Saga of making of Paneer ~ Indian Cottage Cheese at home!

Well I know many out there know hot to make Paneer at home. Of course, I have heard many say what's the big deal that Indian Cottage Cheese gets so much prominence when Indian cooking is addressed. Still I can't deny the appeal this has to many and I can still remember those days when Amma used to say she made Paneer. And even now, if I tell Konda, that I am making a dish with Paneer, her face just lights up. Just last night, I made Paneer Butter Masala for her. She has been asking me for couple of days and I felt bad that I have been postponing. So got down making it, the moment I got home. She came back home and without entering the kitchen, asked me what I was doing. I said naturally cooking dinner. She immediately started, I wanted paneer Butter Masala!!, you are still not doing that!. I asked her to come in and she came in grumbling with a scorn which turned to excitement when she saw what I was making. That's worth all the efforts.

I made Paneer on Saturday and had time to take more pictures of the full process. Though this post has been sitting in the draft for more than 8 months, this was supposed to go for RCI Punjabi, but missed it. So when I saw hubby dear roaming jobless around, I thought I will make best use of his expertise. Amma always had a special muslin cloth especially for making paneer. Before leaving to Calcutta, she infact gave me that cloth! I know its funny, but that's the way it is. Athamma too, gives lot of reverence if its from Amma.

I finally got around to this post after few requests landed my side. I thought well I might as well chronicle my adventures with this paneer the fatal! These days its Athamma who normally makes it in a jiffy. Extra Milk on hand, it ends up as Paneer. Because we have quite a few paneer fanatics at home!

Ingredients needed:

Milk - 1 liter
Ripe Lemon/Lime Juice - 1 full

Boil Milk as usual

Lemon Juice for curdling the milk

Milk boiling over

Lemon juice to the boiled Milk and its all started curdling. Stir well so that it completes the curdling.

Strain it to a muslin cloth. Water left out can be used to make chappatis.

Squeeze down real tight so that all lingering extra water comes out.

Hang it down for a while. Then keep a heavy object over it. You can use either Chappati roller or Pressure cooker with water filled in.

Paneer will all be set within some 4 hrs time. Its all ready to use now.

Wash and Cut to pieces for frying.

When are you done cutting. Heat a pan with ghee or butter and fry them golden brown.

Notes: If Lemon is not available, Use 1 tsp of Vinegar for curdling. If you think you have have excess sour curds / yogurt and not sure what to do or bored with Mor Kolambu, then think of Paneer!

If you want your Paneer to be little coloured, add turmeric to the milk before straining or else sprinkle turmeric and soak paneer in hot water for 5 mins. Colourful Paneer is ready!

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