And this time Uma spices it up with lots of chillies! What more do you want on a pesarattu!


Votes for Oats

Lets move on to how oats are added on to make a more healthy and delicious dosas.

Foody Guru comes with her fond memories of her grandma's Oats dosa. And what a lovely name Babu Ma!

This had me rippling down. Ms thought I might have a way with rotten eggs on her, oh why when she came with the unique entry. One with Oats, paneer and Eggs! Gosh that’s one protein filled dosa. And next time you want to frequent gym, better gear up yourself with this!

Red Chillies in her busy schedule finds making dosas with the flour a much better task than remembering to soak the rice! I am sure many of us find ourselves in this!

Sashree comes with another moong dal dosa with added goodness of Oats. Check out her yummy looking picture here!

Sowmya comes out with a dosa of all flours along with oats. This makes it one perfect healthy dosa!


Pandora's Pancakes

I was so trilled finally getting happy cook's entry. For one, she was telling me that she will surely send in and then later found it very difficult to convince her daughter to ask for a pancake! I tell you, our folks sure know when to play high. Finally she had to make the pancakes and her folks were left wondering if it’s for them or for the mela!!..well whatever thank you HC and your daughter too!

Now Kay brings in her beautiful Oats pancake! My they look so tempting. And she says these were her first meal request. Believe that! Yeah I can understand so well. I remember those many Mickey cartoons that I have read growing up!

From Lisa comes this beautiful plate filled with pancakes topped by those delicate beans. Wow, though I have never tried beans with Dosa, that plate sure looks tempting enough.


Refreshing Ragi

I thought she had sent me some. But when I checked in, there was nothing from her! Well how can I have a mela without my buddy's out of the world pictures! Well I can only thank Suganya for taking pains to send me some though she was feeling under the weather! Check out her stunning pictures!

I know Ragi is good for health and if you gonna add some bitter gourd into it, what else do you expect. One healthy packed pancake! Thanks Trupti for your innovative idea, I know we have many events running around!..:)

Ok, here comes Lathamma with her version of Ragi dosa. No one can say no to these right!


Ravishing Rave Dosas

I must've already confessed my passion to Rava dosas, and I was successful in my attempt in recreating a perfect ones. Still I was left wanting for more after seeing these entries.

Asha perfects the restaurant style Rave Dosa after much trial. She says, her rave dosa is just like the restaurant one, that they need never go there to order that! Be sure to check out her own Dosa mela she has put up together

Bhagyashri from Taste Buds comes with instant Rava Dosa. She resorts to this for a relaxed weekend cooking. And I must say she has some lovely paneer dishes too, once my mind is free of dosas, I will be scouring through hers for my favorite paneer dishes! And do wish her success too, this is her 10th post. We all know how it would be....

I still remember my first time at her place, she had a tempting tomato chutney. And when I checked out, everything seems more exciting than the other. So how can we say no to Mythreyee's Onion rava dosa

Neha is the new kid round the block. But she does put up exciting stuff apart from daily updates on general things. Thank you Neha, I am happy that you finished your first month, I can still remember mine!

Ok, what can I say about Sailu! Her pictures and her list are enough to talk on their own. But she still made a difference in this by showing us a step by step process for getting a perfect crispy Rava Dosa!

We again have another expert amongst us. I have read so many raving reviews of Lathamma's rava Dosa and was so happy to include for the mela. Thank you Lathamma!

Next we have Zlamushka coming with her version of Rave dosa. Her success with moong dal leads her to try rava and was happy with the resultant!

And I have my humble version to share.

Getting ground with Rice

Arundathi shares her experience making these Neer dosas. Thinking it might be easy task, they were in for a surprise. But as all things end happy in the end, they got themselves perfect looking Neer Dosas! Shhh...when I meet her, I got to check out her camera!..:)

From Diamond & Pearl comes a Rice Crepe. She says she has always tried out her grandma's recipes and is sure a hit. Well thank you for sharing it with us!

We have the dosa lover here. She sure is very innovative. For what else you call this. Out of Cabbage ambado, she makes a dosa. She says her mil makes the best of these. Well Divya, Mils are rocking ladies! You just need to know which side is buttered!..:)

Another variety from Divya is the Pan pole, these seems too simple to make.

For Ranjeetha, Cabbage dosa is the favorite. Well I haven’t seen many cabbage loves, so this comes in surprise to see a lover of this.

Simple dosas like these got Honey & Butter cooking up these often. No fermentation and no hassle.

While you are at these, don't fail to check out Prajusha's Potato Carrot Dosa


Tempting Tomato Dosas

Jayashree comes along with her Tomatoes dosa and it sure looks yummy!

As I always say, mommies are the best. Laavanya's mom too makes these so well. These makes these much to the delight of her lil one!

Last I have mine! Well what can I say, I simply love these!


Whimsical Wheat Dosas!

Cham has her innovative ideas coming to rescue and she changes Korean pancake into Indian! Now that’s patriotism!. I guess with all those veggies and wheat it must've tasted great.

Divya is another dosa lover. She keeps trying new varieties very frequently. No batter on hand, don't worry we have the life saver, she says. Yes she called Wheat flour dosa as that...And she prefers no chutney for this, cos she likes it sugar!. Hope her folks don’t' get to read this!

Peas uttappam though normally made with regular batter, EC tries to make it with Wheat! And it turned out well...well that’s a good change, I must say!

Foodie turns to this for a quick and easy dish and a dosa is a really soft, melt-in-the-mouth variety..

Sandeepa dishes out one delightful read her funny anecdotes and humorous jests. Hop on there to have a good laugh. She says she lacks what requires for a perfect regular dosas, though she can't deny her passion for these. She turns to wheat nevertheless to enjoy herself!

I remember goduma dosas to be part of mine since childhood. Chap Dosa name got its name from my colleague of mine who used to resorts to these for a quick dinner!


The exciting Others!

From Anjali comes the Mishra Dal Dosa, yeah you read right. She says these keep you warm till afternoon and you are set for a heavy work. And not just these, you got to check out her Eureka Chutney, yep that’s name she has given!

OK, Arundathi said she has one final one to send along. I said she can send as many as she can. So she sent this Akki rotti. of course this is not a rotti. Instead of patting them down, she poured. That makes these dosas right!

Innovativeness comes in different shade. What else will call this other than that. Deepti has a bread dosa! She shares with us her ma's special one!. Thank you Deepti

Divya mixes all dals to make an excellent protein rich dosas. Check out her exciting ones!

Update, I guess my eyes have failed. Just as I thought this is Fatafat Masala Dosa from Foodie!. Kudos to you Foodie, you are really a life saver! Imagine having a Masala Dosa fatafat! Thanks for letting me know. I checked and yes you are right!

Jayasree brings in a rare variety that’s soon disappearing. It’s called the koozhu kaachina dosa. Well that’s indeed too good. Thanks

Kamala shares a quick one and that’s made with Maida. I was so happy seeing this cos I missed making these. Her blog is one excellent resource for authentic south dishes! so go and check out!

Meera's Chora daal na Pooda had me singing for a long time. When I read through I came to know it’s made from Chora daal. wow this is the first time I am hearing this!

Vijaya makes a Dosa with difference that’s with Sooji and Urad Dal, It must've been good. as she said it was crispy and great!

And from my kitchen comes Corn flour, Sada pindi dosa and Potato Dosas. Athamma brought corn flour and this is the best way we thought we could use it. But I tell you, it was so good.

Potato dosas works out best in a hurry!


Sweetening Sweet Dosas!

Finally we have sweet dosas to finish this off!

Dee attempts to Kelapura. She says it’s a Banana coconut pancakes from Tamilnadu. Well this is the first time I am hearing about it. And reading through the recipe and of course her reaction, I know it must've been simply great!

From Foodie comes another, this time it’s a sweet one. well that’s one dish that can cover for many occasions!

Thinking of Vella Dosa, Jayasree takes us down her memory lane. Well how wonderful it is those days right!

Nangil Girl is addicted to sweet. So what else will she bring but a sweet one for the party. Well that’s so sweet of you!

Suganya tries out Sweet Ragi Dosa and remembers her mother giving them these. Cooking up dishes that we had a child is so nostalgic. We wish we go back to those days! Well at least we have those dishes to make us happy!

Finally from the Honey& Butter comes a sweet Dosa, this time it’s with Jaggary. What a wonderful way to eat jaggary!

Phew! I am done!..I have checked and cross checked some 10 times and I think I have filed all the entries that have come my way. I apology I have missed any, do let me know I will rectify immediately

I would like to thank all for having taken time to send me the entries and have made this mela a grand one. My heartfelt thanks! And all those multiple entries, yes I have many Dosa loving friends! Its been a great pleasure knowing so many wonderful blogs out there!

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Celebrations of Dosas ~ Dosa Mela Part two!

I checked on and the batter rose up pretty good. So you can see I am back with all the fermented dosa dishes! And my, each one is such a delight for eyes!

After working on the entries, I knew everybody loves Dosas. What else can I say after seeing the enthusiasm shown by all. Lets move on to check out each of them! I wanted to post the pictures the usual way, but I knew this will end up being one long post.

Well, let me begin this Dosas with fermented Batter session, with my dear friends humorous account on trying to make the authentic Injera at home!

Injera, they say, is a famous African crepe made with teff, an ancient grain grown in the Ethiopian highlands. This is the first time I am hearing of this dish. The Jungalbandits sure know ways to captivate you, with awesome pictures and elevating informations. I always come back learning something new at their place.

And you know something, after hearing their sad story of not able to get batter ferment in their house, I planned on having a post with only No Ferment dosas, and they came to the party with a fermented dosa and that too with Wheat!..this is the only Wheat dosa that's fermented...Kudos guys for your excellent looking Injera!

Sada Dosas or Plain Dosas as you get. Well these can be ghee roast or Paper Crisp or however you want!

Check out Lavi's interesting tips on making perfect paper roasts! Can you believe but you got to be in a good mood if you got to get perfect ones!..that sure had me rofl!

Mythreyee was using Idli batter to make Dosas, until a dear friend shared the dosa recipe with her. And she is kind enough to share with us.

Roopa shares her adventure in trying to get a blender that can do wonders, in other sense get her perfect batter. I was so happy that she has finally got the perfect gadget to give her delicious looking dosas!

Shyamala knows how to hook you to her writing and she had me on, while she was regaling her adventurous deal with Muthu Samba Rice. Its a bag of Muthu Samba Rice that she got from Srilanka, and unfortunately they gave out a most unaccountable smell while cooking. She was happy that she didn't have to waste the bag, by making these soft looking dosas!

Come on everybody, lets congratulate Siri on her very first fermented dosa! I was so pleased when she said, for the Mela she is going to learn to make the regular batter at home and send the entries. How lovely they look!

Ok, I don't claim much credit on my success stories with dosa batter, the climate is good, the recipes are Amma's, so its bound to get good results! Amma's paper roast is simply superb, and plain dosas for anyday!. And while you are at it, check out my Kal dosas! These are our family favorites.

Sunshinemom makes plain dosa unless she is prodded by her kid or hubby for masala dosa. Well I guess we all should start with the basics.

Honey & Butter comes with the basics, and yes they look too soft too!

Vrinda talks about the lovely way her mother used to serve them with ghee and sugar!..yes I remember eating this way as a kid and it used to be yummy

Now comes the yummy Masala Dosas! Masala Dosas usually refer to the Potato filling that's tucked into a dosa. So lets see how each one has done their version.

Check out our no fuss, always quick lady who, well did the unbelievable. She has made the Masala dosa. I infact checked her post couple of times, to confirm if this was with the regular batter or not!.Thanks Jayashree.

Mythreyee's Masal Dosa is one yummy looking one. Why not, she is from Salem, where you get the most delicious Masal dosas down South India. Read on her nostalgic account of her experience in her hometown.

Sagari makes a lovely cone with paper Roast. And also talks about her delicious Masala Dosa. Those perfect cones are usually available at hotels, well we can land at her place too!

Seeing the Dosa Mela Announcement, usha knew the perfect one to share with us. Her very new delicious recipe from her neighbour!

The next masala dosa comes from none other than our expert, Lathamma! Well I loved taking these myself I must say. It isn't everyday I go scouting to fish out entries myself. But I loved the fun!

And last but not the least from yours truly. I especially love this as I made this at my Mom's place.


Who says Masala Dosa has to have only Potato filling? Maybe somebody did, but who cares, check out these lovely varieties without Potatoes that's joined us for the party. Each and everyone entry is one tempting fare!

Now who would've thought mushroom while thinking about Dosa? Well Dhivya does and does this frequently too. She says this is her all time favorite combinations!

EC explores her way out by trying out with Lady's finger Masala. She says they normally have this sabzi for rotis, and thought why shouldn't this be good on Dosa. She was right as it went very well.

Now Peas Masala is something of my favorite, though I never imagined it as a filling for Dosa! What an innovative one EC, thanks!

We have Lavi reminiscent about her colleges days spent eating this delicious Gobi Dosa at her favorite restaurant. Lavi, it sure does look yummy!

Maybelle's Mom is busy! Now what can a busy mom rant on, other than not finding enough time to spend with the little ones or cook for them. Mommy dear, I know your situation so well. In spite of all these, she comes out with a lovely looking faux Vietnamese crepes! Well hop on to her place to get charmed by the little Belle!

How well I understand a food blogger's life. With just 24 hrs a day, its not enough to send in for all the events! So I admire Nags, who always manages to send in for all the events, though she never does for my dear MEC...:) For a young girl her age, she cooks up so much!

What else can we expect from Nupur, other than a beautiful plate full of Mysore Masala Dosa! she says she writes kahaniyan, oh yes, but what a delightful posts they are to read. Thank you Nupur for sending along this beauty!

Raaga says she has very busy, yet she remembered on time make me, yet another Mysore Masala Dosa! She says this is very simple, though not simple to stop eating. Now who wants to stop eating dosa, you tell me??

For Renuka, have a never ending batter at home is a bliss! yet one late evening, this is what she could come up with for her hubby. But it was so yummy that it has become regular. I guess this is what makes a hit and run a success story!

Sunshinemom is another dosa freak, pardon my word. But her entries left me speechless. What else can you say, when you are faced with a Dosa with a what! a Chinese filling! Now this is what I call a fusion in cooking, but I rather call this a masala dosa, what say!

Well, if she did Chinese dosa to please her daughter, her Mint Masala is to please her hubby! Now I know how innovative each one has to be, in order to please our folks! Sunshinemom, I really appreciate your creativity and for sending them all to me!

Well, my freakiness was more predominant when I tried out Paneer Butter Masala on dosa, it actually was good, believe me.

And I save the grace by presenting to you, the Babycorn Masala Dosa, it was one yummy stuffed dosa, I tell ya.


Now comes the fusion in Dosas!

Check out pizzas out at Anjali's place. Well not pizzas exactly, but Dosa Pizzas. I love dosa and I love Pizza. Now don't ask me what I don't like. So this is a sure tempting one!

EC loves Cheese and loves Dosas. so wondered why she never tried this together until she saw this.

Renuka brings in a kid teaser. Hope I don't have Konda seeing this, else she might want me to do make this for her. The picture looks so tempting with the twists and curls. But Renuka makes it one easy breeezy process!

Next two comes out of sheer need to try out something interesting to get Konda eat. With my addition to cheese and Paneer, this is bound to happen. And yes, I am only too happy that Konda liked it both!


What can I say, egg seems to be everybody's favorite. And what better way to enjoy them than having it on the dosa!

Check out how Divya's favorite way of eating eggs with dosa. She makes it even rich by adding cheese on it.

Next comes our Indo, well she being the SunGod, has a joyful breakfast with Sunny Side Up! She makes it very healthy by paring this with a bowl of fruits. Well she didn't add them to the dosa ok. She served them along that!

Kamala says her mom ensured they had energy to sustain till the lunch hour by giving them energy filed breakfast of Egg Dosas!

And of course, I have no excuse but except that I needed another variety for the Mela. The fact that hubby likes this, is a bonus you know!


Here comes the goodness of Greens with Dosa. Well a healthy reason to eat more dosas, I would say.

EC makes a simple dosa filling with Coriander leaves. What a cool way to eat all the coriander, I must say!

From all the way from Australia comes this dosa hot hot! This is Johanna's Darling darling dosa! I felt so touchy reading through her post. What a great tribute to Dosa, than being cooked by Johanna. Thank you for trying and enjoying Dosas!

Nirmala is so sweet that she wanted to bring in a rare variety of Dosas for the mela. I am so glad that she was able to lay her hands on the bunch. Hop on to her place to know more richness about this greeny leaves!

Inspired by Nirmala. Lavi comes out with another dosa of the same type!

The only green I adore is palak, so when it comes coupled with Paneer, what can I say about it. Just Yum! Ramya sure knows how to entice me!


Now Ladies and gentlemen, if any is reading this too. lets get to the hot stuff. Yes I am talking about the spicy stuff on the Dosas.

Mythreyee makes the best use of Milagai podi that she got as her surprise in Arusuvai chain. And not just that! She makes cute little ones, which I am sure got disappeared the moment they appeared

Rachel resorts to her favorite food when she is lazy to prepare a meal. And yes she spices it up to give a whole different feel to the dosas!

My dear Sra has the best recipe for dosa batter. Now don't ask her, just get the address of the store from where she got the batter. She had me in a fix, making me guess what she is going to send. And I must say she enjoyed it royally! Cos how in the world do you think I might guess pickled one!

My hubby is known for his fixation on anything and everything spicy. What else can you expect Athamma to come up with than these spicy pastes and podis! They make one yummy treats on Dosas!

Lets move on to the next form of dosas, the Uttappams! Whatever you do, they tend to come out delicious. You can never go wrong with one. Check out how each one delights with Uttappams

Arundati says Uttappams are what she turns to, when she has batter that is old. Add some veggies to it and you have a breakfast that's ready in less time than you can brush your teeth...I am quoting her mind you...cos I was rofl when I read that comment! She says planning ahead makes life less miserable. And towards that she turns to her abiding friend - the Wet grinder. Now who says pet animal is the man's best friend? Heed Arundati and buy yourself a wet grinder!

Lavi wants to have balanced food for breakfast. And she makes it perfect by adding oats to the batter!.

Nirmala shares with us her wonderful experience in making the perfect Uttappams much to her father's delight. What's more delightful than pleasing our parents! Way to go Nirmala!

Rupa brings on an onion uttappam as way to finish off the left over batter. This sure a way to complete the batter.

And from me another Onion Uttappam, well this is no different from the usual, though we love these small, well cooked dosas!
We have seen vegetables topped over Dosas, how about adding the vegetables to the batter and cooking it?

Hima says blog events gets her going on thinking what different to cook. I agree with you on that Hima. So for the Mela, she wanted to bring in something different. And it is different no doubt. Check out how well she blends the veggies into the batter and comes up with a exciting Vegetable Set Dosa!

Maya finds this perfect solution for their needs. She had no mood to steam and wanted some veggies to go in for her son. So what better one than adding veggies to the batter and making delicious Dosas!

Rupa grinds onions along with the batter and also she makes a crispy masala dosa with it!. In the process, she has be very confused! Now what shall call this???..:)

And from me, the spiced dosas to spicy up our mornings! This is one delightful way of adding the onions and other spices into the batter and having a ball!
Though I have seen few other recipes using coconut, I have ended up only classifying these three as coconut based ones!

My dear friend Bharathy wanted to send me something very special for the Mela. And special it is indeed. I haven't come across a recipe that calls for tender coconut flesh. check out her awesome pictures of the dosas and the sides dishes she has come up with!

Remya's advise on not skipping breakfast comes out so well. Cos she has a lovely palappam to share. This is one sure healthy dish for breakfast!

Appams have always fascinated me. Only off late, these have become a common Sunday breakfast at home. As this recipe calls for fermented coconut water, imagine my hubby's state. Poor hubby has to ensure, he breaks the coconut properly during the pooja. Our demand became so worse, that one day, instead of chanting the mantras, he found himself praying that the coconut should yield good amount of water!
We now come to the last set of recipes that I am going to call other Varieties! Well simply because I am not imaginative enough to come up with names for them.

Divya, being a self confessed dosa freak, tries out this and found it to be very interesting. Well Divya, I love the fact that you are a dosa lover!

EC comes out with lovely looking set dosas. These are called set dosas, because they are served as two!

Jayasree makes a unique dosa, one with Horse gram! Horse gram is known for its medical benefits, so what better way to eating them than as dosa!

Now we have a lone non-veg appearing in this Mela. And the credit goes to kamala. She comes in with a Mutton Dosa! She talks about the famous temple town of Tamil Nadu, where this dish is a most sought one in the joint!

Lakshmi says barley gives her an option to be very creative. And with the increased awareness about healthy eating, what more can you ask than a barley dosa which is a 'high fiber grain.Her family loves barley and that brings joy to her cooking. Not just that, she tops the dosa with vegetables and cheese to suit her little one's taste. How sweet! I got to try this for my little one!

Saswati shares with us her experience in making dosas at her place. The once a difficult taks, has now become quite an easy one. And would you believe she didn't make the regular dosas for about 2 months, cos she forgot to soak the lentils...I guess here comes the reason for instant dosas! Yet her dosa requires fermenting!

Swapna comes with another Protein filled dosa, one with mixed dals in it. Now what's more healthy than this. Thank you Swapna.

I am closing this with two of my entries. Soft dosa and Mini dosas. Soft dosas came so soft because of the poha. And Mini dosa is a sure way to get your kid eat.
Take your time reading through these, will be back with the quick ones that can be ready with a jiffy! Though I might take some time, I guess

Thank you everybody for sending in your entries, I have enriched my knowledge and my passion for Dosa has increased more!

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