Yellow Moong Dal with Carrot Soup!

While at college, the first two years passed as a blur. If I could remember anything substantial, it would be the final year and its events that stay clear in memory. Maybe because I finally came in terms with my fate. Whatever it is, I somehow coped well, maybe more because my best friend was my family friend. Her father was my Dad's senior at college. When they started their career, they joined the same organization. So after a reunion of some years, our two families, spent many years traveling together during summer vacation. We were 9 of us and I can still remember the many journeys to the nook and corner of Southern India together.

My friend, who was the middle child, was a very charismatic person. Very extrovert, lively and can easily charm anybody. No matter where it was, she will for sure, have a crowd around her. She was smart, infact brilliant I would say. I knew she could've reached lots, had she applied her mind to it. For me, it was very different. I was at a place, where I never wanted too. But I was glad I could bear the moment because my pal was around and because of her, there was a gang for me. When I allowed myself, we did spend some girl time together, roaming around the city as you truly ought too, if you were in a college. But sadly for me, it lasted all but one year, my final year and I can only always claim of having enjoyed one year of college. Surprisingly I seem to remember of those days so much all of a sudden. Maybe I will bore you all those details the coming days. Still it gives a joy remembering those days!

When I think of my friend, I feel middle child tends to be like that? Cos Peddu is like that. Very charming and sweet and very pleasing. I heard from somebody that middle child tends to be ignored. So hubby dear and me, wanted to ensure it never happens. But guess what, there was never a need. Now we make sure we try our best to include Konda and Chinnu in everything!

Coming to today's recipe, its a very flovoursome mix of dal and vegetable, which I got to know from a Dietitian friend of mine. Though she didn't mention mint, adding that gives a nice aroma!

Ingredients Needed:

Yellow Moong Dal / Pesara pappu - 1 ladleful
Carrots - 2 small
Garlic pods - 3 small
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Mint leaves - 5
Green Chillies - 1/2 long

Method to prepare:

Wash the moong dal well, chop the carrots and add the rest of the ingredients. pressure cook for 2 whistles.

Once its cooled down, grind to a smooth paste. Add required water and bring to boil.

Add salt and pepper, adjust and serve.

Note: Both green chilli and pepper would make this very spicy, so go easy on it. You can either add chili alone or pepper alone. Else use as per your taste.

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