A plate for a Balanced Breakfast!

Ok here comes a post for which I didn't have to cook anything but got things together to make them very balanced. Now you know for which event this is going right. I guess the life of a food blogger revolves around the different events that get hosted. Had my folks really understood this concept, either they might sulk or try to get the different hosts to host things more on their liking. I guess it might be the second thought mostly. We have always been on pursuit to find the ideal breakfast to help us going for the whole day. Though the lunch is typically rice and dal types, since its always hurried, we don't really pay much attention to it. And dinners are always very light. This pattern has been our life style for a while. So we plan to eat a balanced one with all right one in its proportions. So towards that, we normally include eggs, nuts and fruits to the breakfast plate. A while ago, we had Plantain stem juice or Beet and Carrot Juice accompanying our breakfast. Once I met a dietician, who advised on only drinking Tomato juice and should not eat anything solid. Well I followed that too for a while. Though it was good, because you got to slip a glass full of crushed tomatoes for 15 mins, I couldn't continue for long. Then came the days with fruits and salads. That continued for a season. We are now back to our regular breakfast with addition of nuts and fruits.

Now I thought I have the perfect balanced breakfast in front of me, when Hubby dear played the spoiled sport and refused to have eggs the day I was ready to click. However much I tried convincing him, he wouldn't agree. So I just got to do with a plate without the eggs!

Mixed Fruit Sandwich, Cheese Sandwich with Almonds and Raisins along with Banana for a healthy balanced breakfast.

This plate goes to Mansi who is hosting WBB, short for Weekend Breakfast Blogging, an event started by Nandita of Saffron Trail. The theme for this edition is Balanced Breakfast.

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