Allam Pachadi aka Ginger Chutney

This is a contribution from a dear friend of mine. She was kind enough to share this recipe. She read my post on Pesarattu and wanted me to try this out

Ingredients needed:

Dry Red chillies(long variety) - 15
Ginger - small piece about 1 inch or so
Onion - 1
Salt to taste
Lemon juice (2 lemons squeezed).

Method to make this:

Just grind all the ingredients to a fine paste except lime, Once done add the lime juice.
Add ghee while serving with pesarattu.

I normally serve pesarattu with Coconut chutney as I have grudging attitude towards ginger as such. Though I am all for having this spice for its medicinal value and general taste. Since my friend praised this to no end, am sure this chutney will spice up the pesarattu than what a coconut chutney can do.

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