A MEME and a Game

Well I have been tagged by Archana for a ME ME to disclose seven random facts about myself. ... not sure if she thought it was good choice...but she had it coming...I take this opportunity to brag about myself..


I was born into a family of doctors, I thought I will be the one to carry on the tradition...Dad was, of course, very disappointed. I almost spent the same number of years, if not more, trying to get through the entrance exam. During childhood, a pundit predicted, on seeing my hands, that they are fit either to be an artist or a doctor. Since he was correct with first prediction, I trusted the other one to come true....everytime an ambulance passes me by, my blood chills...guess few things can never be forgotten.


I always was a tomboy. My parents never objected to anything I did. So it came as a shock when hubby dear commented that my parents should have taught me better. This statement was for me not liking to tie saris. Our first fight was on me not tying a sari when we went to temple our first time together.Anyway he has come around, for which I am very happy.

I never used to like ornaments and still don't. Till marriage never worn any. Dad says its a fitting punishment for me that my daughter is very girly girly. She likes all girl stuff. I am infact still very surprised.


When I was around 7 years, during summer hols, while playing never got back home when I got thirsty. The reason, we found a tree which had small seeds and my friends claimed that sipping on that gives water, so we all used to sit around and kept sipping on those seeds for hours together. Well I know better now!


I was first proposed when I was 5 years old. There was this boy who was popular in class, somebody asked him whom he likes a lot. He showed his finger towards me. He sent a note with a heart symbol and asked me if I love him, I remember giving him a look. That incident gets me into fits of laughter even now.


When I was young I used to drink Bournivita. Once Amma gave me without mixing it. When I was about to mix, I saw bournivita with sugar at the bottom. I licked the whole stuff and told Amma that she forgot to add sugar. Since then, for many years it was my favorite item. I almost wanted to share this secret with my daughter who likes to eat it as such. But trying to pretend the strict Mom around, didn't want to spoil her any more than she is already is.


I am a coffee lover and waited desperately to grow older because I could drink coffee. Parents were of the view that kids should not drink coffee or tea. Its unfortunate that I was alone subjected to this rule, as Amma has relaxed this for my daughter who likes tea. But Dad also claims tea is good for health and she can drink once a while. Not sure if she has tasted coffee.


Few things I am very passionate about - Cooking, Kishore Kumar's songs, Fiction of all kinds. Comical satires.

On Cooking - wanted to bring out a book on my Amma's cooking. But never found find time. This blogging is my way of trying to put all mine and my family's favorite recipes for my kids in one place. I get inspired by two wonderful ladies - my mother and my mom-in-law.

I am great lover of English Lit, I did English major. There was a time I used to find inspirations and pen words which I claim as poetry. I love good writing in all forms. Thats why you find me often lingering here and here and here. Though I am yet to have the pleasure of meeting Bee in person, I am sure we will hit off in real. Bee thinks and writes as how I want too, but don't. I was moved to tears when I read Manisha's tribute to her Mother. This made me take a moment off to ponder on whats important in life.

Well I have found lot other interesting blogs which inspires me to continue blogging everyday, I try to write up everyday. I hope I will be able to continue.

Looks like I have bragged a lot. You have Archana to blame for this.

I am supposed to tag others but most of them have been tagged already. I checked and saw our friends below have not be tagged in recent times, so would like to tag them

Prema Sundar, Kajal, Indira, Nupur, VKN and Manisha,

Please play along only if you have time and inclination.

Now to the game.

Guess what is going to be prepared from the picture. Its coconut with red chillie podi.