Keema Samosa!

Actually I love fried stuffs! I always plan to make puris every Sunday. And there was a time when I used to make samosas so regularly at home. Samosas and Puffs were my most favorite items in the fried stuffs. Then life happened and these things seemed to be a thing of pass bys. There is this shop that sells the best samosas with spicy fillings. Dad came about this shop when he was introduced to it by his colleague. Dad is a person who never approves of buying things from just about any shop. But on this account, since it was his colleague who vouched for its freshness and quality, he was ready to embrace to our household. This was few years back. Since then, whenever he passes that shop by, he stops for a bag and comes back with hot hot lip smacking samosas. I can still remember those aromatic, crunchy spicy samosas. And of course, those yummy ones from my teens that I had cooked up!

When we were on this topic, I was telling Athamma how I used to make Samosas so often back then, she was all eager we make them again. She had notions of making Keema Samosas and was bent on making only these. She, infact soaked dry peas for a vegetarian ones for me. Which sadly took another avatar, for want of time. I can imagine the plight of those lovely soaked up peas. Imagining to dress themselves around a crunchy crispy rolls, they sadly had to do a sole job in a kurma! Not that Peas Kurma wasn't fantastic, its just that peas Samosas appeal more!

Coming to the stuffing of the Keema, we made extra for these samosas. And we attempted it early morning. Early the best, its said. The flour and the shortening is very important for the crispiness you get in shops. The flour that we used, gave us more of a white samosa, even though we cooked in medium.

Makes about 6 medium size samosas

Ingredients Needed:

All purpose flour / Maida - 1 cup
Salt to taste
Butter - 1 - 2 tsp
Water for making the dough.
Mutton Keema for Stuffing
Flour for dusting
Oil for deep frying

Method to prepare:

In a bowl, take the flour. Mix in salt and then butter. Rub well. It should crumble out. Then slowly add water and make a stiff dough. It should not be soft as it will drink up oil. Let it rest for 10 mins

Divide into equal balls. On a rolling board, take a ball, dust it with flour and roll out a circle of about 4 inches. Cut in the middle to get two layers.

Fry the Mutton keema till its really dry. Take a spoon of the filling and place in the middle of the layers. Cover as you do an envelope. Tuck in the sides and ensure there are no holes.

Once you are done with the entire batch, heat a pan with oil. Once the oil is real hot, simmer. Drop in gently and fry on slow flame in batches. Cook on both sides and drain to kitchen towel.

Normally the store bought ones stay crispy for longer time because they add more of butter. Since this was to be consumed immediately and more over in the morning, very less butter was added. Those times, you can serve them right away and also deep fry two times. This way the outer layer gets more crispy and crunchy!

Enjoy with tomato sauce!

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