Chocolate Halwa ~ for a sinful Halwa indulgence!

I really don't know when I knew this dish. Its almost like my passion for chocolate goes a long way back! It was almost the time I started cooking and yes, I have mentioned earlier, it was always the fancy cooking that I did. It was those days of Chocolates, Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Sauce or Chocolate Cakes. There was nothing that I cooked, that didn't have cocoa or chocolate in it. The darker it was, more I liked. The bitter it was, more I fancied it. It was like, life is bitter but when its served in such a sweet form, how can you ignore it! My magnum opus of life holds true to this philosophy. Those were the days I was interacting with Shakespeare, Frost, and most importantly Wilde. Those of you, who have read Wilde, will know what I mean. Though I always think Shakespeare holds the forte, Wilde, on the other hand, appealed more to me then. At that point of my life, I felt very close and fancied Wilde.

After my stint in college, I thought it was pointless and meaningless to go any further from there. But its during those three years of college, I got to know of my other passions. While I was rattling on the Road Not Taken or the couplets that Shakespeare had penned, I was also having my mind full of chocolates. Those were the days I was making chocolates in tons. This happened during College annual competitions. There was to be some competition for the Home Science graduates. Some cooking competition. Students from other steam were also invited for participation. My classmate was very eager to participate and was asking for ideas. That's when I suggested her this Chocolate Halwa. It was truly spur of the moment thought. I never knew there was something like this. I just had this idea and told her how she can go about preparing it. Imagine her surprise, mine more, when she won the first prize.I had attempted at that couple of times later. Its been really ages since I forgot that. This Halwa series churned me to remember all possible Halwas and I think Chocolate Halwa stands in a pedestal in my mind.

Hope you can understand the euphoria it created in the minds of some 20 year olds, it can be sinfully addictive! The soft, yet chewy, sweet, yet bitter and overall the something that cocoa can do to your mind, is something you can realize only when you make this and indulge!

This is the most quickest way to have a royal indulgence! If you allow it to cook few minutes more, you will land up with a burfi!

Cooking Time : 15 - 20 min

Ingredients Needed:

Condensed Milk - 400 gms
Cocoa powder - 1/2 cup
Sugar - 1/4 cup
Butter - 50 gms

Roasted Nuts

Method to prepare:

Take all the ingredients in a thick bottomed pan, mix well to blend the cocoa into the condensed milk.

Meanwhile roast chopped nuts in ghee and keep aside.

Cook over medium flame, while you keep stirring it. After 5 mins, the mixture starts getting together.

Just then you can remove from flame, else you will get more solidified chocolate, which can be called burfi!

Remove to a bowl and garnish with roasted nuts.

I normally roast the nuts in the same pan that I am going to cook this halwa, to save on cleaning. Works out well too.

This takes about 5- 7 mins of cooking time, if not less. As I said, if you want a thicker version, cook for few more mins, have a greased plate ready. Once its done, spread on the greased plate. Dip the knife in ghee or butter and make insertions. Once its cool, you can remove them as squares or bars to get chocolate burfi.

I removed one stage before to land in a perfect halwa!

I must say, though all the halwas I have made till now turned out well, none can beat the chocolate halwa in taste and comfort!

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