Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Karam Podi Breadu ~ Bread Sandwich with Spicy Podi

My husband dislikes bread in any form. And I love bread in all forms and all times. Our tastes and likes have been so different in many ways. For me, breads and buns have been an integral part of food, but to make my hubby dear eat these was a big task. There was a time when he wouldn't eat Bread Omelet because his cook in Delhi, used to make it so awful that he lost liking to it. It took many years to convince him otherwise.

Bang entered Athamma! and there I saw this little boy running around his amma, asking for all weird stuffs to be prepared! Surprise surprise, hubby dear does like to eat bread but if made as how his amma makes. Well I did get wild hearing it but then everybody likes their Mom's cooking, and moreover when he is ready to eat bread, why should I worry. And out came this magical Spicy Podi, that they just would sprinkle around, on all things they choice and consume heartily. Gourmets but of a different kind! I made sure they don't sprinkle on me!..

I am a person who is ready for all types of snack stuffs and this did look and sound to be interesting. But then I do have my face to keep up right, so I let hubby dear cajole and persuade me to have a bite of this sandwich. He said they would use this on Dosa, Rice, Ragi Sangati and what not! the list was endless. I was only surprised I was never told about it. But you should see hubby dear looking so sweetly at me everytime I eat this. Little does he know that I actually love it.

Here you go for this wonder podi

Ingredients Needed:

Fresh Coconut : 1/2
Red Chillies - 5
Garlic - 4 pods
Salt to taste

Method to prepare:

Dry roast coconut and Red chillies. Once its cook, grind it to coarse powder along with garlic and salt.

All the ingredients can be adjusted to individual taste.

On Bread, toast it with ghee or butter on both sides, sprinkle on top and make a sandwich

This can be served with anything. Goes very well on Dosas, Sangati and many more.


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sra said...

We make something similar for a quick breakfast - tawa-fry the bread with a little oil, sprinkle plain chilli powder and salt - yummy!

SeeC said...

Thats a nice read srivalli.
"Well I did get wild hearing it "...happens here too. But as you say eveyone likes their mom's cooking better than anything.

This is a different dish to try out. We are used with sandwiches and other usual stuffs.
Thanks for the post.

Coffee said...

AH!! Nice twist indeed! Very nice Srivallli! :)

Srivalli said...

Hi sra...thats a nice one...will try it sometime

Thanks for your appreciation...SeeC..guess it happens in all families...:)...

archana said...

This is similar to the garlic chutney we make. It tastes too good on bread. Nice recipe :)

Cinnamon said...

A nice write up.... and yes, as SeeC said, it happens in all the families :)
I even use this podi, to sprinkle on idly batter, before steaming it.

Asha said...

Sri,if you were brought up in the west ,you would have divorced by this time!
Reason: incompatibility in food choices!!;D
Chutney bread toasted sounds great.

bee said...

sri, how many cups would half a coconut be?

Raji said...

thats my lifesaver most of the times srivalli

Tee said...

Podi looks good...must be tasting really great on bread. and don't worry, these incidents take place in every family :)

Suganya said...

Little boy running around his amma.. Haha..But, Srivalli, you got to learn the family secret, dint you?

Roopa said...

yumm thats what we too make with chutney pudi and bread...

Srivalli said...

Thanks Coffee...but nothing can beat your onion-tomato gravy...:)

Thanks archana...will the garlic chutney you make liquid or dry?

Thanks Cinnamon..thats a nice one spinkling on idly before streaming it

hhaha...thats a great one Asha

must be roughly around two cups bee...but this you can adjust as per your spicy needs

Great to know that Raji

Thanks Tee...glad to know..:)

Yes Suganya...I came to know that its quite a easy task to please my hubby...

Sia said...

oh yes...i love this recipe. as sra said we too make something similar. its a nice spicy kick to start a day:)

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