The Mega Rice Mela Round up ~ Part 2!

The second part of the Rice mela comes with an array of Mixed Rices that are so very helpful in fixing a quick meal! Not just that, rice with just one fresh ingredient. I don't want to keep you from the entries!

In a city where vegetarian food was not easily available, Ambika gets to try this garlic rice. Back home many months later, a chance tasting of a leftover chutney, reminds her of that wonderful Garlic rice she had. After many trial and tries, she lands with the perfect delicious version of this yummy Garlic Rice, which I am sure you will love, if you like Garlic!

Anu Sriram sends in three wonderful bowls of rice dishes. Hailing from the south, a cup of rice is a must on her table and every meal becomes a happy affair for her, only when rice is on display. So dishing a rice variety with Zucchini makes it more exciting. While you are at it, do check out Bengali Royal rice and spicy Chilli-Tangerine rice!

Anuradha loves Rice to no end. She says she would be ready to eat this anytime anywhere, well I am sure she has a huge collection of recipes for her love of rice. And this beautiful colourful, yet simple to make Veg Rice, is something she does to get her hubby appreciate the rice too! I am sure he does!

When I ended up cooking masale bhath for RCI Maharashtra, I knew how colorful their dish was. We really enjoyed our meal. And looking at the entry from Chakali, I knew mine was not so close to this delicious treat!

Pomegranate Rice, is another innovative dish from Deepika. She saw this on the tele sometime and having couple of them around, she decides to make this healthy rice! The rice looks like its hiding rubies within its nest!

Dhanya brings in two commonly loved ones, yet adding her own personal touch to them. Getting bored with the same old Jeera Rice, Dhanya tries to twist it by adding flavours like mint and coriander, which I am sure will give you a boost! Next one is the tangy Lemon Rice, which I am sure tastes as great as we know!. While you are at her place, be sure to check out her awesome cakes creations!

EC comes out with a Whole Moong Rice, which is tasty and quick to prepare. She says this is the best choice, when you have called in for a party!

From Hema, comes a very inviting cup of rice, made with curried peanuts. Her hubby dear likes are mixed rice varieties and she finally gets down to get the recipe from her mom. This sounds very interesting and makes a great lunch box recipe too!

For JZ, lemon Rice is a treat as she was making it for the first time. Having never attempted at this dish before when she finally gets down making it, she is trilled at the wonderful taste and flavours that comes from this dish!

This colourful Beetroot Rice, comes from Keerthana, who adds garam masala and a little bit of Rasam powder to spice up this delicious looking rice. I am sure with such spices, its sure to spice your taste!

Lisa loves eating rice with just butter and salt when she is hurried. But she never gets tired of finding an interesting accompaniment for rice. Getting her hands on a new cookbook, prompts her to find more exciting ways to enjoy rice. This sure is as exciting as it can get, when the rice gets flavored with lime and other spices!


Spicy Bell Peppers joins Tangy Tomatoes to make this lovely simple rice for Mansi. She says this makes up for quick and easy weekday dinner, yet grace party table for its taste and simplicity. Now what else can one ask for!

Aloo Gobi ki Tehari comes from the lovely Medhaa of the Cook with Love! This she says she got to know from her friend and its a dish from UP, though not very authentic. But hey, who cares about it when the dish looks as delicious as in the picture!

Pavani makes this healthy looking Carrot Rice. Now who can say no for a rice flavored with carrot, blended with spices, a rice that makes a perfect lunch box recipe.

Dear Foodies, Priya writes good stories with great pictures. Recently she lost and found a family recipe, which was worth all the drooling I had over the screen. And this Stir fried veggies with brown rice, is no less. It sure makes up for a quick fix when you are in a hurry or use up the little bits of veggies lying around!

For Raji, making this Vangi bath gives great pleasure as she simply loves brinjals! She fondly remembers the yummy Vangi Bath she used to get from her college mess, and tries to recreate the wonder at home. I am sure she enjoyed revisiting the taste!

Next version of Vangi bath comes from Sarada. Looking at the beautiful bowl of Vangi Bhath, I can only imagine how delicious it must have been. This for sure tempt even those who don't like brinjal!

From the acclaimed blogger Shilpa of the Aayisrecipes, comes this interesting Methi Val Rice. I was hoping I would get to showcase an authentic dish from her Aayi herself. But guess I have to be content with this quick and easy lunch box recipe from Shilpa.

Smitha from her traditional kitchen, brings us the flavour of mango as in a chitranam. I know how yummy it is and its even more nostalgic reading her wonderful post about her childhood, enjoying the mango delicacies that her folks used to make for them as kids!

Supriya finds this Zucchini Rice and gets on to prepare it as she finds the combination exciting. Its a simple yet tasty way to get this veggie into your food!

The way Uma is attached to apples, I almost thought she might create an innovation by preparing Apple rice, but she struck to corns because she is friends with it!. And she can happily have just corns for a meal. But then this being a rice mela, she ought to add rice right, so we get to see her beautiful corn masala rice!

Usha finds this combination of cabbage in rice very intriguing and gets on the job of making a mexican rice. Only to realize that she will be forced to look out for cabbage more often from now. Now who can say no to something that looks and tastes so well as she says, right!

Veda comes with an fantastic mix of Urad Dal in rice. Its something I never knew and its a pleasure knowing that its a family recipe, passed on through generations. This unusual combination of this dal with rice, flavored with spices, makes it really so delicious.

This colorful Carrot Rice is from Vidhya Arvind. She says its very simple to make, I am sure with all those spices that's gone in, will for sure taste great. This is one sure way to get the carrots to the kids!

Finally from me, the Gongura Fried Rice, where the gongura leaves were sauteed in spices and mixed in rice to make a great dish!

Next we have the delicious coconut getting cooked in many ways across the globe!

First on the display, we have Jayasree remembering about mixed rice preparations nit being so common when she was young. Those were the days, they used to look forward to the special occasions when these were prepared. And Thengai sadam tops her list of favorite rice varieties. Its good to see that she doesn't wait for special days to treat her folks with such yummy dishes!

If Coconut rice can only look so glamorous as JZ's picture. I know many would love to mince the whole bowl in one shot! She says this is the first time she was preparing it and it was completely enjoyed by her folks, I wonder why she even had a doubt!

Sangeetha prepares a Coconut rice that has the flavours of the fresh coconut garnished with the good ness of cashew. I know this is a comfort food anytime of the day. Do check on her Vegetable biryani which she calls as lite because it has less of spice and good on stomach!

Next we have Shifa remembers fondly about her grandma who makes the best coconut rice. However much she tries, she wasn't able to recreate the magic taste. Well afterall its the touch that matters right, still I am sure it taste great!

Sushma Madhuchandra says she loves to make this coconut pulav because of the readily available coconut milk. I know at times, you do want some easy way to handle tough things. Coconut pulav is always a hit, so no wonder her hubby and son loves this!

Growing up, Ujwal used to have these delicious Coconut Rice or Nucchi as she calls, for breakfast. Well it must be the proverb right, eat breakfast like a king!

Finally Vaishali shares her version of making the traditional Thagai Sadam, the Tamil way. Well I have always had a soft corner for it and her picture does no good to my craving. How I wish that bowl was with me right now!

If you are a lover of pineapple, then these are surely going to impress. Not to mention the tangy lovers, the Tamarind Rice gets on spot!

The chance of getting awed had JZ trying her hand at a new dish, that had fresh pineapples and peas. Of course, she omitted the chicken and shrimp. So what, this looks tempting as such for us vegetarians right!

Then have Lakshmi Venkatesh making this interesting Pineapple Pulao from another blogger and all her folks enjoyed it! Well it does look very delicious and great way to use pineapple.

From Rachana Nabar, comes this delicious Pineapple for the array of pines

From a wonderful blog called Sourashtra kitchen, comes this plate of Pineapple Rice. Radhika in an attempt to recreate the delicious pineapple rice she had at a marriage, attempts couple of times, before hitting the treasure. Her hubby is a great lover of pineapple, so I can imagine her elation in finally pleasing him to her satisfaction!

Now we have the tangy tamarind Rice dishes. First to make is Lubna, who makes another inviting treat that never dulls me anytime of the day. Its none other than the pulihora. she says she had kept it simple, but in my opinion, no pulihora is simple in its taste!

Medhaa is no different in loving Puliyogare. She finally finds a version that suits her needs and taste. And that bowl looks fit to satisfy any cravings you might have. And what's more, its made with tamarind paste, no hassles of extracting the pulp!

For me, reading Rekha's entry recipe, brought many nostalgic moments. That's how we call this lovely pulihora at home and seeing her bowl full of this delicacy makes it mouth watering!

Finally we have Sailu giving us a peek into the traditional Andhra touch. This pulihora is a dish that can bring back many lovely memories, its no wonder she says she gets reminded of her grandmother's kitchen! And we get to see the proof in such lovely picture too!

And from me, another traditional Andhra Pulihora with Sesame Seeds!

Plump tomatoes get pureed to take form as the delicious Tomato Rice

Tomato rice has always been my favorite one in mixed variety rice dishes and the one that Aparna sends in, sure looks very delicious to grab for another serve!

Next we have this amazing pilaf made with tomatoes, that were cooked in a broth, sure makes an interesting dish anytime. And JZ is happy that she tried this as this sure made her lil one very happy!

The cook in her, prompted to make this authentic tomato rice. This is a recipe that her aunt makes to impress guests, her uncle included, says Nags! But when it looks as tempting as this, I don't think anybody can say no for a second serving!

This lovely spoonful of tomato rice comes to us from Raji's kitchen. When I saw this picture peeping to me when it reached my mail box, I was thrilled to see it so inviting. I am sure her lil boy had a great time enjoying this!

Talk about bounties and dishes within! Sunshinemom is ready with her versatile tomato rice in a pulaoed fashion! It is indeed strange how one ingredient can easily take forms of different variations, yet each of it tastes great. To make matters more intense, she says she can't be without rice for long and decks it with a twist of spring onions!

Sushma shares her wonderful signature dish and its none other than the Tomato Bath. I think how many ever varieties you have, each of them is a classic one!

Tomato Rice can always cheer you up! And Veena's looks so colourful that I am sure it taste just as expected!

Thats all for now!