Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Anytime for Garlic Bread with Cheese!

Garlic is an wonderful spice, I feel. I just love garlic and have even eaten it as such. I can never understand why I like garlic so much and in the same breath not prefer ginger! I love all those dishes that require whole garlic to be used. We especially use crushed garlic or chopped ones most for our dals. You should be around when Athamma is doing the tadka for her signature dals. My, you will swoon no doubt, I have infact, you know! Hubby dear has infact teased me many times to learn as how Athamma prepares. I say, what's the big deal, you just have to burn the garlic to get the effect. But in fact its much more than that, I know. One of these days I am going to try out my most fav dish that I eat in one of our restaurants. Its called Andra Paneer. I have spent many times trying to decipher what's gone into it. I have hit on the bull's eye, just need to find time enough to conjure that up! That has delicious chopped and fried garlic in it. It gives such wonderful taste to paneer!

Well, as you know from the title this is not to do with any Dal or paneer. But my all time favorite bread items. Garlic Bread topped with Cheese! Aroma coming out of the oven when baking this is incomparable. We normally order this along with Pizza when we go to have pizzas. This looked like a restaurant item until I did at home. Very simple to prepare yet so filling. When I had the urge to eat this, I thought why not prepare it at home, than lingering around Pizza hut. But I was dismayed to find that there wasn't one bakery shop in neighbourhood that sold whole loaf without slicing. And slicing they do, as thin as you can imagine! I must've climbed up and down some 10 bakery shops literally that I thought I could've baked a loaf myself much easier than trying to get one. Finally I managed to find one that could fit the size I had in mind and eagerly set out to make this. Which was done in flat 10 mins. Believe me!

Ingredients needed:

Bread - 4 buns/ 4" slices
Butter - 2 tbsp
Garlic paste - 1 tbsp
Cheese - 100 gms

Method to prepare:

Peel and crush the garlic to paste. This can be either done with hand or in a mixie. Take soft butter, not melted one. Mix this with garlic paste to get a smooth paste.

Toast Bread to get crispy base. Spread the garlic butter paste on the bread.

Sprinkle grated cheese on the top. Baked in microwave for a min or until the cheese melts.

Top it with Tomato Sauce. I know my decoration hasn't turned out well. I wanted to try out a design but it went out of hand...:D

Since this is a such a fun dish to munch on, and easy to prepare, sending this to Mansi for her "Game Night Party" event and to Sunita's Think Spice..Thick Garlic.

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archana said...

Oh i just love this hot hot.Garlic flavour and cheese awesome :)

Priya said...

Dear Srivalli,

My husband just loves bread and cheese in any form. I am going to try this for this and will let u know how it turns out.

Thanks !!

Take care,

Rachel said...

hey i adore this bread too and always order this along with the should try Mcrennets for unsliced bread...

Purnima said...

Srivalli..thks for coming by my blog and leaving such lovely comments! Thats truly a delicious garlic bread there!(I had prepared it last friday after having pangs to eat some!! :D )

Bharathy said...

My hubbys fav! used to garlic bread during travelling abroad and had asked me "why dont you try this at home"?
Now will be doing it,soon! ;)

Happy cook said...

Oh I do love them.
Actually all of us here love it.
I always make them with mozerella cheese

Pooja said...

I have been waitign for some on to post garlic bread recipe, simple though very tempting.
thanks for sharing.

Rina said...

This seems to be a creative version of Garlic bread. Love to try it..

Siri said...

Oh wow Srii, garlicy bread is my favorite... must have tasted yummy..:)... I am going on a short blogging break dear.. will c u all again in couple of months.. till then miss u.. bubye!

~ Siri

Rajitha said...

loove garlic bread....and do find the time to make that andra paneer both garlic and paneer :D

KayKat said...

Hmm ... I think you just inspired me to try out a new bread recipe - topped with cheese and garlic, of course :)

Sig said...

I love garlic flavor, but never have eaten it as such... :) You are a wierdo girlie :D ... Garlic bread, a nice and easy recipe...

DEEPA said...

i love garlic flavour ...aand that too with chesse ..yumy yummy

Srivalli said...

Priya, do try and let me know...your hubby for sure will love this!

Rachel, ok will check out there..

Purnima, you are have a nice blog there

Bharathy, you can now satisfy him

Happy cook, thats great to know...yeah with that it cames out too good

Pooja, oh is it?..thats nice...this is very simple yet great tasting

Rina, hhaha...sure is!

Siri, thanks...will be missing you here..take care and come back soon!

Rajitha, thank you..sure sure...will be doing it soon!

KayKat, well am I glad...

Sig, heheh..weird am I ! are welcome

Deepa, yes with lots of cheese this tastes great!

gowthami.priya priya said...

Its very delicious

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