Minty Water Melon Sorbet!

Come summer and all you could think of is the tempting Water Melons piled up on the rode sides. This is a most common sight to people walking up and down. The shop keepers would have displayed their wares very attractively in many shapes. Many thirsty customers will be seen enjoying this hearty fruit.

We normally just eat as it is and there won't be enough left to even think of anything new. But this is something thought out of the moment.

This came out very refreshing and was exciting to drink. I just had 3 slices of melon fruit and ran it with about 5 mint leaves. Chill it.

You Minty Water Melon Sorbet is ready!

Sending this to Abby from Eat the Right Stuff, who is hosting the Monthly Mingle, an event started by Meeta. This month's theme is Spring fruit sensations! This sure created sensation at home.

Also sending this to EC's Fun 'n' Sun Event, celebrating Summer!

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