Okie, lets talk about Toast, French Toast to be precise!

Now this used to be my another favorite Omlette types. This one being directly on the bread! As a kid, I used to love the aroma of roasting bread with egg on it, it used to be heavenly! Amma used to make this so often, still we never got bored. We always had the sweet ones of course, but I made the spicy ones for hubby dear, which he said tasted very good too. But for childhood memories, I would always recommend the sweet ones.

Not sure why this is called French toast, yet to have time to google it. But this is a sure win dish for any kid. Which is surprising, because am yet to make this for my daughter. I tell you, this blogging has come into our lives so much that we start thinking in terms of which event is going on and what we should prepare for it. Of course we want to prepare it for our family so that because of the event they get to enjoy the food. (was I convincing???) Anyways, Kanchana's theme has been wonderful because I remembered this and was happy that I made for hubby dear. He was very surprised and was curious to know what went in to the dish. And said I should make for my daughter.
Ingredients Needed:

Eggs - 3 nos
Bread slices - 4
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Milk - 1 cup
Ghee/ Butter - 1 tsp

For sweet version, add required quantity of sugar.

Method to prepare:

Add salt and pepper to milk. Mix well. Then break the eggs and whisk it well with fork.

Heat a non-stick pan. Spread ghee on the pan. Trim the sides of the bread and dip in the mix and place on the hot pan.

Sprinkle ghee on top and turn to the other side. This only needs 2 secs of cooking. Turn around and pour some more egg on top if you want.

Remove and serve hot!

Well I just can't stop myself from sending this to Kanchana's party!

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