Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pear Halwa or is it a Jam?

I thought I will handle it myself this time. The last couple of times, when I requested Hubby to get a particular fruit, he always managed to get them very late. Which meant I had to hurry up in the last moment. Now Pears are something I have never wanted to eat. Not sure why, but this is the first time, I ventured to buy them. Though it looks beautiful and Dad had got them many times, I never wanted to eat it. Now don't ask me why, cos I don't know myself. Its just that there are few things, I never venture to eat or even try.

But when its a blog event hosted by a dear friend, we really can't think of having personal opinions, right. Moreover, she gave a cute little (scary) rhyme to describe herself. I am sure she isn't anyway near that description, because I know Lak said she was one of the most adorable kid..oops, adult she came to meet. Anyway to have things safe, I didn't want to get the wrath on myself. Dutifully I made my way towards the fruits shop and asked for Pears. The shop keeper took a big basket and shoved towards me. I you sell in singles??..He looked bored and said, you go. He gave me one fruit. And off I came, riding back happily home, singing all the way, happy with my possession of a pear!

Back home, I had more questions thrown my way. Athamma opened the bag and looked very curiously at the fruit. I am not the one who goes and gets the fruits. Its usually the man of the house, who does. I said I just wanted to try it. Then came hubby and looked at it, said 'What's the Shape kaya doing here'. I asked what shape kaya? He said that's what this fruit is called back home. I said I don't know what's its called nor have I tasted it. "So why did you get it then", Well I wanted to try something new today', I said. 'Well , my dear you have chosen a wrong day to try new stuffs, I am off for swimming', he said. I declared I will manage"

Manage I did. I made a halwa out of it. I seriously couldn't think of anything else to do with it. Even if I did, I wouldn't have had things that might be required.

Ingredients Needed
Pear - 1 full
Sugar - 2 tsp
Ghee - 1 tsp
Milk - 50 ml
Cashew nut for garnishing (opt)

Method to prepare:

Great Pear and heat a pan with Ghee. Sauté the grated pear in the ghee, till it starts coming close.

Add the sugar and keep sautéing. Finally add the milk and cook on high.

This gets done in about 10 mins.

This tasted great, but hubby didn't, as he doesn't prefer tart tasting stuffs. Best part of this was, I had this as a jam or should I say marmalade between bread and it tasted really so good. So I guess I can call it as Jam or Marmalade instead of Halwa.

For those of you, who prefer tart halwa, this is for you. Else you can enjoy a slice of toasted bread or bun with this filling!

My cup of Pear delicacy is joining the AFAM party at The Singing Chef's place with Pears, while she sings as she bakes and cooks!

Rotis with Dum ki Arbi and Pear Halwa ~ Our Dinner!

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sowmya said...

This is too good sri..i`would prefer it as a halwa...nice entry

renuka said...

The pear halwa is too tempting for a sweet tooth like me.I just love this fruit

Nags said...

aha! so halwa with pear no eh? but isnt it a bit too sour to make halwa out of? how did you manage? :)

kamala said...

I prefer this as jam as kids dont like this fruit.thanks for ur nice entry.

Cham said...

Halwa looks yum :) Another sweet way to eat the fruit.

Divya Vikram said...

looks too good..Different entry..

Rachel said...

haha! shape kaya..lovely name!

sra said...

Nice, who cares halwa or jam?

sunita said...

Lovely halwa Sri...well,actually the entire spread looks very tempting :-)

bee said...

he pear was tart? the pears we get here are sweet and only mildly tart. the halwa looks beautiful.

Swati Raman Garg said...

cheers buddy, great idea...

satya said...

Jam or Halwa...
Sure it's your Jalwa..

Suganya said...

Managed? Sri, you have excelled. Pear is always in my kitchen and this idea has never struck me.

Laavanya said...

Pear halwa looks good... i think i'll like a bit of tang to it.

Srivalli said...

sowmya, thank you. You can have it that way if you prefer the tartness..

renuka, thank you..glad you liked this

Nags, well finally I had to resort to the halwa...but it wasn't very sour..just mild..but then I do eat a bit more of sour..but best was with bread..maybe you should try saw the pear picture right..was it the same type you used??

kamala, then yes you can give them between was so yummy..

Cham, yeah it tasted great too..I was surprised..

Divya, thanks

Rachel, hhaha..I had a laugh too hearing that name

sra, so true..but then I got to give it a name na...

sunita, thanks..glad you liked it!

bee, lucky you...the one I cooked was I ended up eating the entire bowl..not that I complain...:)..

Swati, glad you liked it

satya, what a rock..thanks for the appreciation....

Suganya, think I did something excellent!!!..thanks for the compliment..I was thinking I might look silly!...thanks for the words my friend

Laavanya, good to know!...

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