Saturday, June 2, 2007

Hooray my first ever participation in a Food Event!!!

I am going to participate in a food event for the first time and I am sooo excited.

Here I am a new blogger in the block, eagerly visiting other bloggers and getting so inspired by their writing and photography skills, that I wanted all my posts to have captivating photos.

The art of photography displayed by Bee of Jugalbandhi or the captivating posts by Manisha or the mouth watering photos by Meena or VKN in his MyDhaba. When I saw my blog in his blogroll, I was so elated. Thanks for the honour.

And of course for Mathy and Indira for their Food Blog Desam, through which I got to see so many other beautiful blogs. I am not be able to name them all.

But each and everyone have such beautiful ones. I visit them on daily basis and get so inspired. Thanks to all you bloggers.

Of course Nupur's has always inspired me alot. I am happy that my first contribution is for her event.

I was a day late for participating in RCI for Andhra cuisine hosted by Latha. But wanted to be really early for the next event. Now back to the story behind the preparation for the d-day.

Everyday I plan to cook some Maharashtrian food, something or the other came up and I was unable to prepare.

Finally I decided, I am going to prepare this come what may. So I searched for a recipe and got one from here and what makes a maharashtrian food from here . Of course Nupur herself gave so much details.

Not sure if this is how it is traditionally prepared. But following the recipe as guidelines, I prepared what everybody at home like so much.

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Nupur said...

I'm so excited that you are planning to send in an entry for RCI-Mah! :) Can't wait to see it...have fun preparing it, and most importantly, eating it :)

Srivalli said...

Hello Nupur you got a Mail!...:)..Check your mailbox, I have mailed the recipe just a moment back. Yes it was fun and really yummy eating it!. Thanks!

bee said...

it's fun to try out nw cuisnes, isn't it? we've tried out so many unfamiliar dishes thanks to nupur's A to Z veggie series. thanks for your kind words. most of the pics on jugalbandi (the good ones atleast) are taken by jai.

Srivalli said...

Very true Bee, participating in different events gives us an opportunity to try out new ones. If Jai was the one who took those really out of this world pics, then he is really too good. Or maybe you are his inspiration...:)

Manisha said...

Hey Srivalli! It is very exciting to take part in an event. I wish I had the time to take part in all the ongoing events.

The batatyacha rassachi recipe sounds authentic enough. Are you going to make your own kala masala?

Srivalli said...

Hi Manisha, thanks for stopping by. Yes taking part in events is so fun. The entire week has been only Marathi food at home..:)..Yea I normally make my own masalas.

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