Innocence ~ What is the Cost?

There are many worthy causes but most worthy of all would be taking care of Innocence. Innocence that we find in a child, a needy child. I would like to share a scene that I come across everyday while on my way to office. During traffic signals, I find a bunch of ladies with their children aged between 0 - 10, the children starts doing aerobics when they find the crowd and asking for alms. I get wild looking at the ladies, the ladies look so careless and they have one infant in their laps. Why have children if they are not able to feed them? But preventing this is not in my hands. So simple. Educating this vast country of its many flaws will take more than a effort with just a mere wanting. I have seen my Dad pitching in for so many worthy causes. During my college days, I have in my turn volunteered in Orphanages and sometime in The Banyan too but was not able to continue. My long time aim and wish is to have an Old age Home. But that requires lot of commitment and dedication from individual, which at this point is not possible for me. But I always hope that one day that will happen.

Hope - All is not lost till you do not lose Hope.

I have been able to sustain that hope. But where will the hope come from for these children. For no fault of theirs they are preys of this cruel world. When I was first exposed to this food blogging community, the first person who welcomed me with warmth was VKN of My Dhaba. And since then I have closely followed his noble cause that he has embraced. When I received a mail from Indira on this cause, I knew I had to pinch in. I know my ambitions will take longer efforts but for now I am happy I have done something even if it was just a tiny drop in dear friend's worthy cause.

A journey to a thousand miles starts with a tiny step. I believe I made mine today. Will you too?

Life - End of day end of Life... struggle for life, not just live. This is something I strongly believe in. I believe these hungry children are just struggling for even small things. Our help will go long way in mitigating it.

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