Beerakaya Tokku pachadi, Ridgegourd Peel Chutney ~ Andhra Special!

Growing up, Ridge gourd was not a vegetable I liked to eat. I have always known Amma making a dal with this, though I never complained, somehow managed to eat without making a fuss. After marriage, when I made that dal, I got strong opposion from hubby dear for this. Reason being that that dal can never be spicy. Amma even now fondly says that she can't make it as well as her mom did. So Ridge gourd doesn't find itself much on our table. So imagine my surprise when Athamma re introduced this as Kura. Give a vegetable to Athamma and she is bound to come out with either a kura or a chutney.

Since hubby dear has no problem in eating this vegetable as kura, we started including this again. We call anything without dal in it as kura and normally taken with chapatis, though it tastes great with rice too. As its chapatis for dinner without fail, making curry with different vegetable makes my life easy. So every 15 days once, we find ourselves peeling a ridge gourd for dinner. Amma also used to prepare a chutney with the Ridge gourd peels. And I remembered the chutney while cooking with the vegetable.

Amma normally prepares that tokku or chutney when she peels off too much of the skin. Since the dal doesn't really require so much skin, the peel finds itself changed into a chutney. And that's what we did too!

This is a very simple one. You can ingredients like Cumin, Coriander seeds. But we have not included any of those.

Ingredients needed:

Ridge gourd Peels - 1 cup
Onions - 1 small
Tomato - 1 small
Red chillies - 4-5
Tamarind - 1"
Salt to taste
Oil - 1 tsp

Beera kaya Kura, Bitter gourd stir fry, Ridge gourd peel Chutney with Rice ~ our dinner!

Method to prepare

Wash and wipe the ridge gourd. Peel the skin off the Ridge gourd. Chop the other vegetables.

Heat a pan with oil. Sauté the onions, tomatoes, Red chilies and finally the peels. Let it get fried well.

Remove and let it cool. Once cooled, add the salt and tamarind and grind to a smooth paste.

This goes excellently with chapatis or hot rice with ghee!

This is my entry for Weekend herb Blogging hosted by Wandering Chopsticks.. WHB is an event started by Kalyn!


Today marks the last day in Recipe Marathon and that depresses me very much. I have really enjoyed being a part of the team running along with dishes everyday. I wish to thank Siri and Dhivya for coming out with such fabulous idea!

Will update on the menu later, do come back to check!

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