Few of this and Few of that ~ All for Blog Events!

Well, finally I have been able to target both in one shot, had either one been something different may not have been possible. Somehow the entire month just flew with some work or the other and couldn't find time to hunt for peaches. And my saffron box got over and didn't really remember to get a new one. And all the blogs were coming with their own creations and I couldn't get one! I looked for fresh ones but not able to find and Lakshmi suggested I try Ooty Peaches. But none were available. Mansi also was nugging me. Not that I didnt want to send in one!

Somehow I decided I will get both today and prepare something new. I prayed I should get these in the super market. Got hold of the saffron and came out to the fruits shop only to be told not available. Again I barged in and tried to get hold of a canned one as Mansi said I can or rather should try canned ones too. Thought it was too big a tin but guess will come up with something new after the round up.

On the way home I was thinking of the title of this post and something stuck as "For one Sexy Siren and an English Teacher". (Mansi and Sunitha, no offense meant please, I meant in the most nicest way..:)..pls do say you gals won't mind this.) Well I really cant say that out right. So thought of some thing else that might be catchy.

Here is the canned tin of peaches.

Now that I got hold of the necessary things, preparing something out of this is another task. Luck seem to be on my side. Hubby dear went out and kids behaved themselves. I was able to dish out this.

Took 1 & 1/2 peaches, added some 6 saffron strands along with 2 tsp sugar and microwaved it for 2 mins. Then mashed it well and cooked on stove.

Topped it over biscuits and just eat. Well if Bee can dish up some smart ones.. why not I in the moments of dire needs of a friend!

Sending this to Mansi for AFAM which is on Peaches this time and Sunita's Thick Spice ..Thick Saffron.

Girls will send the entries tomorrow as its 11.30 pm my time and I am typing away mad! Good night!