It is....and what is this???

Well the veggie is known Kasara Kaya as it is called in Ananthapuram District in India. When I searched the web I came to know that Kasara Kaya is called as Indian gourd but not sure again because Pravs calls Indian gourd as Kantola whose picture again is not what I have seen. I was first exposed to this during my visit to my in laws place. I may have eaten this once, but they are so fond of it that they eat it in all forms. Athamma says this is not so bitter but little bitter. So this may be called small bitter gourd. But again small bitter gourd that I have seen in this parts of the place is different. Athamma makes this in different ways, just frying or make it as gravy but in any form they just love it. Its not available all through the year, so its very fondly looked forwarded too. And Sra asked me if I had deliberately blurred the image what a joke??....#$ if I would ever dream to do that..the pains I took to make it look clear only I know...that's why I decided that I don't want to take a chance in exhibiting my oho talents of clicking, rather entrusted hubby dear to do the honours.

You know once I have taken a picture of fried eggs prepared by Amma. There is no recipe, you just boil and then sauté in oil with salt and pepper. But for some reason, that time they looked so appealing. I just had to capture them. Since then I always wanted to upload that picture somehow. When B&J announced this event, wanted to send for the appeal category but somehow the picture has gone gayyab. Then it just slipped my mind, that folks at home are observing the festival norms and hence no non-veg or even eggs at home till end of this season. I was thinking that maybe I will not be able to send in an entry. But last night when I was playing with the kids, I saw they had few drums. And that, I tell you is the moment of enlightenment. Such moments come but rarely and whole night was thinking how I will put my thoughts in action. Lo morning came and with that hope! I managed to cajole hubby dear to exhibit his photography skills. He happened to read my guess post and was asking me when I was going to give the answer, so in the same breath told that I wanted few eggs to be captured. I prayed that my fridge will have atleast one and yes God is gracious, I found four of them lying around not sure when their prayers will be answered.

I took all the things I dreamed through the night and hoped hubby dear will excel. By the time I could assemble the things, we heard a distant cry and I had to run inside. So I wasn't sure what he clicked until now. Its a fun theme. He said we should consider giving each of the boys an egg to hold in their hands. As if that's seemingly possible. To make them stand in one place for a second is difficult and he proposes for them to pose with an egg in hand. Well maybe he thought B&J were acepting entries for 'Most funny shot'. I assured him that there is no such category.

Well unlike Bharathy who was able to capture the beauty of Egg with minimum or no words, I have, on the other hand as usual ranted a lot. Check out my chicks. Lakshimi's brother had real chicks in hand, so I thought I would display my kiddos toy chicks..

I liked these two most, so let me know which one can be sent as entry for B&J's an egg please!

Camera Model : Sony 3x zoom, 6 mp

Thanks in advance for your feedback!