My hearty Moong dal Halwa

Humne dekhi hai, un aankhon ki mahakti khushboo
Haath se chhuke ise, rishto kaa iljaam naa do
sirf ehsaas hai yeh, rooh se mehsoos karo
pyaar ko pyaar hi rehne do – koi naam naa do

pyaar koi bol nahi, pyaar aawaaj nahi
ek khamoshi hai – sunti hai – kaha karti hai
nay eh buzhti hai, na rukti hai, na teherti hai kahin
noor ki boond hai, sadiyon se baha karti hai....

thus goes the song from Khamoshi. For many years this song meant what love was for me. Being a die hard fan of old Hindi melodies, pathos and melancholy ones hit me straight on head. If I wanted to have a hearty cry for no reason, would just listen to one of these and have a good cry. It been ages since I have had a moment to listen to one and think about the other world, soaring high on these, when my mortal legs couldn't take me so. I remember those late evening reclining on a easy chair, staring at the twinkling stars, with Kishore kumar singing full of pathos in the background. It helped Dad being fond of old Hindi songs too.

Thinking on the same lines, this reminds me of one late afternoon at school during my 11th grade. There I was, standing in front of my teachers, about to embark on a mission impossible. I just plunged in and voiced lyrics from the movie, Aashiqui. I went on and on with a voice more manly than Kumar Sanu could've got..

Dhire dhire se meri zindagi men aanaa
Dhire dhire se dil ko churaanaa
Tumase pyaar hame hai kitanaa jaanejaanaa
Tumase milakar tumako hai bataanaa

and in a voice not as sweet as a crow! God knows what else would've happened, had the teachers not been so dumbfounded to see me in a singing competition! I was there on a mission to help my best friend. He wanted to be there because his girl was participating and he couldn't find any excuse to be there. So I thought the best way to get him there, was to participate. Oh for the sake of friendship, I had to endure the worst time of my life, voicing a song in front of gaping crowd. But I enjoyed the entire episode, that is the first part of it anyways. I guess my teachers were too shocked and surprised to see me there, that they selected me for the second audition. Now, once I can muster the courage right, but if they expect me to come for second, what am I supposed to do. Obviously I can't sing the same song again. But that was the only one I knew. So I spent the entire evening and the next day to learn another one. By afternoon, I was thinking if I would chicken out. But my friend wanted to be there again. So I can't ditch him. This time, the teachers had their sense about and you know how it might've ended. But the fun part was, my classmates thought I had the greatest manly voice and made me sing that song for many months to come. Though I must've sung this song some umpteen number of times, nobody was tempted to entire my life. That, I believe is the love story of mine!

Coming back to present, I asked hubby dear what his plans are for 14th, he asked what 14th? Well I couldn't say much after that, can I?. But being persistent, reminded him what 14th is about. He gave me one look and told me, well if your three brats will give me a second to take a breath, I might remember what date it is today! So there goes my chances of imagining on romantic tone. Anyways, its not like me to give importance to any specific dates like this. But if its for a blog event, then of course you can find me being busy planning what to do. And Pooja wanted a heart shaped ones! So its Moong Dal in heart shape for hubby dear.

Finally I came about to prepare Moong dal halwa. And in a most choatic situation. I will spare you the details as I dont' want to bore on those everyday affair at home. Result was, I loved it but hubby dear said it should've been little more soft. Well love and life is like that right. Gets hard on the beginning and going soft as the time goes..I shall take the philosophy from that.

I am going to prepare this again till I get the perfect one. But till then for those of you who know how to prepare the perfect Moong dal Halwa, can help me with it, others can enjoy the hearty Moong dal while I get on the business.

Ingredients needed

Yellow moong dal - 1 cup.
Ghee - 1 cup
Milk - 1 cup
Sugar - 1 & 1/2 cup
Cardomom & Nutmug - a pinch

Method to prepare

Soak Moong dal for 4 hrs. Since moong dal on soaking expands, remember to take only whats required. Grind to smooth paste with little water.

Heat a thick bottom pan with ghee. Add the moong paste and keep stirring well so that it gets cooked and soft. Non-stick would work out well but I did a mistake in selecting a thin one. So it got struck to the bottom.

Heat milk and add this along with sugar to the cooking Moong. It takes about an hour to get cooked. Ensure the moong is soft and you keep stirring it so that the bottom doesn't get burnt.

I used my konda's mould to make out the heart. It looked very pretty indeed.

This I sending to Pooja for her Valentine's Day party!

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