Liver Keema Balls ~ Weekend Cooking!

I had a very bad experience last night. It was only 10.30 pm, but I think some strange things were playing on my mind. The most dreaded and unexpected happened. A disaster, infact. I had completed almost 97% of the work on mela and was so happy that I will be able to post the first part on time, and then it happened. While trying to wrap up things, I was thinking that the desktop looked messy and without a thought, deleted the entire folder! First thing, I never work on files that are kept on desktop. Second, I normally don't delete files that soon. And third part was, I had tough job restoring it. I have restored countless deleted files for others. And the first time it happens to me, I found I wasn't able too. Spent a very long night trying to restore, but to no avail, followed by this morning. I finally decided that trying to restore, is going to take more time than trying to compile again.

Never expected this to happen to me, but then its all an experience. Hubby dear felt very bad, was concerned if I had all the mails with me. I said I have them all, but I had already worked on them and doing them all over again, may not give me time to finish it on time. He said, this time round I will be able to do it fast, as I had already seen it. He was right, I have been able to do major part. But some more to go. I guess this is one good lesson learnt! Anyways if I am all done, I will post it tomorrow. Else it will take a day or two. But that shouldn't stop any of you in sending them to me.

Coming to this lunch that we had for Sunday, this was supposed to be last week's but with the dosa posts pending, this got delayed. It was a typical Rayalaseema non-veg lunch, more authentic and common in villages and small towns. We made Ragi Sangati, Mutton Pulusu and Liver Keema Balls. The Keema balls were more dear because they were a specialty of Athamma's mother. She says even she can't prepare it as good as her mother. And very often hubby recollects those days he had these at his ammama's place. I think the unique taste comes because of the grinding and freshly made ingredients. Since we don't have that stone nor a clay burner, the recreation wasn't so authentic, but it kind of matched the taste. The ingredients that goes into this are few, yet the taste doesn't reflect the simplicity. The fresh garlic accounts for the wonderful taste, I am told.

Liver Keema Balls

Ingredients Needed

Liver - 100 gms
Chilli powder - 3/4 tsp
Garlic - 4 pods
Salt to taste

Method to prepare

During those olden days, since they were using those clay stoves, they used to toss the liver directly in the flame. But we boiled it as such and then tossed it over flame. When you boil the liver, it becomes solid, so it will hold its shape, when you keep it over the flame.

Then take the liver, salt, chilli powder and garlic pods, grind to a smooth paste. Make them into medium size balls. After a while they will become stiff. No water is added. Just plain liver roasted and then ground to smooth paste along with spices.

Makes an excellent side dish for rice and Mutton pulusu.

Reminder: Today is the final day for all the dosas to arrive, hope you all have time to bring them on. Do send them on if you are not able to send on time, since I will be anyways doing this in parts, I should be able to accommodate the entries and even after that too, it will be good to have them all in one place!

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