Vinayaka Chaturthi Pooja

Vinayaka Chaturthi is celebrated with much enthusiasm at our home. Amma usually gets up early and starts the preparation early on to complete the pooja on time. She normally makes the flour and everything herself. Sometimes the day before, the flour gets done. At hubby dear's place it gets done as in Bombay, with much fun and fancy. Even in Madras, we see these celebrations happening. When we travel through the city we can see huge Ganesh status kept for nearly 10 days.

At home, we get up early morning and get the ganesha status. Then everything else gets done. This time I got down making all the goodies that Amma does. At my in-laws place they polis for all festivals. So normally I also make it for all festivals, but this time somehow managed to do the other specials we make. Kudumulu, Polis, Nugulu Ladoo, Sundal.

Will update this post with details by Monday! Have a nice sunday!

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