Majjiga Mirapakaya, Moor milagai, Dahi Mirchi!

Mor Milagai is a class of its own! I guess its also referred as Majjige Menasu/Balaka in kannada or can be translated as Yogurt Chillies or Moor Molagai in Tamil. This is a great combo with Peruguannam or Thayir Sadam. And not to say about eating these with Dal rice that hubby dear loves! Andhra is known for its affectation with chillies, be it red green or anything chili! So it was no surprise to see Athamma saying that hubby dear loves Majjiga mirapa with Pappu annam.

Having grown up in Madras, I am more familiar with Moor Milagai. Have always loved eating these with the thayir sadam. Amma takes up this task come summer! One incident I remember was the first time that Amma was trying this out during my high school. We use aluminum utensils for deep frying and certain cooking and Amma thought drying these yogurt soaked chilies would be good in them, she did. Only to find that the chillies were leaving a very stark imprints in the utensils. She had to discard the vessel because of that. Other than those couple times, Amma had not attempted making these again.

So I was very excited at the prospect that Athamma wanted to make these at home. I believe she used to make these very regularly at their place. When she visits her daughter's place during summer, she comes back with a big batch of these Majjiga Mirapa Kayyalu and Biyam Vaduyallu because hubby dear loves these. I wanted to know how Amma used to make these and found them to be the same. When we found ourselves with a big batch of long firm green chillies, we couldn't wait for longer. It was fun watching Athamma soaking these in curds everyday and running around with the vessel to catch the sun in its zenith! She says these dries well when spread during the mid day. And you can imagine how hot it would be anytime of the day here! She also insisted I take all the different stages in its drying. But just my luck, excepting for few shots, I am unable to locate the rest!

But apart from these, you also have the hotels here offering a handful when you order packed lunch. So I have my share always reserved with my colleagues who order typical tamilan meals. Mor Milagi are revered items and much in demand! But I make sure I have mine in store always.

Here's how you go about it.

Ingredients Needed:

Firm Green Chillies - 10 nos
Curds/ Yogurt - 1 cup (first time)
Salt- 1 tsp

Method to prepare:

Wash and wipe the firm green chillies. Mix the salt to the curds and beat it to a smooth consistency. Slit the chillies in middle, make sure you don't completely cut them off from their stalks. If you want you can remove all the seeds .

Soak these chillies in curds for about 3 to 4 days. By then the chilies turn their colour.

Remove the chilies from the curds and dry these in hot sun. By night, put them back in the vessel that has the curds. You can add more curds if you find them.

This way repeat for about 3-4 days. The chillies are completely pale yellow by the time they have absorbed enough curds and are dried well.

Store these in air tight container. When required, fry these in medium hot oil, for a crisp tangy chillies.

The temperature of the oil is important as if its too hot, it will get over burnt or less heat, they don't get fried well. Result will be soggy chilles. So right temperature is very important.

This is the basic way of doing it. At times the curds can be favoured with cumin, coriander or amchor powder. When chilies are soaked in this curds, it absorbs that taste.

Raw and Fried Mor Molaga with Curd Rice!

This is my entry to Dee's AFAM. Now don't ask me how chillis to her Raspberry event. You can know all about this fiery inclusion in a sweet raspberry event in Dee's comments section! My dear friend came up with the novel research which says that chillies are berries. Poor Dee was forced off hand to say we can send a chille dish And I found myself in the most ironical situation!. I can't send her an everyday dish, so I had to make these specially for the event!

Hope I don't find pellets coming my way from Maheswari, who thought sweet fruits will find its way to the event she started!

And we are still running for the Recipe Marathon!

Here's the update on all runners!..

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