Mango Delivery Man ~ Mango Manthram!

Well we are way into May and yet to taste any Mango till now! What a sad thing indeed. Come summer and its highlight to see mangoes piled up high in all corners. Those we have had our share of raw mangoes and have made Mambidikaya Pappu and chutneys, the ripe ones are yet to hit our home. I was telling hubby about this and he said we enjoyed the mangoes so much last year to last a life time! We mostly eat them as such and never make anything with ripe mangoes, except of course eating them curds rice. This is my most favorite way of eating them.

When I started talking this to office, most of them expressed surprise at this combination and yes, I introduced them to this wonderful taste. And there was no turning back for any of them. Since Indira announced the Mango Mantharam, I knew I had to doodle a picture capturing the mood. Guess the mood is, I am dreaming of the Mango Man to come with a basket of Mangoes, bearing the richest one to offer! I have often thought about our native village which had mango trees.

The varieties that I love are mulgoba, Banganapalli and Benishan. Each one has its own unique taste and the dish you prepare changes with the variety used. There was a time, when I used to make lot of Mango ice creams, smoothies. Last year I was even making Milk shakes. What a taste it has!

Only yesterday I was wondering when I will get down doing a sketch and this morning I was searching for my old paintings. I have Amma's muggulu book and went through them, searching if she had a rangoli on Mango. I also remember a water colour painting of Sakuntala eating a Mango while Dushyanta was looking at her adoringly. I had done it during high school and should be somewhere in the attic. But thinking of searching for those, daunts me and really don't have the energy searching for it. So finally thought will do a new one.

So here is the Mango Man delivering a basket full of Mangoes. Hope he does a fast delivery and land here soon!

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