Pulagam aka Ven Pongal with a difference

Since my visit to Tirumala, I was thinking more of the different prasadams offered in temples and I was remembering the time we had pongal there. It tasted so ultimate. But then of course, in all temples the taste of the prasadam is incomparable.

This dish that I make at home is called simply Pongal, but in tamil its called Ven pongal and the same variety in Andhra, is called pulagam. Whatever it is called, this is one dish which is very simple yet tastes so good. For all its simplicity, getting that correct texture in the end is also very important. The ones we get in restaurant is so soft, yet doesn't stick to the fingers, there is no need to even chew, it just slides down the moment we take a mouthful. Ven pongal is termed great based on this factor on how smooth it goes in. Dad simply likes this so much but always used to complain that it sticks to the fingers.

But mine normally is non sticky, so am I the one who gets to prepare this. The extra spices that I add makes it definitely not Ven Pongal, but it tastes simply great. In my law's place they have it with Majiga pulusu (Buttermilk), while we eat it with Peanut Chutney.

There are two important factors for getting the final soft texture. First is the amount of water, which for normal cooking is always 2 portions to 1 portion of rice, but extra glass of water is added to get gooey texture but the beauty in this is, its not sticky. Secondly the amount of ghee and oil that's added, if you are not so fat conscious, you can add 1 tbsp extra to get the final texture.

Preparation Time: 15 mins (includes soaking time for rice)
Cooking Time : 15 mins
Cuisine : Andhra

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