Monday, November 24, 2008

Biyam Rava Upma ~ Upma with Broken Rice!

Having decided to prepare dishes with rice, I couldn't think of anything different than the Rice varieties. While discussing it with Athamma, she asked if we have done Biyam Roti, Biyam Vadiyalu, everything is already done. Then she asked if I have posted Biyam Upma. When I was excited hearing a upma with rice, she said she used to make this during hubby dear was young.

This one turned out yummy, same good as the regular upma with Rava, if not better.

Ingredients Needed

Rice – 1 cup
Onions chopped – 1 cup
Green chilies – 2 long
Water – 2 & 1/2 cups
Salt to taste
Ghee - 2 tbsp

For Seasoning:

Mustered – ¼ spoons
Channa dal – 1 spoon
Urad dal – ½ spoon
Curry leaves – 5 to 6
Cashew Nuts for topping.
Oil – 1 tbsp
Peanuts - 1 tbsp (opt)

Method to prepare:

Run the Rice in mixer till its coarsely ground. Then roast the rice in Ghee for 5 mins. Once its done, remove and keep it aside.

Add oil to the tawa, when it is hot, add the mustard and let it splutter. Then add curry leaves, chopped chillies, Bengal gram and cashew nuts. Let it fry for 2 mins.

Then add the chopped onions, sauté till onions turn slightly brown in colour on the sides.

Now add water and salt, cover with lid. Bring it to boil.

When the water starts boiling, sim it and add the roasted rice slowly so that lumps are not formed.

Add Ghee around the tawa. Cover it again and let it get cooked for 5 mins. Remove the lid and again add ghee around the borders. Mix well and let it rest covered for another 5 mins.

Another one for my Rice Mela Event

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Happy cook said...

I love upma especially with a sprinkle of sugar. With rice , is new to me.


I too posted the same yesterday;D
Looks yummy!

Medhaa said...

This is new to me too, looks like normal upma though must have tasted great

rekhas kitchen said...

yummy love that spoon looks so yummy

Vanamala said...

Nice one...

Ramya Vijaykumar said...

Tempting and wholesome for dinnre...

Priya said...

This is one upma I have always liked, my mom usually steams them to make undrallu. You could also try making rice sevai if you haven't already :D

Uma said...


Vibaas said...

I love arisi upma and wanted to make it too, but i didn't find time to do it. Looks yum.

Vibaas said...

Srivalli, forgot to ask you. Did you get my mail with my entries for rice mela?

Sharmila said...

Rice upma is new to me! :-)

notyet100 said...

this looks interestin,...saw in raks kitchen too, i will sure try thos out,..:-)

Jayashree said...

I usually shape these into balls and steam them to make upma kozhakattai.

SMN said...

i prefer this one to the usaual rava upma.

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