Mango Lassi ~ A sweet Lullaby

Lassi is for your soul! When there are times you feel low, then this is something that for sure, will make you high! Curds or Yogurt is something thats so very common at our home. I guess it is so in every Indian household! Growing up, there was never a meal without curds or perugu to complete the meal! And more so it was buttermilk or at times Lassi.

Lassi made with thick curds is a pure indulgence. All you need a cup of thick curds and a spoon of sugar. And you are all set for a treat! There was once a time, when we used to enjoy this delicious drink every afternoon in office. My colleagues and I used to complete with each other on making the best lassi. And everybody's used to be tasty. Whenever I make it at home, hubby dear never fails to mention that big glasses of lassi they used to get in Delhi! He says there can't be made a better way, anywhere else. Still as I have tasted that, my home made lassi is always the best!

When mangoes are in abundance, this is another way to enjoy the luscious mangoes in a glass of lassi!

Ingredients Needed

Thick curds / yogurt - 1 cup
Ripe mango - 1
Sugar - 1 tsp (opt)
Ice cubes - 4 (opt)

Method to prepare

Peel off the Mango skin and using a knife remove the flesh.

In a mixer jar, take the mango pulp, curds. Run it for 2 rounds.

You will get a thick mix of the pulp. If needed, add little water or sugar.

Serve with ice cubes for a cool summer drink!

My glass of mango lassi is on its way to Siri who is hosting A Cool Summer Event with 'Frozen

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