Here comes the Papaya Halwa!

Phew! finally I got around making the papaya halwa as I have been planning since Nags announced it as the fruit of the month. Normally we eat papaya as such. Since the past month has been hectic, hubby dear didn't want to buy papaya because of the peeling and cleaning part. I told him to get the beginning of the month and then I forgot to remind thinking I had time. Then time just flew and I realised only in the last week. I told him that I got to prepare something with papaya and he should bring it without fail. Once he said he found really big ones, which he couldnt' carry, then he only saw unripe ones! Infact I planned to prepare briyani with raw papaya. But nothing worked out. Thinking he wouldn't remember it, I called him from office and told him that I got to prepare for an event. He was surprised and asked if I would be ready to prepare anything from what he gets. He said he will get some surprise thing and I should prepare something from it. Guess he didnt' remember arusuvai and what I did with it.

Anyway, he went out last evening at about 9 pm and came back with a papaya. Said, 'heres your papaya. I was at a loss. I said its too late. Why is there some deadline for this is it? he asked. Though he follows my blog closely, he hasn't understood these things. Good for me, I thought. Since he anyway got it, I decided to prepare what I was planning. Papaya Halwa. The thought flow was interesting.
I got down peeling it and cubing it. I remembered the days when Dad used to do the honour of peeling and cutting the fruits. He always used to buy so much and force us all to eat them. My brother and I used to literally used run scared. And he used to do them so artistically. Then there was sometime, when I used to do the job of cutting. It used to be fun. Hubby dear also got into the habit of getting too many and forcing us to eat them. At times, it does become very difficult.

So its back to papaya. I love this fruit, though at the first offer, I am reluctant. Once I get started I can go on and on. The halwa came out superb. I know its more healthy as a fruit itself but making it into something is more fun too. Dad used to say this fruit has so much vital things, that pregnant woman should eat it. But unfortunately due to misconception, pregnant woman is not allowed to eat.

This halwa is the most easiest one I have ever tried. I used only small quantity. But it sure taste heaven.

Ingredients needed

Ripe Papaya - 1 cup as cubes
Sugar - 3 tbsp
Milk - 50 ml
Ghee - 1 tsp
Cashew - 4 nos

Method to prepare

Cube papaya and make a puree of it.

Heat a pan and add 1 tsp of ghee. Roast the cashew and keep aside.

Then roast the papaya puree in the same pan, till its starts coming around. It has such a bright red colour. Add sugar and mix well.

Pour milk to the pan and cook on high, you will see the papaya turning to red again.

You need to constantly keep stirring. Once its really thick you can remove.

Transfer to a plate for the photo session and garnish cashew.

I made a smiley with the cashew..looks fun!

The is off its way to Nags for her event AFAM:

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