Eggsuse me ! How do you want your Omlette please?

That's exactly what I ask hubby dear every time I want to make him Omlette! Bread and Omlette used to be my most favorite breakfast dish when I used to eat Egg. If I ever miss anything of non-veg, it must be this. So imagine my surprise when hubby dear refused to eat this. Said he ate this all through the 4 years he was in Delhi and his cook killed it the most horrible way. So he decided never to eat this again. It took me 4 another years for me to convince him to have this for breakfast. So when we were making this again I remembered the other times I used to have and felt nostalgic. During the time I stopped, my uncle was staying with us and he complained that their egg supply got stopped because I stopped and Amma stopped preparing at home. It wasn't intentionally but it just stopped, so Amma had remember that she had to prepare it for others at home. Remembering that still brings me so much joy!

Well the first time I ever made to hubby dear after convincing him otherwise, I gave him a salty Omlette! Imagine my luck, I didn't beat properly and salt all stayed in one place. So since then for sometime, whenever I ask him how he wants his Omlette, he says the same, Onions with loads of chillie with sunny side and no salty one please! So I chop Onions into fine pieces and chillies as fine as you get and ensure I get the sunny side too and make sure I beat the hell out of it!

Here I go with my version of typical South Indian Omlette!

Ingredient Needed:

Eggs - 2
Onion - 1 big
Green Chillies - 2 long
Salt to taste
Pepper powder
Oil - 1 tbsp
Ghee/ Butter - 1 tsp
Coriander leaves (optional)
Milk - 2 tbsp

Method to prepare:

In the mixing bowl, take milk and mix well with salt. Then break the eggs into it and beat it with fork. This way air moves in and makes the egg fluffy.

Then chop onions and chillies to fine pieces. If you are adding coriander, then make that fine too..Add all these to the beaten egg.

Meanwhile, ensure you have a hot non-stick pan on flame. Spread oil evenly, best way to get a non sticky omlette is to have an evenly spread pan, preferably made one omlette already. Since this is not possible at home, I make sure I all areas with oil.

Check and pout the whole content to the pan. Keep on high and within secs, make a shush and turn it around. Spread ghee or butter to the sides and top. Turn around immediately and sprinkle pepper just before taking it out.

Must be wondering why so much for a simple omlette, but I believe me getting a perfect Omlette is equal to a full meal course!

Sending this to the lovely Kanchana who is hosting Weekend Breakfast Blogging #16, created by Nandita Saffron Trail. This month's theme is Omlette!

Catch you tomorrow, will be back with my once upon a time favorite Egg based breakfast!

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