Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dosa Mela Round up ~ Part 4!

It always turns me on! With its texture so soft and complexion so fair! Well, I am talking about the dosa batter. Of course, from the round ups, we know not all dosa batter is fair! But I am talking generally in terms of the passion it gets out of people who love it! Its ought to be declared a Global Food! I was thinking there can only be that many dosa lovers, even after those big round ups. But I was proved wrong.

Even many days after the round ups, I kept getting mails asking for entries to be added to the mela. I finally decided its best I do another round up. But days were flying as typical it is when you are busy with something. And I totally forgot that this is still pending! Let me finish this before the Roti Mela comes on picture, is what I thought.

So here comes another set of Dosas to tempt you all!

From the Iyengar's Kitchen comes a lovely Pudina Raagi Dosa. Now what can be more healthy than adding mint to an already healthy stuff.

Veda does a great job in combining both!


Sita finds an easy way to feed her son egg, who doesn't like omelet or boiled ones.

So the egg finds itself topping the delicious dosa.

Now I have always been so open about my passion for Tomato Dosa. This is my the most favorite from what my mom makes.

So its not fair that Anu tempts me so with her oh so beautiful pictures! Be sure to check out her step by step pictures..everything looks great

Ranji loves dosas, but when it comes to preparing it, she prefers one that's quick to fix.

So try out this no fermentation, no chutney dish..and you will crave for more for her Methi dosas!.

Now would you believe it, for Subha thinking of Mysore Masala Dosa, she gets reminded of Mumbai!!!...yes its true..

She was first introduced to this super duper delicious dosa in Mumbai!

Ramya brings in another traditional recipe, that she learnt from her MIL.

All those boiling and then mixing it with masala, makes it one exciting dosa to try, not to mention her tempting picture!

We have a Sweet corn adai coming all the way from Amma's Special. When its from Amma, anything is special.

But this I must say looks extra with loads of corn in it. What a healthy way to eat!

Raaga comes out with a healthy Vegetable Dosa! You have a sour batter on hand, then this is it for you!

She says she had this for the original mela, but what a luck she posted it on time for this pending edition!
I thank all bloggers for their enthusiastic response. I really loved doing a recap on dosas again!

Look out for the Roti Mela round ups!

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KALVA said...

pscchhh missed the event!!!

bhags said...

i didnt know you were still doing a round up for the dosai..........missed it :(

Suma Rajesh said...

i missed this event....

Shankari said...

Beautiful round up and interesting varieties of dosais

Divya said...

you said it bhags...din't know you were gonna do a round up no 4!!!missed it!!

Happy cook said...

A fouth round up srivalli.
Iam curious to know how many round ups will be there now for the roti meala :-)

Arundathi said...

thank you for doing a post-round-up! :-)

Mishmash ! said...

Srivalli, I miss your posts always as I largely depend on my Reader ...cant find your RSS feed setting too....Is there a way to subscribe to ur rss feeds?


kamala said...

Great round up Valli..Looking for the mega Roti Mela

alka said...

Hey sri,
I was waiting for Roti mela roundup,and when i saw dosa mela roundup instead ,i thought it wud be some sort of typo error ;-)
I never knew that u were still accepting the entries otherwise i wud have send u one.
Bad luck once and bad luck twice..

Cham said...

Ah valli still there is no end up for the love we have for dosai. All re looking great and different to each other. Great job :)

Mrs.SriLekha said...

nice roundup but feeling sad since i missed the event.

ranji said...

its never ending isnt it..the number of dosas one can come up with :)....good job sri..another lovely set of dosas...

Shri said...

Oops missed it........Yummy roundup srivalli..didn't know you were still on with dosa mela.will save mine for the next event.

Madhavi said...

Awesome round up!!!

Siri said...

Lovely roundup Valii. as cham said - our love for dosai is endless!



Devi Priya said...

I missed this event!

Divya Vikram said...

Some more to add up on my dosa list..When I saw the title I thought u had typed dosa by mistake instead of Roti mela..he he..

Linda said...

What an amazing continuous round up! I wish I had known sooner and could send you something -- but my dosas, they leave alot to be desired :) Now I have so many recipes to try -- thank you for collecting all these!

Veda Murthy said...

wow ....thanks valli....awesome roundup....phew!!!!4 round ups....thats lotsa dosas to try!!!!but thank u for hosting such a wonderful event....we get to learn so many kinds!!!!


Kalai said...

WOW!! Part 4?! Amazing, Valli! :)

Swati Raman Garg said...

It always turns me on! With its texture so soft and complexion so fair! hahaaahaaa
badmaash sri....u r too good

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