Saturday, October 13, 2007

Salt Diamonds!

Salt Diamonds are something that every child would've had it I am sure. I guess its called by different names. I remember this snack being called as Maida Salt Diamonds because Amma used to make this in Diamond shape. It used to be my favorite snack and used to consume by tons!.And I have been wanting to prepare this again for ages but never got around making it at home. Amma also couldn't somehow came around making this for me. And when I asked Athamma she was not sure what I was talking about.

So when I decided to meet my fellow bloggers, I decided to make this for them. But the best part was my daughter loved this. She liked it so much that she wanted this for her school snacks. She came back saying her friends also loved it. Well nothing more to delight me!

Ingredients Needed:

Maida (All purpose Flour) - 1 & 1/2 cups
Salt to taste
Cumin Seeds - 1 tsp
Clarified Butter / Ghee - 2 tsp
Soda a pinch
Water to kned

Method to prepare:

In a bowl take the maida with salt and ghee. Rub in well, so that it gets mixed properly.

Knead well to form a soft dough. Leave it aside for 1 hour.

Roll out to a thin size as a chapati on a rolling board. Slice with a knife as a diamond shape. I forgot to make them as diamond the first time.

Heat oil in a pan and drop the pieces gently into the oil. Turn on both sides so that it gets evenly cooked. Drain them to a kitchen towel. Keep them in open for sometime to get crispy salt diamonds. These can be stored in air-tight containers.

Enjoyed my childhood snack a lot, will be making this again sometime soon. Enjoy your weekend though its almost evening for me!

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sunita said...

We make these too...but cut them into smaller diamonds...yummy.

bindiya said...

Yesss everyone loves this, great teatime snack Srivalli.

sra said...

Srivalli, I knew them as diamond cuts, the Malayalis in our college called them that!

Padmaja said...

I used to love this diamonds and keep on nibbling all the time!!!your's look so crispy!!

musical said...

This is an evergreen snack! Great choice for the meetup, dear!

Redchillies said...

The title caught my attention :-) We call it tukdi at home and enjoy it every bit. Loved your version.

TBC said...

Diamond cuts! I used to love the sweet verson of this.

Happy cook said...

Diamond cuts like we call in kerala bring backs good memories from childhood period. My mom used to make mostly with sugar and i make them once a while for my daughter and she too love it as much as i did when i was her age.
Hey i still love them :-))

Priya said...

sakar pada rite..oh i love them...

Rina said...

Thanks for this recipes girl, My Grest grand mother use to make the sweeter version of these. But I like the salt version too. I'll surely try them when timr permits. I luv salty snacks

Padma said...

Hey Srivalli, I make the sweet ones, during Diwali, we call it as Shankarpala, in Mumbai...

Tx for sending the bendakaya Bhajji! looks yumm!

Neelam said...

This was my favourite snack too! I like both the salty and the sweet ones!But I have not made them since a long time!Thanks for the recipe.

Latha Narasimhan said...

Salt diamonds are looking yum Sri! These are simple snacks yet so tasty!
I changed the blog look after lakshmi said that Nirmala wanted a brighter look!:)) In fact I am pestering lakshmi for so many more improvements. She is very busy and I do not know most things in computers. This year I did not keep big golu as I may have to visit my parents any time.

easycrafts said...

Its long time since i made this...its one of my favourite snacks that my mom used to make for me often. Especially the ones soaked in sugar syrup are very yummy

Siri said...

Love the snack srivalli.. my ammama used to make these for summer holidays.. they look cripsy n delish..:D

ramya said...

Yha i too remember eating it but my mom preffered sweet version of this. Nice to know about this recipe i try for sure. Hope my daughter likes them too.Thank U.


I too love this snack and make in sweet version also...Your diamonds looks golden colour;D
Thanks for sharing.!

KayKat said...

I've eaten these a zillion times and always wondered if they had a more authentic name. Guess not :)


Raaga said...

we call them tukde :-) love these

Vcuisine said...

Any time snack Valli. Viji

Srivalli said...

sunita..thats good..I think smaller makes it more crispy.

bindiya, glad to know that!

sra, wow..maybe I am a bit off the lane from a proper name..:)

Padmaja, thank you

musical, yeah I enjoyed it so much

Redchillies, good it did!

TBC, ehmm nice to know

Happy cook, glad it brought back good memories

Priya, oh its called that?..great to know

Rina, oh nice to know

Padma, I guess this can be consumed on daily basis!

Neelam, thank you

Lathamma, Thank you. And your blog good very nice now. Oh expected to see your golu but thats ok take care

easycrafts, good to know about the sweeter version. I have always had salted ones

Siri, thank you

ramya, good to know

RK, thank you

KayKat, isn't that funny! I guess certain things don't require a name

Raaga, good to know that

Viji, agree on that

DEEPA said...

excellent ones ....yummy ones

Prajusha said...

my mom used to make this and we call this as chimminiappam.The sweet version of this is called aaramnumber in kerala:)

Sirisha Kilambi said...

oh...ya...we used to munch these greatly in our used to make these regularly...Nice ones Valli

AnuSriram said...

We call it tukda.. Its a nice crispy treat for everyone! Thanks for the recipe.

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